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September 15, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

In the city (that is: in a certain state of mental activity)
men have an automatic urge to: Explain yourself!
The mind loves to describe sprites and elves —
since it sees no one else in its realm.


One kid would often chant as he played a skipping game on the sidewalk
in front of his old man’s pretensions:
“Our perceived in-con-gru-ity,
will surely be our ultimate ruin-ity.”


On one world: out of sheer desperation do men become adults.


Imagination And The City Pursuit Of Intellectual Victories.
The mind loves to lay siege to satan and the sub conscious —
since it has no one else who will stand still for an attack.


Distinction By Way Of Residency Comparison.
Consciousness — Elysian Field;
ordinary thinking — Fidget City.


Urban Tip.
Don’t look out the window at the noise — remember:
a barking dog gathers no moss —
regardless of whether he thinks he has been justifiably provoked,
or is just in the wrong proverb and back yard.
A man’s head-perceived, personality is like a habit;
all habits seem to arise from memories;
and all memories come from hormones, but do not exist in a usable state
until neurons take on the job of fronting for them
in the form of a man’s mentally-defined personality.
(One of life’s more amusing acts was having a normal man who didn’t comprehend what he was doing, once say: “I think, therefore I am” — without elaboration.)


One man has developed his own private method to achieve awakening that he calls: “DIS remembering yourself.”
Extraordinary Mystical Efforts Reconsidered In Light Of The Fact That
Things Can Go All Sorts Of Ways.
Instead of adopting a special way to do certain things — one guy just did ‘em.
The problem with being inner blind and not knowing where you’re going is that anywhere you do seem to go can seem like it’s maybe….well, where you wanted to go.

One benefit in being lost from the outset is that you never realize you’re lost.


One day while tinkering about in the palace basement,
a workman sang to himself as he worked and manned:
“Oh, it’s a real bummer,
to be a plumber,
but at least it’s better than — being king! —
and having to dress up like a fairy —
and listen to people’s complaints —
and pretend to be concerned about stuff that you’re not,”
and from the floor above suddenly came the voice of His Grace shouting:
“I heard that!”

Everyone’s mind is their summer vacation
(sorry: that should say: is their potential summer vacation).


One free lance cultural commentator said:
“Too often does man allow what seem to be spatial limitations
to diminish his expectations — of beauty for instance:
for if women were truly dedicated to their allure, they would have three breasts,
and if men to understanding, they’d have three sides to their thinking.”

A severe drought of excitement can bore the crops to ruin.

Allegories that must be explained are being directed to the wrong audience:
allegories that do not have to be explained — have no audience.
Everyday people are anxious to gather up in large groups
to have a monument pointed out to them and commented on,
while only the solo riding, certain man wants to just see the damn thing.
Living-in-a-dream in the metaphysical sense
is living in a place where everything you see is described to you;
living in a more awakened state is not living in that place.
(“Man! — who saw that coming!” — certainly not any who will say they did.)


In one kingdom, when men would begin to become too theoretical in their thinking,
life would cause local conditions to either bring on a natural calamity
like an earthquake, or else lift up its blouse and flash some tits:
either way — the job got done.

At odd moments, one man used to fear he was about to — have a fit;
now he dreads when he feels he’s not.


Men in the city who play a waiting-game will always eventually win
(if they are satisfied living there).

Men have two nipples for the same meaningless reason that they could have just one,
and it is easy to mistake talk about man’s physical senses and reality
for something metaphorical —
which is not that surprising if you hang around a place where commonly accepted reality is being thrown against the wall, and symbolism in a blender.

In lieu of suffering from local diseases — one man had sun spots instead.
Metaphors that are explained — lose their burn.

Note: Those who understand the nature-of and need-for metaphors
have three breasts.


And there’s this guy who thinks of his natural born mind as his: day-bed.