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October 6, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

“Remember,” remarked a spokesman for local enterprises,
“Just because something doesn’t work is no reason not to continue using it.”
If the many intangible matters men think about and believe in
depended on performance for their existence, human’s would be living a strictly animalistic life (in otter words: his entire cultural world would cease to be).
In the purely instinctive, physical realm: what doesn’t work is not normally tried,
but if it is — it is immediately abandoned as soon as its impracticality is realized.
(a lion will only taste gasoline once),
while in that unique world that exists exclusively in homo sapein’s consciousness, things that do not give the results that they by the own ipsidixt premise promise
are not proscribed, but indeed, embraced.

Life’s aim is clearly to survive, and observably does not direct activity
impractical to this goal — not physically — not in any life form,
and yet by any rational mortal observation,
life has programmed man in his mental life to do exactly that:
to pursue and promote verbal vehicles which, viewed vis a vis their own blueprints,
do not produce as promised, yet continue to be attractive and supported;
the purpose this serves to life’s survival is then beyond man’s
conventional comprehension, or else he would have, thousands of years ago,
walked away from the entire cultural world his thoughts had begun to create
soon after he recognized that the ideas which arose from this creation
were not proving capable of actual execution,
and always remained: just-out-of-reach attractive promises and possibilities,
but unlike lions and petro: men continued to drink from the intangible pool
their collective minds had concocted.
Life being no wastrel — something is going on that men do not ordinarily grasp.

The anomaly life lets through of the-certain-man does recognize what this is all about, his consciousness being able to transcend the brain/mind’s normal notions of:
what is working and what is not which disorients ordinary minds,
(them not fully realizing the aim of all life activity):
if you do not know where the train you are on is headed,
then every turn the tracks take will make some passengers feel it is now
going in the wrong direction, while others who previously so felt,
now believe it is finally gotten on the correct course;
it is a never ending activity inside the train (inside of men’s heads):
constant movement as though surely the vehicle is going somewhere,
yet since none of the normal passenger’s conversations and proclamations
seem to have any lasting effect on the life of the train itself,
they each (from their own programmed perspective)
think that certain specific changes (which they recognize)
should be made in men’s thinking and talking about the journey,
since the way they are currently doing it is not having any permanent impact
(that is to say): from every ordinary man’s personal mental view:
some-to-lots of what humans are pursuing in their intangible realm is not producing
the results promised and apparently desired — not all — just some,
and the some can be fixed if only everyone else would listen to your
recommended changes (Christians change to being Muslims,
Liberals to Conservatives, hard rockers to opera lovers, Libertines to Lamas,
the pushy to the shy, endless etc).

But no standard issue mind has the eyes/I’s that can see that nothing
“works” in man’s mental-based, verbal-only, cultural reality —
nothing is supposed to work — not in the sense of achieving conclusion;
if any thing/idea natural to man’s intangible world did conclusively achieve
its stated purpose, it would disappear from that world:
success there would spell: evaporation.
This not being wired into collective humanity’s understanding,
men are hopelessly frustrated therewith;
their grandest dreams in a realm free of physical restraints are yet never realized — yet are not deserted
(“Confusus ergo sum” — We are confused, thereby knowing we exist).
The certain man has a totally outlier dream:
one of not being limited to looking at life via dreams;
such a man’s mind has no interest in things that don’t work,
(other than being able to enjoy them strictly as meaningless entertainment —
which common humanity can’t — them being programmed to make no such
distinction between information and entertainment),

and if you have the innate potential to see for yourself what is really going on with life, you must (to ever realize it) mark for yourself the simple difference between
the things that “work”, and those that do not,
and then study to extraordinary completion, the nature of “works.”


The Apparent Progress Of Man Exposed By
Examining The Structure Of His Nervous System.
History is not in the past — it’s in your pants.

Neurons believe they point the way —
whilest keeping a hand over one eye
so’s to blind themselves to where their sense of direction comes from.

This announcement from your local Electrical Board.
Thinking (as it is done in city appliance) is no guarantee that your mind Won’t short circuit, and produce more smoke than work.
And in related Science News (that a few might use):
On another world it has been conclusively shown that there is no such thing as: “conclusive proof”……………..uh………………..well……………….uh…….

And this one old guy continued to have such mental fits that his supervisor told him that he should become a supervisor.

Those who don’t know, love to talk about themselves — that’s all they have.

The reason the road out of the city seems to disappear as as it approaches the horizon is due to the sense of perspective natural to all views from the city.
When you are stuck where men believe themselves to be,
you can never conceive of a new place that you can actually achieve.

Dream and be satisfied with dreaming —
struggle against it and…………….well — try it and see for yourself.


Just because you agree with something doesn’t mean it’s true,
or that you understand something just because you agree with it.