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September 17, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

In the equation: I + not-I = everything, (I being your mental sense of your self,
and not-I being the conditions in which you live)
I seems permanent, and the not-I of conditions, not so,
thus one number in the equation is constant and known and the other,
ever changing and unpredictable:
question: what if you could reverse the situation? —
question: what if the situation is already more that way than men imagine? —
what if (as is obvious so to a stable eye/I) both of them are and will forever be impermanent — in the sense that:
your I is constantly being determined, second by second, by the conditions in which you exist — and you would have no discussible awareness of the conditions
did you not have an I.
The normally unaccounted for result being that the equation which covers all,
can never be solved: the numbers composing it can never be determined,
and one of these numbers is the entity attempting to;
what more intractable, nay — inexitable situation could be requested.
(Remembering that only man gets into situations that are intangible)
then the only way out of a situation from which there is no way out,
is by recognizing the nature of the situation.
For a lighthouse to be a lighthouse, its beam must always be moving, and if conditions at its location were not unpredictable, it would not be located there,
but ask your average lighthouse why it is where it is, and doing what it does,
and you’ll get a blank stare as your response.
The punch line to an old joke originated not in humor but in human mathematics:
“I’m here because of you, and you’re here because of me,”
and while this does not nail the situation perfectly, it comes damn close.
Of value to him above all his abilities is the certain man’s to distinguish between
what can be relied on and what cannot,
(and anything more said about this is either embarrassing or idiotic).

Definition Pertinent Naval Militarism.
The certain man’s consciousness: depth charges dropped in the sea of opinions.

In an effort to combat the confusion people commonly experience concerning what is hormonal and what is neural, one carnival posted a Policy Statement
establishing the official difference between: Palm Reading, and: Mind Reading
as being: “Thirty six inches.”

When one city cow began surprisingly to have independent thoughts, and thus
came to understand the nature and purpose of living in herds, he signed up for
the next Urban Olympics, entering himself in the Skyscraper-Diving competition.
Motto: “From great imaginary structures do teeny minds leap.”
Fact: The nearest thing to reliable that a man does have in life
is his own nervous system……yet curiously enough, the biggest illusion of reliability comes from one of its functions: a man’s natural-born consciousness,
(not only largest, but for the few: most costly).

Another neatness-of-the-view outside of town is that you can look back to the city,
and understand that there is no explaining the rebel spirit,
nor any excuse for wanting to wake up from man’s collective dream.
Out here, an outstanding tailor is he who can rip holes in every fabric —
(which works out okay — since no one here is clothed anyway.
[And since the subject has been broached: the only reason a rebel would ever be
in a prone position would be so he could look up his own dress.])

Regarding The Promotion Of Stuff In The City.
Anything “ON Sale” had to originally be FOR sale;
fact: Anything trying to be sold in the city is always something that
originally impressed those trying to sell it,
but which they ultimately couldn’t figure what else to do with.
The unsaid sales pitch: “Say, look here: this is really some great stuff I’ve got: try it — I’m positive that it’ll be good for you; try it for me — ‘cause I can’t seem to.”
Only while singing someone else’s song
can ordinary men feel momentarily metaphysical.
A self-emfathered ploy told his boy:
“If you want to ever get anywhere with all this — you can’t listen to anybody!”
“Not even yourself?”
”Now that’s where it gets tricky.”
In rebel camp, leaned over a typewriter, a man mused:
“To me, a blank piece of paper is nothing less than: a blank piece of paper,

(and also: another man’s song — nothing to me.”)

The Spiritual, Metaphysical Life Of The City Reexamined.
Those who once aspired to extraordinary insight all eventually voice the cry:
“Love is the answer to everything” — this after they’ve finally given up,
and accepted the fact that they have idea what the answer is.
The only person a rebel’s dog will follow is the Invisible Man.
Definitions, Descriptions & Diagrams.
Hope: The possibility that the dumb can at least be attractive.
Epigram Time: Fate giveth, and destiny taketh away.
Epigram With The Gloves Off: Life giveth and life withholdeth –
all the while, pointin’ to death.
The Ultimate Hope: That even the inevitable is not actually — inevitable.
“Ladies and Gentlemen: we regret to inform you that the band scheduled to perform today, Faith, Hope & Charity, will be unable to be here, for reasons,
(if you think about the usual condition of our local roads)
that shouldn’t be too hard to figure.”

A concerned man asks: “Isn’t, ‘inevitable’ just a word?!”
Yes, and so is, ‘concerned.’
And another man asks” Isn’t a man’s, ‘mind’ just another word for, ‘himself?’”
Yes, and so is, ‘himself.’
And still another chap asks: “Then based on all that, are we not now left with the distinct possibility that language itself just a substitute for something else?”
Indeed, yes — but, AH! — the question is — what? —

but now there is no one left to answer.

It’s hard to grasp what’s going on
when a large part of what’s going on
is you trying to grasp what is going on.

More About Justice.
On one planet, the ugly receive a discount on mirrors.
While singing someone else’s seemingly metaphysical song,
(thus managing to feel momentarily metaphysical yourself),
you are participating in life’s way of making simple melodies sound more complex while nothing is actually occurring.

On one world, everyone seems more complicated and interesting
when they are wearing someone else’s clothes.