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The Planet’s Only Truly Subversive Report Since Anyone Wanted To Know
November 10, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

When you’re talking,
if you’re not thinking of something other than what you’re saying —
you can’t be saying anything worthwhile.
(For the advanced: same with thinking.)

One place always good for some pushin’ and shovin’ (if not an actual nose bleed)
is where talent and seriousness meet.

Pertinent Law: Stupidity don’t take no shit!

A Breath Saving Tip.
All predictions eventually come true.

Hormones And Neurally Acquired Loyalties.
After much searching and testing,
one man finally determined his absolute favorite running shoe;
this did not however, save him when his house caught fire.
Where the ordinary see irony, the certain man perceives a scene
totally overlooked by others: the unnoted dance between hormones & neurons, thought & consciousness: the way the routine mind says things should turn out,
and how they actually do. (Dah, do dah.)

Sweat Saving Info.
All worst fears come to pass.

Those who mentally reside in the safety of life in the deep middle of the herd
still often like to shake a fist and shout: “Hey man! — were livin’ on the edge now!” (Life allows such things for the transparent reason that it makes men accept
their conditions. [Well…..transparent to some…..not those doing it of course.])
“Pa pa: why do humans have the term: ‘of course’? —
if something is so obvious to deserve it, isn’t it too obvious to need noting?”
“Who’ve you been hanging around?”
“Only you.”
“Okay then!”

Something that does not fit the collective’s current model of reality —
yet they can’t seem to ignore,
can be seen as an increase in man’s conception of meaningless complexity to life. (The old: distraction-through-distraction trick: men fall for it every time.)

Recently a man opened his mouth and instead of his own voice out came the cry:
“Hey, hey!
I’m DNA.”
(Which neither he nor anyone who witnessed it, found amusing.
[Which is probably why life doesn’t normally permit this to occur.])

Hormones will be the life of the party — though at civilized ones, neurons appear to be.
In the city: appearances are everything……….(except life, of course).

In a more conscious construct: damage-control does not constitute, planning.
Hormones said to neurons: “I always have to clean up your messes.”
“You never clean up my messes.”
“………………………Oh! — that’s right.”

What is a sure sign that you are part of a conspiracy?
You get angry at monopolies………………………like life.

Military News.
Every time the real war broke out,
one man would “go insane” and have to be “put away.”
Medical Update.
Having a back problem will at least keep you from having a front one.
Transportation Note.
A man who does not grasp the dance ‘tween hormones & neurons
never knows whether he is coming or going.

To the mind of the collective, a man with inadequate guilt looks like a bull in heat turned loose in the harem of a blind cowboy.
(The sheep and neurons tried to get hormones interested in intrigue by chanting:
“The man’s holding us down! The man’s holding us down!”)

During breakfast one morning, the head of the family stood in his place
at the head of the table, rapped a spoon on a glass and said to the gathered:
“As you go-out-there today, remember this:
Civilization itself has a vested interest in the restriction of men’s mental awareness.”
They all silently lowered their heads for a moment as they thereon reflected.
This is what city families are for!
(The preceding message was brought to you by: guess who!”)

Time And The Truth.
Myths: The science of yesterday.
Science: The science of tomorrow.
Beliefs: The bullshit of today.
It’s okay to have been dense in the past — hell! — all of humanity was,
but this is now, regardless of what the herd feels,
and the man wanting to get-to-the-bottom-of-things
has got to allow his thinking to exit the collective time machine.

Show Biz Buzz.
When one man saw the movie title: “Planet Of The Apes” he said:
“Don’t make me laugh!” — only to make himself subsequently do so.
(Another chap refuses to appear on anyone’s talk show — since he IS one himself.

One man said to another man who he thought was Enlightened:
“What’s most impressive is how you seem like just a regular guy.”
“Same here.”

Adage Update For The City.
If property is theft — then fame is fraud.

Neurons Speak And Neurons Hear, While Something Else Entirely Is Going On.
Rushing up to the king who was waiting impatiently at the palace gate, the coachman explained his tardiness:
“When you told me to: ‘Bring ‘round the limo’ — I thought you said, hippo.”

Hearing is something quite apart from what is —
just ask the first man to hear Adam’s account of what auditorially happened to him
way back when he was still in the Garden.


People not in on the joke, run the world.