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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Troublemaker’s Tribune Since 1555
September 1, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

How Things Go In The City In The Form Of A Judicial Query.
Why do judges get to read the verdict before anyone else hears it?
(None of you spectators have forgotten that “the city” is a symbol for
a certain area of the human mind, have you?!)


Everyone says everything they consider important
to no one in particular.


Thinking that is confined to comparisons (as is required in the city)
is not actual thinking — not as practiced by the certain man.


Whenever one man catches his thoughts re surveying sorry points in his life,
he will momentarily bring it to a halt:
rush to the nearest mirror — look at himself and pick it back up:
“And then — as if things weren’t bad enough — YOU show up!”

is a pill
men take to stay asleep.

One man created this whole reality that existed only in his head —
and discovered that so had everyone else.
(Corrected Version): One man’s mind created this whole reality
that existed only in his head — and discovered that so had everyone else.
“That’s supposed to make me feel better?!”
No — make you come-to.


Accelerated city activity in life’s R & D department has resulted in
some contemporary people having an experimental engine in their pants,
(the only men with one in their hats are those who put it there themselves,
“Jeeze! — ain’t that the way it always is!”)

One city hipster muses: “If intelligence had a CD out — it’d never make the charts.”

One guy says he thinks of this kind of activity as:
“Trying to grow up while you’re still alive to enjoy it.”

The way to ascertain whether you are more hormonally driven or neurally so is by which you would choose if you had to either have cancer or a cold sore on your lip.

A man-who-knows might look at mental memory as a dead
body he is obligated to keep around on ice.


In the city: everybody wants what everybody else has —
‘cause they know it’s not worth any more than what they already have.
One benefit of living in the herd is that the price of everything is instantly known.
Reminder to outliers: The price and the value of something are two separate issues,
and not being concerned about this is what helps keep men normal.

One guy looked at himself in the mirror and challenged:
“Which would you rather be: stupid and smart — or: stupid and lucky?” and replied:

“I have a choice?!”

Anybody will act serious about anything — if they think it’ll help get them listened to.

A tyke playing on the sidewalk says he heard a voice from the pavement
that said to him: “Anything worth doing is worth skipping congratulations for.”

Definition: Fashionable: What the unoriginal strive to be.


On a bit of paper found near the outskirts of the city were these words:
“Last night a message came to me that said:
‘The rebel’s mind is a wondrous sight to behold…’ I could hear no more
due to the noise of the exploding mirror.”

How To Tell That You Are Not A Real Mystic:
You either look like one — or people think you are.


Consider the nexus twixt two subjects not usually noted as related:
seriousness, and: point-blank (to wit):
the point-blank, men can’t take with sufficient seriousness.
(Aka: “I might take a glance at how things really are if I didn’t know that it’d blind me.”
Question: Who would tell men such a thing?)

The more is man’s perception of the physical world, point-blank —
the more readily comes progress in technology,
while in cultural/spiritual affairs — the more oblique the better.
The unforgivable city sin is to look Cyclops directly in the face.

Only the mind of the certain man can get away with not looking away;

the mystics’: enlightenment, awakening and liberation are just various names for: point-blank.

Standing in the kitchen cooking, coached a father, a son:
“Always shake up everything before using it.”

“Except your mind?!”
“ESPECIALLY your mind!”