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“Okay Youse Guys: Why You Makin’ Such A Big Deal About Thinkin’?”
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Noggin Scratchin’ For The Efficiency Minded, Since Eighteen Eighty Nineded
October 20, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

With your thinking still wired into man’s standard, collective neural network,
you mentally — have-it-made — which is a good deal —
as long as you can be satisfied with the fact that:
having-it-made consists of knowing what everybody else knows;
in that sense: you were born having it: mentally-made,
and will die in that same condition.
Worms cannot be stopped from being worms:
when it comes to being wormy, they: have-it-made;
and as concerns birds seeing what birds are meant to see —
they too: have-it-made — it all fits — but,
if the certain man were a worm — he’d find a way to see.
Doing only what comes natural to the species won’t wake you up to real sight.

A son asked a father:
“What was the biggest disappointment you ever had?”
“When I was your age I found a man who wrote on that subject of such interest to us
and he became my total, metaphysical hero,
but when I finally met him he seemed as normal and hum drum as could be.”

About an hour later the lad came back to the old man and said:
“Was that really true?”
“What does truth have to do with the kind of story you like to hear?!”

One man says: “If human existence is no more than a battle,
then man’s proper maxim should be: ‘
Life is a battle which you know you are going to lose, so — why all the fuss!’”
Note: Even when the nervous system rebel starts to get on the right mental track,
the natural born part of his mind continues to look at life with the feeling:
“I don’t like the direction this train is headed,”
but only he not really up to the challenge & fun will leave his thoughts alone
to take this sensation as individually significant to him and his goal.

One of the methods life uses in civilizing man is to give him thoughts which
cause him to believe that things are worse than they are. Neat, huh?!

Same as sober actors can’t play a convincing drunk to real drinkers,
neither can those who have others and their self believing they are awake,
fool one who actually is. (“Touch cheese, old dear.”)
Just as doubtful comedy shows get a laugh track, so too the unknowing, followers.
A shaky tower needs a big base.
“Does all this have something to do with the way a man’s mind is?”
(Do our readers have good questions or what.)

One indication that a man may know how to think is if you can’t tell what he thinks.
Only the dumb run nude & noisy in public.

You can take another man’s ideas to a place where they are not known,
and brand with your name, but you will never be able to feed thereon:
if it is not your cattle — it has no nourishment.

There is no real rebel humor alive in the herd;
the things that the certain man laughs about, he does so in private.
Corollary: One indication that a man may know-what-is-going-on
is if you can’t tell what he finds funny.
In the other world floating just above this one: the sighted don’t laugh at the blind
(nor fruitlessly urge them to see).

One chap’s theory of how to maintain: Good Verbal Health:
“Gargle in your own mental sweat.”
Now this refreshing interlude:
“Daddy, O Daddy,
hear the dead men say,
that the AMA has made their day.”

“Careful there son,
don’t go too far,
or we’ll be colluding with members of The Bar.”

“Fear not, Pa Pa,
our tongues can run free,
for the unaligned have immunity.”

Concerning the vocal gargle: careful not to confuse: “dumb” with: “forthright.”

And the speaker concluded his remarks with this inspirational thought:
“To make eggs — you got to break some chickens.”

One guy proposes: “Anyone who lets a broken sexual affair, or a death ruin his life didn’t have much of a life.”

The certain man does not use such words as: “regression,” and: “deterioration” (except in reference to things physical…………………….and even then he doesn’t).
Downward slopes do not need their condition noted,
and a man flying, is doing so solo, and thus there be no one pertinent to mention it to.

The way the thinking thing goes on in ordinary men,
a world is created in which dead snakes can still bite ‘em.

A man who says he knows a lot — says a lot — and pretty soon:
he no longer knows a lot.
(On slow days, life sometimes lets the dense believe they’re outsmarting it.)

A son asked a father:
“You’re only right when I think you’re right — right?!”
“What can I say to that?”
(Remember that these two exist in your mind.)

Peering unnaturally deep into himself, one man snorted:
“You call THAT — thinking!”


Okay — you wanna know just how smart life is — life is so smart that it doesn’t even HAVE to think! —
it’s got man to do it for it.

And one more item: another way you can tell that you are really interest in TheThing
is that not only can you not explain why you are,
but you have lost all interest in trying to.