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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Reminding That You Have To Be Hipper Than The Room Since 452
August 29, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

A father said to a son:
“A certain rumor says that several years ago at a site suspected to have once been
a rebel camp was found a list of rules that might be of interest to you;
here are some I remember:
‘Don’t say anything about yourself.
Never mention anyone else by name.
Do not respond to or even acknowledge criticism.
Express no complaint about anything.
Never tell others how they should live, nor note what is wrong with the world.
Pay no attention to the words in your head which argue with other men’s words.
Don’t trail after your brain’s dream excursions into the past and future.
Always operate on the assumption that you are the only person on the planet
trying to do what you’re trying to do,
and thus whatever others do and say is irrelevant both to their lives and yours.
Never forget the question: What am I going to think next?
Ignore the world’s opinions, pro and con concerning all intangible matters.
Treat your automatically occurring thoughts as an unruly dog on whom
your eye must be constantly kept,
and always remember that any and all seriousness not related to physical health
is complete foolishness and a direct bar to seeing what you want to see’ —
not bad, huh?!”
“But is it not true that all such charges are simply what a realized man
would be doing naturally?!” — asked the lad.
“And that is what makes them of interest to the likes of you;
the exhortations ordinary men offer their peers for apparent metaphysical/spiritual purposes are always contrary to what they would be naturally doing,
(refraining from sex, adequate sleep, comfortable clothes, or desired food);
but rules concerning such matters contain no information useful to
a man who wants to know what is really going on,
(other than offering another example of the fact that
all the directions normally available to men are of no use in this regard).

Understanding provides THE rules by which a man-who-knows would live.”


Fact: All strictly human activities can be more than they are — and less —
and it should be noted: this depends on the humans involved — and not the activity.


And a father further said to a son:
“A curious feature of rebel camp is that the roll is never called until all troops have left.
Corollary: A man who would see — cannot hang around the likes of himself;
if you still dominate the mental scene when you need to arrive — you won’t
(see one of the previously mentioned: Rebel Rules) –
you can fairly hear a voice say: ‘Don’t you be here when I return!’

An Advanced Illation: Ergo does the rebel on active duty never call his own roll;
he has learned that only nincompoops and deserters will vocally respond.
Another reason that the-man-who-knows,
knows to give no heed to those voices within which his mind is naturally attuned to hear.

The truly curious facet of rebel camp is that the roll is never called:
those who there belong — never give themselves away.”

The favorite song of one outlier is:
“How Will I Know It Is Me When I Meet Me If I Am Still Talking About It?”


Regarding The Notion That
Either Supernatural Saviors Or Mortal Heroes Are Needed To Rescue Man.

At the only meaningful level,
there is but one thing from which men need to be saved — seriousness:
the ridiculous seriousness with which men’s ordinary thoughts are programmed
to treat the matters which exist only in their mind.
Though this detailing is right-on-the-money,
you cannot under routine inner conditions, take-it-to-the-bank,
in that conditions own all of collective humanity’s mental banks;
the common cache from which all ordinary ideas come
will accept no disruptive deposits:
this bank gives out — but has no interest in taking-in;
thus does the rebel invest only in his own ideas —
for him: there are no other profitable venture venues available.

No interest is ever paid on the currency of conventionally traded ideas –
they exist in a state-controlled economy;
the certain man finds that his mind is the only potential free-market.

For he who would see: mental activity that is in any way regulated
— is no mental activity at all.

Those who can be told what to think — cannot think.

(Query: Why do some find discussions of money and sex of equal disinterest?
‘Cause one of them doesn’t exist, and the other exists SO much
as to be beyond any relevant comment.
[And Mr. Pluribus said to Mr. Unum: “Et too, eh Brutus baby?!”])


A father later noted to a son:
“When you are trying to find the secret, your visibility can seem doggedly poor,
but remember this: ordinary people are blind.”

Unless an idea makes your nervous system tingle — it is useless;
a man dedicated to useful ideas needs produce his own.
The true rebel eventually realizes that in his specialized interest:
that which requires his effort is the easiest — the most efficient, the most informative, okay: the only efficient — the only informative.

Ideas that make an aspiring rebel’s nervous system inexplicably tingle
are the best things in his life, this side of actually waking up.
(All right: the only things of intangible pleasure.)

When you are struggling to grasp what is really going on with life —
looking through other men’s explanations will keep you forever from doing so.


A good sign of progress is when you can no longer say to yourself conclusively whether you are — coming or going.