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Being Gratuitously Gentle With The Pseudo Sensitive Since 1409
September 19, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

Intellectual chump change: Debating the merits of: man-as-he-is.
“Being intellectual original and thus insightful, means never saying what you think.”
“I don’t get it.”
“That’s okay: I didn’t mean to say it.”
And another man injects: “It strikes me that keeping your tongue from saying what your mind is thinking is like giving yourself a neural circumcision with a chain saw.”
“I don’t get that one either.”
Intellectual Playdough: Attempting to raise yourself up among your mental peers
by continually proclaiming your shortcomings.
(And another chap opines: “If just one man would ever admit to
what he is really doing [being made to do] everyone else could then instantly do so,
and everyone would be set free.”) Dream on old chap, dream on.

One man says: “There’s a fifty per cent of everything.”
“Everything human, you mean?”
“Of course.”

Health News.
World wide do men continue to suffer from: omnigruntaphilia.
(For which by the way, there is an available, but widely shunned cure.)

The Obvious Revisited.
Those who feel the need to show off feel they have nothing TO show off.
“Does this include, mental?”
Does rain include wet?

One guy says: “It’s easy to laugh at something — once you stop believing in it;
what’s not so easy is seeing what believing-in-things is, and stopping it.”

An ordinary, humdrum mind is one in which the only challenges and problems
it comes up with are those it has heard from someone else.

If you need validation for what you know — you don’t really, or fully know
whatever it is in question.

If you understand nothing, the only way to fame is through self promotion.
Conversation With An Ad Agent:
“Who is your best client?”
“What a dumb question.”

Though men are shielded from direct sight of the fact:
your main competitor in life is also your prime food source.
“Now I really don’t get that one!”
Who are you speaking for: stomach or cortex?

To keep himself alert and on the move in that certain activity, one man
(even to himself) never takes credit for anything he seems to have accomplished —
and thus stays always excited and active.
A father said to a son: “’Tis ignorant for ordinary men to claim credit for anything — and doubly so for us —
and do note that this is nothing to do with the notion of humility,
but is rather about the folly of keeping yourself from seeing
what is really going on with life.”
And one chap says he finds it no coincidence, the similarity of the words:
humility, and: humidity since (asserts he) trying to act modest and unassuming
always causes him to break out in a sweat.

The alpha wolves life puts in charge of local packs never feel any allegiance to
any power outside themselves;
kings’ professions of submission to Gods are shams;
all shaky performers learn quick to give-the-crowd-what-it-wants.
There is a reason that even the most civilized and cultivated
dote on stories of heartless tyranny.
The temperamental template in each man determines how he mentally perceives
the balance of power between his sense of “I”
and the condition in which the “I” finds itself living;
I + not-I does equal everything, but the two numbers are impermanent,
and each’s constant, individual shifting continually causes change in the other.
City Motto: Anyone who thinks they can get-away has never tried to get away.

One Sunday the vicar’s topic was:
“Without Religion: Man Is A Victim Of Circumstances,”
and the next: “With Religion: Man Is A Creature OF Circumstances,”
and his flock was sorely amazed at his rapid progress.
(A man of independent mental means should be easily able to make practical use of the above stuff in the area of stuff already stuffed in his head.)
Fact: A small man can be relatively satisfied IF — if he never:
goes outside his house — OR stands on a ladder.

A father said to a son:
“If you have any doubt as to the distractive if not destructive foolishness inherent
in the mind’s conception of significance to sequential chronology, just consider that:
solely from the old is heard the claim that: wisdom-comes-with-age —
and never from the young,
and if (by a certain time in your life) you do not see and understand this within yourself, you will develop mental cataracts in place of what could have been real sight.”

The certain man’s secret slogan:
See or be seen (by those you don’t want to see you).


P.S. A one eyed man can see as well in the dark as he did with two.