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September 29, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

For the intended audience of these daily writings,
here is another of those things which if pursued to its end
would jolt your mind permanently from its present state:
no one knows what they think about any matter until they say what they think,
either to another or to their self —
they then instantly feel confident that this is what they indeed think about
the subject at hand;
while this is incontrovertible to anyone with the interest to look,
it is a reality natural to everyone’s mind that no one’s mind is wired to see.

No one knows what they think about anything until they say what they think about it — until the talking part of their brain says what they/it thinks about whatever it is —
but how can this be? — it can NOT be,
not as per how humanity-the-species thinks about what their thinking is.
No normal mind (genius or mundane) can absorb the reality of this obvious,
easily observable fact:
tell an ordinary man that he does not know what he thinks about anything
until he hears himself say what he thinks and he will look bewildered —
but there is nothing perplexing about the statement: it is simple and straightforward, and anyone’s mind is capable of checking its veracity in a matter of seconds
simply by noting what took place in their own mind when they heard it.

What men call their minds, and the activity that therein goes on, which they refer to as, thinking is not something they plan or in any way prepare;
before a given thought appears in their mind, they do not think:
“I believe I will now think this particular thought” –
the thought that appears in their mind is undeniably unplanned:
one moment it’s not there, then suddenly it is;
nothing in man’s mental activity could be clearer than this fact,
yet the six billion humans in which it is constantly occurring cannot see it —
not because they are stupid —
but because the human brain’s normal programming does not allow for it.
This reality is as plain as seeing your hand reach out and pick up a cup,
while being incapable of realizing (or is it, accepting) the simple fact that
before it reached out — it wasn’t reaching out — and had no plans to:
now transfer this to the activity going on in your mind:
easy to say — impossible for ordinary minds to do.

It is akin to the mind attempting to picture what went on before time began,
or what was here where this universe is now before this universe appeared here — except it is worse.
Some men’s minds say they can conjure up theoretical, mathematical responses
to such questions,
but turn this to the realm of their mind, and the question of what goes on prior to
the appearance of a thought therein, along with the assertion that
no one knows what they think about anything until they say what they think,
and a drop of water has hit a hot griddle: “Spis!” — for an instant it’s there —
then totally gone —
beyond merely forgotten: exploded out of existence — as though it was never there:
that is what happens when this basic fact about man’s mind is dropped on man’s mind.

You cannot ask a man to ask himself: “What am I going to say (or think) next?” —
it cannot be called an unfair, or in any manner, untoward query:
it is a simple, reasonable and rational question,
one that can be acceptably asked about everything humans do — except
this one thing: thinking.
After he has drained the old oil from his car’s engine,
a man can tell you that next he will remove the filter,
but no man can tell you what he is going to think or say
immediately after he says and thinks what he is at this moment,
and more exciting than that is the fact that even though this is clearly,
and undeniably so — his mind is not capable of registering it:
he stands right before Mount Everest (or it within him):
his mental eyes (it would seem) have no choice but to note the fact —
yet they will not (the water droplet on the grill).

As they are now: men could not think if they were forced to ask themselves:
what- they-are-going-to-think-next —
nor could they speak if required to ponder the same regarding their conversation,
so the very things which distinguish man and make him unique (thought and speech) would not be possible if he had to plan and intend to do them;
compared to every thing that all of normal humanity holds to be true —
how breathtakingly: unbelievable, and exciting to a few, is this:
that man thinks & speaks without having any idea of what he is doing or going to do —
and that he is not aware of it —
and that it makes not the slightest difference,
(is it any wonder that no one can understand what the certain man is up to).

Ask Yourself: What kind of support is it for what a man thinks
that is nothing more than his saying it?
Your Answer: it is the only support necessary — indeed, available,
(in matters concerning man’s mental-only, second reality).

Those truly interested in the indescribable activity daily described here
could further ponder:
Why does either constant singing or laughing keep you out of mankind’s
standard state of consciousness (the mystic’s: sleep)?


One little philosophically inflamed kid exclaimed:
“Really, really GOOD questions don’t have fuckin’ answers!” –
and his brother said: “Which brings up the best one of all: ‘Why is that?’”

What can be said about the strength of silence.