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Providing The Universe’s Most Heavily Coded Report On Cerebral Salaciousness
October 15, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

One man tried to talk to others about the: “process of collective thinking”
as contrasted to an individual approach, but quickly discovered that it went over better with his listeners if he simply spoke of “the collective” and “the individual,”
(the additional of the word “thinking” seemed to give them real trouble,
[why would that be?])
Cows don’t mind being in herd — not as long as they can have their individual thoughts (such as wondering how the other cows like them being in the herd:
what the other cows think about what they are wearing, and like that, you know: thoughts that are individual to you).

Morality Play For The Day.
One man kept written records of all his important thoughts,
then one day he sat down and began to read back over them,
and within seconds leapt to his feet and screamed: “What the hell is this!”

After years of observation, one man came to this conclusion:
“Some days the sun shines — and some days it don’t.”
(He is now working on a way to carry his own sun with him.)

A noun-addled cow is a contented cow (well, contented as in: distracted,
which in their world is the same thing.
“Thank god we’re humans, eh what?!”)
Bedding News.
Sleep is a noun — alertness, a verb.

The fuel that runs the trains of the brain is such that
the tracks all run in a one way direction;
this cannot be changed — but: you can take a plane.

From The Poet’s Corner.
“The dense of mind

are always inclined,
to be verbally sensitive,
and by ‘sensitive’ I mean,
not astute or keen, but, you know — touchy!”
(Due possibly to the constant rocking of a one way train?)

News From Our Culture Desk.
There is no such thing as: cooperative talent, or: collective intelligence.
(There is however such a fuzzy creature as a group dumbass hug.
Some of everyone’s neurons have no one but each other —
which is why meaningless ideas are so sticky and hard to shake loose of.
On one world they had a contest: grand prize: become either Einstein or Daffy Duck [and you don’t have to be told the effect it had.])

Physiological Demographics.
An individual man is a wide man,
and a wide man is a quiet man (so that sheep won’t notice his wideness).

One man said: “I would rather be dead than be ordinary!”
and the built-in beauty of things is that if you are sufficiently ordinary,
you can’t tell the difference anyway.

If it’s true in real life, it’s true in metaphor;
what else is metaphor for?!

he way cows and ordinary men tell that it is going to rain is: they get wet.

ThisKindaThing defined: Hand to hand combat with collective thought.
“Is collective-thought the same thing as ordinary, everyday thought?”
Does life make home deliveries?

As dreams of the future,
so myths begin,
as nightmares of history,
today, so they end.
From all city views: Things can only get worse.
Animal consciousness is to the instant as routine human thought is to all other times.
“By: animal-consciousness may I assume you infer something other than its literal definition: something applicable to humans?!”
Hippos and humans both know instinctively how to react to a toothache,
but only humans have the capacity to worry about next Tuesday’s dental appointment.
And through it all, one farmer still describes: “Being human” as:
Forever hoping for the best — while already having it.
Chronology & Neurology.
Slow minds believe in time.

Cows can bear the sting of the whip,
the choke of the rope,
the burn of the branding iron,
but what they cannot stand is: the sound of laughter —
if it seems directed at their ideas.
Tyrants will tolerate treachery, intrigue, verbal assaults, almost anything
but jokes about them.
(Up the apparent stakes).
Every god ever known to man lists one unforgivable act: being laughed at.
Any one who does not instantly recognize the need for this matter to be investigated — inside their own head — is figuratively dead,
and certainly not a nervous system rebel, and solo cowpoke.
The name of life on the range & on the throne is: Efficiency & self protection,
and the alert plains rider stays well aware that nothing defends itself as ferociously
as neural density.
The unknowing under attack is a frightening (and to some, pathetic) sight.
“Pa pa: why is it that no activity is shameful if you are involved in it?”
“Why are deliveries made to your home rather than it being taken to
where the deliveries originate?”
“Are you trying to tell me something about the relationship between
my consciousness and the thoughts that fill it?”
“Why does everyone hate those sticky styrofoam packing pieces
when they never speak ill of man?”
“Now I know you’re making some sort of reference to the neurotransmitter juices
in the brain.”
“No one is ever surprised that bears cuddle only bear cubs in their arms,
but when it comes to human heads:
everyone is outraged that to discover that all UPS tracks are brown.”

Life being too bright for normal eyes/I’s — that is the cause of allegories
(not a witch’s curse as believed by many in the NFL).

And finally this story:
Revealed, For The Very First Time On This Planet:
The True Story Of: “The Truth Of Things.”
Once, the truth of things existed,
but to hide itself,
it made man begin debating its existence.
(Who but The Truth could be so fiendishly clever!)


An even later version just in:
For aficionados of the code: We are now way beyond — mere truth.