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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Scopin’ It Out For The Sightfully Scrupulous Since 1969
August 25, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

One man says: “We seem to have reached the place wherein
almost any research will at first suggest that almost anything might be true.”

Said a man to his partner: “Okay — there is a conspiracy, but it is cellular,
and moreover: the cells don’t know what it is,”
which gave the partner something new to consider vis a vis his own nature.

The more ills that befell one man, the better he became —
not because of his physical strength, but rather — a certain interest.
One thing gets the certain man through most everything.
“Would that be: laughing and singing?”
(Being specific here would be of no benefit [not that you’re necessarily incorrect.])

Just as a ruler will have one of his Ministers deliver unpopular messages,
even though they were written by the monarch,
so too does an ordinary man employ his social public personality.
“I don’t get it?!?”
May be, but can you see that it is one of your Ministers saying that?

Changes in clothing fashion is life’s way of giving ordinary people a sense of something new coming into their recreational lives — (since nothing does mentally).

Another View Of Why This Kinda Thing Ever Got Going In The First Place.
For neural potential to be turned into thought — it must first be confined — then,
next thing you know: it wants out!

A father said to a son:
“I know I have sounded hard at times in urging you not to put up with
the kind of suffering and whining routine to man, so let me say this:
if you do find yourself with a problem you are not able to ignore,
at least do this: only acknowledge it as it leaves — not as it arrives.”
To the discerning eye/I: Medusa is comelier from the rear than the front
(as is Groover’s Syndrome to shake).

As a nervous system knight prepared to ride away, the king to him said:
“If in your travels you do not have your own private-language —
you will have no language.”
Man’s natural born mind sees life as writ in a code, and one it cannot seem to break:
the certain man rewrites it all into his personally created code,
one which he alone now can read.
The way of the real rebel is way beyond slick and sneaky —
there’re no terms greasy enough to describe it.

One of the stable hands says that often when he can feel that he is about to have
a really exciting and outrageous thought he’ll say to himself:
“Now I probably shouldn’t be telling you this…..”
(“Hay!” mused an eavesdropping horse: “If you can’t mislead yourself — who can you, blah, blah blah.”)

Sports News.
Once you know-the-score — the rest of the game’s a snapper-roo.

The mayor of one city says that if he had some hard evidence that the brain-smiles this kind of sport is alleged to cause really existed, he’d take all measures to ban them.

There is fun in hormones,
and fun in neurons;
the world’s general population has only the shallowest experience in the latter.

More Regarding Indoor Recreation.
Of the numerous religions available on this planet,
one is selected for each individual at birth on the basis of an unseen allergy test.

One man who sometimes wants to be entertained, but who can never find anything on the radio that he wants to listen to, came up with something:
he turns on two at same time, tuned to different stations,
and watches himself not listen to either of them.

The simple are always subject to become members of crude groups,
and those fanatical about their simplicity are always around creating the groups.
Sick rats and dilapidated buses can always find their hole.

One guy says that nothing makes him feel as good as drugs — and one other thing — that he doesn’t know what is.

History As Myth (In The Form Of A Quiz)
Why do even sixty year old ordinary people still feel dominated by their parents?
For the same reason that in your initial conscious confrontation with life —
you blinked — and it winked.
(Post script: Through a method we won’t go into here,
the certain man is able to replay this deed — to his present advantage.)

Another chap (obviously with electronic entertainment on his allegorical mind) says he now looks upon the routine thoughts that automatically come into his mind as simply: momentary-interruptions-to-his-normal-programming,
(And under his breath adding: “Don’t I WISH!”)

Ecological Update.
One man says he will help-save-the-planet — if it’ll do the same for him.
And a reader emails: “After reading these daily writings for a time,
I am beginning to wonder if life itself is nothing but a one-liner.”
To be full bore ordinary is to not only be unable to crack the code in which
life is writ to man’s mind, but is to not even be aware of its existence.

It is not nice for a rebel to misuse the word, “accidentally”.

One man offers this:
“The nice benefit of being critical, and cynical, and sarcastic is that even after
everyone who could have been an object of your attacks has left or gone to bed,
you can continue on just fine without them.”
By nature does everyone live alone in their head with their partner,
but by non nature does the neural rebel actually — live alone.
In one land, legend says that when the great cosmic force created
elephants, chimps and eagles, for hobbies it gave them eating, screwing and flying, and when it made man it narrowed its focus and gave him an overriding additional one (for which a few have never expressed much gratitude).
Refusing to be discouraged, a local school has again revised its motto:
the latest version being:
“A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Swallow, Get Sticky, Or Drop From A Height.”
If the race does prove to be between hormones and neurons,
the hip bettor won’t wager.
Only in one realm is it impossible to lose —
and none of the known contests are staged there.
The secret way that the certain man always wins is that all of his success is secret.
(Even the densest of men are not bothered by being so —
as long as they aren’t aware of it.
[Yet another example of the leg the ordinary have up on the rebel.])
One man named his horse: “Would I Prefer To Be Recognized As Being Right,
Or To Get The Hell Outta This Place Without Anyone Noticing?”

“Tally ho! — ya’ll!”