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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Painting A Verbal Picture Visible But To A Few Since 1392
September 3, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX
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A mind said: “What could be more fun than playing with reality —
it’s sure had its fun playing with me.”

Every thought the human mind has ever had falls within one of two categories:
either of informing man about the physical reality in which he lives,
or else of entertaining the mind;
so one class has a meaningful, survival-pertinent purpose,
while the other provides energy-dispersing distraction,
yet the minds of ordinary humans make no such distinction,
and indeed commonly treat ideas in the latter group as though they are
of more importance than the former, which (easy observation says)
does humanity collectively, and routine men individually, no harm,
but for a miniscule number of people born with a certain unconventional
mental interest, failure to recognize this division presents a prodigious problem.

The more men are civilized (that is: are freed from expending their energy in a daily, life-&-death struggle to find food, and having more of it diverted to the mind)
the greater is their need for purely mental activity,
which 99.99999% of humanity has always handily met in the forms of everything from gossip and myth making, to movies and politics;
anything that interests men which they cannot eat, or fuck fits in this category:
it is no judgement of such activities — merely acknowledgment of their nature
(this need be noted in that one such activity common with men
is criticizing specifics found in this class of activity).

A man with the inherent nervous system hunger to mentally comprehend
what is going on with life in a depth of no interest to everyone else
has no more profitable place to start than a die hard investigation of this matter:
not to simply accept the supra (as perhaps obvious, once it is said),
but to undertake a second-by-second consideration of these two all-encompassing categories of thought as an expedient template through which to examine
all of the ideas humanity expresses.
Doing so by these certain few will eventually result in a totally unexpected,
explosive experience in the brain in which the realization of something far beyond anything the words here have described becomes suddenly & unquestionably clear.
Your brain will fully understand the cause of all the metaphysical & spiritual questions men have (any other than: “Where can I find food?”)
then you (damn close to alone on the planet)
will see what makes being a human seem to humans to be so different from
all other forms of life, and what has made you so non physically uncomfortable.

In an incorporeal realm there are certainly more ways than one to get from point A to Z, but there are none superior to this tack;
it attacks the invisible, unsettling fog that seems to uniquely surround the life of man
at its core;
rather than focusing your attention on the fact that an apparently far away scene
you are attempting to see is out of focus,
you instead turn your attention to the binoculars being employed.

Finally understanding the meaning of this is what ultimately distinguishes those
whose interest in this CertainMatter is in the category of a mental distraction,
from those whose spark-of-life is dedicated to it.

The special part of the certain mind says: “What is more pleasurable and profitable than playing around with the reality inherently embedded in the rest of me.”

The sailor who awakes
is he who realizes that the ship which continually seems in danger of running aground exists only in his dreams: in a misnamed category of thought.


One man says that the reason he has not had the damage to his car repaired
is for fear the paint cannot be matched;
ordinary body & fender men will not grasp the symbolic significance of this,
as neither do priests and politicians realize the purpose they serve,
and as cobblers still do not understand why shoes work.

One man says: “No one knows the point of waking up except those not awake.”

And one contemporary city thinker’s latest contribution to the mix is:
“All of man’s religions, philosophies, social and political models are unwitting attempts to overlay on a world of perceived chaos — new patterns of imaginary chaos.”

Most talk’s primary purpose is — the spreading of stupidity,
and if that seemeth too harsh to you then it is — discussing stuff.

A favorite sport of one guy is to look at himself in a mirror and say:
“No — don’t tell me.”

Every thing that the-man-who-knows knows — is the same thing.


Previous Story Revisited.
A man says: “No one knows the point of waking up except those not awake,”

and someone counters:
“How about if it be because you want to, and also the pleasure you receive.”
“Well sure, there’s THAT……”