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Yet Still Attempting The Impossible Since 1592
September 22, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

In the knights’ stables, two attendants were a’ groomin’ and a’ gummin’
and the first one opined:
“Romance is to sex as hors d’oeuvres are to a full meal,”
to which the second countered:
“Nay, nay (may I say):
romance is to sex as making reservations is to going TO a fine restaurant,”
and since in this story there was no third person present to pick it up from here,
the first guy punched the second one out.

A Short Linguistic Trot For Intrepid Three Year Olds.
Those who grouse about language being used in ways not literally coherent
don’t have even a pig’s suspicion of what words are actually about.
In all runs that actually go anywhere: it takes three to tango.

Question: What is the difference between oxygen and speech.
“To the mind, you mean?!”
Who’s asking the questions here!

And one man mused: “I’ve been around this track so many times
that eventually I’ll surely become either a horse — or the track itself.”

The old-man-director so instructed the kid-thespian: “Remember:
Anger and stupidity are the two roles which most readily — play themselves.”
Upstage Footnote: All dramas capable of bloodshed by Act II
will always have an audience.

One man hated change SO much that change avoided HIM like the plague!
(Well….perhaps a bit hyperbolized: change avoided him like it does everyone else.)
Contrary to some equine lore: Horses actually love tracks;
they provide a setting of certainty and predictability,
and the potential for feeling like you have conclusively accomplished something.
Corollary: Cows love to be yelled at and told what to do.

Adults: Kids without brains.
Kids: Adults without enough sense to realize what they’ve got.
Dragons: The super-real, mythical beast which lives in a neural cave in certain men,
and can see through all things without the interference of them being defined.
Question: To a knight, what IS distraction other than reality: being-described —
(both by himself and by others).

More Regarding The Enjoyment Of Being Entertained Vs That Of Being Informed.
A sweeper in the knights’ library snarls: “Enjoy myself?! ENJOY MYSELF?!
How can I enjoy myself while suspecting there may be others who are
enjoying themselves more than me!”
Something similar drives the rebel — except “others” do not enter into it:
corollary: everything that motivates the true knight is home grown:
the search for lost lieges, swords, and grails
occur entirely within his own inner kingdom.

What do lungs and consciousness have in common?
They both expand and contract as they breathe.
Advanced Version:
What distinguishes the neural respiratory system of ordinary men
from the one of a man in private, nervous system rebellion?
Abrupt Version: What is the difference between being stuck for a reply,
and a punch in the face?
When both lungs and mind are exhausted: they huff and puff.
“Be calm?! BE CALM?! How can I be calm when I figure that there may be
people calmer than I am — and who (dammit!) understand how they got there.”

One armor polisher, watching the knights frolic in his mind mused:
“I guess when you know-it-all — anything can be lots of fun.”
And reflected another castle flunky: “If knights do have problems,
I’ll bet at least they manifest symptoms uncommonly robust.”
No dragon is worth saving or slaying which can be overcome
(or which can overcome you, for that matter).
And all the warm patties in the stalls proclaimed in unison:
“We don’t GET it!”

Why Knights Don’t Consult Village Physicians.
If you are not told you are dying — you aren’t.
(Note: the diagnostician here referred to
is the one practicing in your natural born mind.)

A son said to a father:
“It seems to me that a fully realized man will turn out to be about like any normal, civilized person…..except maybe….not all THAT normal and civilized.”

More Definitions.
Metaphors: Half way houses for runaway symbols.
Religion: Petrified myths.
Man: A petrified metaphor for tomorrow.
(You may note that this series leaves symbols to speak for themselves.)

One man who thought he knew it all came in for a rude awakening;
another man who never had such an awakening never realized that he didn’t know it all,
and still a third chap who also at one time thought he knew it all is just thankful to be the last in line, wrap up man in this instant sequence.
The true knight is the last to go and the first to know.

Another Item From The City Dweller’s Guide.
Life-in-the-fast-lane (as it is called there) is pretty much like life in any lane,
except in this instance, hormones are telling neurons to slow down.
“But that makes no sense: are not the actions of neurons directed by hormones?!?”
All right: hormones are wanting to tell themselves to slow down,
but their only voice is neurons.
“Wait! — I may be finally getting something from all this:
is what you just described what is behind our consciousness being both
a talker in our head — and what listens TO the talk?”
The feature of the track running through the cortex that trips men up
is that they forget that while in fact-of-operation it certainly seems to be two laned,
the greater reality remains that it is still a single, unified track.
A river in toto flows unstoppably to the sea
regardless of fish here and there swimming in the other direction.
Even if by dint of momentary conditions, he rides this way or that,
the knight’s ultimate course never changes.

Screamed a king to the agitated villagers at the gate:
“Don’t keep bothering me with your cries for justice:
poverty and death are privileges available to all,”
and from the crowd came a helpful voice: “And don’t forget dumbness.”

When the valet brought around the knight’s ride, he received as a tip a card that read:
“The dumb smile a lot, and the city-sophisticated, don’t a lot;
where does this place you?”
There was once a band of knights on a great mystical quest
who banished from their midst, all external mirrors, and believed that of sole significance was how a man looked to himself internally;
ultimately splitting away from this original group were some who concluded that
a real warrior has no mental perception of himself;
there should be somewhere a few who realize that this particular conceptual process still has a way to go for full completion.
Additional Definitions.
Fashion: What today’s dead are wearing — and thinking.
The Future: The armor of the living.
The Present: The dress of the few.


One man installed a back up warning signal on his consciousness: known as: His desire to not be dense.