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September 12, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

Although he never told anyone it was his motto, one guy privately held:
“You can’t let how you feel dictate how you feel.”
No one knows how to do this (that is to say):
if anyone can do it — they can’t find a way to tell anyone else how to.

Question: What is funnier: one writer criticizing another writer’s book,
or his log rolling endorsement thereof?

Memories will make people do anything — not memories in the mind,
but those deep down in cells.

Somebody is always predicting the demise of religion.

One man has a simple, solitary attitude toward
anything that appears uninvited in his mind: “Who the hell asked you!”

Somebody is always predicting the end of injustice.

Fact: Those not excited are not fully on the job.
“Okay cells — did you hear that!”

Somebody is always predicting the demise of hunger.

Somebody is always predicting something.

Appeals To Reality: A weak man’s last ditch stand.

One man says: “Though I don’t laugh at other people,
I do get a chuckle from part of me wanting to.”

Some times after catching himself again just being himself, one guy would muse: “Why won’t I do better?” and at other times he’d say: “Why can’t I do better?” —
then one day suddenly thought: “What’s the difference?” —
and the ramifications of that realization damn near woke him up on the spot.

Four hundred times a day one man tells himself: “It’s that time again.”

After a clerk assured him that the shampoo would
“wash the gray out of his hair in five minutes”
the man asked if they had something that would go a bit deeper into the skull.

How Things Work (As In Competing Politics, Religions & Stuff).
Football players say that soccer players are those too clumsy to
use all their limbs simultaneously,
while soccer players say that football players are those so inept that
they must use all of theirs to compensate.
(Tell the two sides of your mind to chew on that little bit of fat).

One man who loves to always have a radio playing says he will live in no place that does not have a station broadcasting in a language he doesn’t understand
so that he can maximally meet his background needs.

A man can be dying of cancer and it not be noticeable,
but if he is dying from a lack of excitement, it is obvious to all.

After hearing another typical political/social call-to-arms, one man mused:
“While I wish everyone well, I have no interest in: ‘making-sacrifices-for-my-grandchildren’ —
hell, I have no interest in making any for myself.”

One man says: “I picture the relationship between me and my mind
as like that between a horse and a horsefly — but the roles keep switching on me.”

There are certain thoughts that each man at a particular time in his life should not think, even when they step a foot into his mind.
Just because you can see the newspaper laying on a table before you
doesn’t mean you have to actually read the headline clearly printed thereon.
(The rebel has to be full of such tricks to ever trick himself into the full realization.)

There’s an explanation available for everything —
fortunately for those who like to give explanations,
none of them explain anything conclusively.
(Hollywood westerns turned inside out: “Okay, bring on another full horse.”)

A man says: “Another weird thing is that people don’t really like their heroes (musicians, movies stars, athletes), what they like is how they feel when hearing,
or watching them, and that clearly being what’s going on, question:
why don’t people bypass the middle-man heroes and produce the feeling they like
in themselves, on their own using this knowledge.”
And an imaginary someone responds: “You know why they don’t? —
you wanna know why they don’t? — well I’ll tell you why: ‘cause if they did, that’s the kind of thing that could wake you up to what’s really happenin’ in life — that’s why!” (Many thanks, I’m sure sir.)

A guy notes: “A really neat thing about people asking you questions about yourself
that most people miss, is how much you learn about yourself from your replies
that you didn’t know before.”
(He then for some reason, suddenly looked quite startled?!?
[Man! — can people be weird or what.])

One man attempted to: “Permanently Delete” himself from his own internet
address book (all it did was cause his computer to have a good laugh at his expense).

One man decided to start thinking of how-he-felt
to be measured by how excited he felt,
and quickly came to the realization that
you cannot leave it up to you to determine your level of excitement.

If being-alive is just a form of dying, then the man trying to get to the bottom of things is: forever-on-the-road-to-recovery.
(You can take this any way you like).

And another chap thought: “What a man-who-knows knows — he REALLY knows,
(and in a way unknown to ordinary men).”

How Things Could Be.
An actor, after receiving the predictable question of whether there was a,
“natural chemistry” between him and his leading lady,
instead of giving the predictable reply, said: “I’m an actor — I pretended there was.”
(And you may take this one also, any way you like.)