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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Private Reports From The Inner Hinterlands
August 27, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

One man says that while he has tried to live his life with intellectual optimism,
he suffered early assault in that area when his father revealed their:
“secret family wisdom” to be contained in the one sentence:
“There’s a lot we don’t know,”
which highlights again (though apparently unwittingly so with this chap)
that bad news to one is not necessarily bad news to others
(e.g. the news that your car is broken down is not bad news to mechanics,
new car manufacturers, and retailers).
But in spite of all best metaphorical efforts: only the-man-who-understands-what’s-going-on
can actually derive knowledge from a declaration of ignorance.

In the land of green, only green people know what is going on,
(green sounds better than fools, no?!)

Notes one man:
“Through his mind is man tied to the future,
in that he can think about tomorrow long before it arrives,
which, for his relationship with physical matters, can be most useful;
regarding the many intangible ones that make up a major part of his life however —
ah, it’s too ridiculous to finish, no?!”

Ordinary mind trying to make sense of life
is hormones having a bit of sport with neurons.

You may rest assured that you are in a well grounded and sophisticated city
when the top slot in the best selling book list is held by a work titled:
“The Soul Of The Plagiarist.”

Imagination: That which, if men did not have, there’d be no civilization —
or seriousness of any sort.
Seriousness: That which, if men did not have,
they’d have no verbally presented personality.
Verbally presented personality: A thing that couldn’t be sustained
without gobs of the first item defined.
And someone says: “I dare say, for a definition, that is a bit vague —
but then again: so is my personality.”

Conversation Number Eighty Eight.
“You have a reality that is entirely outside of you, and one that is wholly in your head.”
“And the significance of your comment is?”
Our sponsor would like to break in to point out that this is a perfect example
of the very thing this daily report is all about.
We now return you (if you want to go) to your normal neural program
which is already in progress (and has been so since before you were born).
“Pa pa: does anyone really want to consider the idea
that they are not captain of their fate?”
“Certainly none of those sailing hell bent for their fated destination.”
“Huh! — I never thought about that.”
Only a man free of intangible concerns can peacefully drift amidst
whatever verbal winds fly.
(Aka: What care has a croc for an ant’s reprimand that with his attitude,
he’ll never get anywhere in life.

Hormones are destiny — neurons can turn you into luggage.)

Attempting to salvage some negative joy from a relatively uneventful day in the city, one fellow said to himself:
“What if all the fun I ever have is just my imagination?! — would serve me right!”

Science News.
One man had an exact duplication of his mind;
he liked to call it his: “Mind,”
(since in fact it did make up about half of his mind).
Cultural News.
The head of a two eyed creature in the Land Of Thrice,
causes such excitement that no one ever notices whether it has a tail.
(Things that live in dreams always easily make up more than
fifty per cent of themselves [and mind beams with pride at this comment.])
Moral Regarding All News Stories.
Only children believe in things just because they are written in books —

or told to them.

One man’s latest theory concerning how life works is that
people who move from their homeland to another country,
speak with an accent just to gain sympathy from their new neighbors:
an effort so transparent that it often works.
This seemed to cause another chap to ruminate for a moment — then say:
“If being alive is like being on a chessboard — hey! —
it’s nothing like being on a chessboard! Jeeze! – most of you people are nuts.”

One man, immediately after being introduced to someone for the first time,
will say to them:
“Okay — don’t hold back: go ahead and say it.”

Although no race can be won by two,
the knowledgeable runner would never show up without a friend;
the trick (as in most things) is to not compare apples and philosophy,
(aka: Don’t run with imagination in your mouth).