Jan Cox Talk 3033

Thought Should Be Good at Solving Problems It Caused, But…


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Notes by TK

Thought cannot solve any physical problem, it can only solve thought-related ones: thought created, thus thought dependent ones. Without thought, humans wouldn’t have any problems because they wouldn’t know they have them! Yet, thought seems to solve human problems! //incomplete// defective (?) 15:00 + (31:21) #3033

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Your Breakaway Buffet — Since A Light Year Yesterday
August 22, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

Conversation Number Thirty Seven.
“Everyone comes from the factory weighted either toward hormones, or neurons,
and nothing can be done about it —
which is why everyone comes with a tag attached that tells them otherwise;
only the anomalously fashioned few can make actual alterations to their structure.”
“That is interesting: can you tell me more?”

* * *

Dialogue Number Twenty One.
“A man whose mind is talking to himself is asleep.”
“Such a man is normal.”
“Okay: a man listening to his mind talk to him is asleep.”
“That too is normal.”
“All right: a man taking seriously what he hears his mind say to him is…”
“Now you nailed it.”

* * *

The term: rolling-with-the-punches is a weak verbal imitation of what a man actually does who realizes that rolling & punches are two sides of the same coin,
that of — being alive;
you have to be alive somewhere,
and all wheres have ever changing circumstances,
and all forms of life must react to the circumstances;
the walls of what idiot house believe the atmosphere outside the house
is different from that within?
Ignorance, thick — understanding, paper thin.
Definition: A-man-who-knows: A man separated from nothing.
(Okay, more precision: A man who does not imagine he is separated from anything).

* * *

Men can believe that circumstances make-the-man if they want to, but that is not
the view of the certain man (leastwise he doesn’t pretend that it is, or that it isn’t — which is always instant relief from such immaterial irritations).

* * *

Men who have, turning-points in their life don’t have much of a life —
(not internally that is).

* * *

One man offers this solution to an ongoing city problem:
“A man with bad memories should give up memories.”

* * *

Upon seeing a bumper sticker that read:
“Help Save The Environment — Kill Yourself” one man mused:
“How apt — on several levels.”

* * *

A father said to a son:
“Regarding that extraordinary inner journey on the nervous-system, Orient Express from everyone’s metaphorical birthplace of Paris to the allegorical destination of enlightened Istanbul: the longer a man who completes same is in the latter,
the less it seems do would be travelers there find info from him to be useful.”
“That almost sounds like a whine.”
“I know: that’s why I won’t mention it.”
On one world, someone proposed a law be passed directing that only to sons
could fathers say certain things, but being a more advanced people
they almost instantly realized that was what already went on there naturally.
(Legend also has it that on another planet was once a man who understood so much that one day he thought: “If there is any more to know, and I come to know it,
I can conceive of the possibility that I might cease to exist.”)

The defeat of Troy was supposed to mellow the place — not inflame it.
(“History can reveal so much on levels historians never suspect.”)

* * *

Life In The Land Of The Code.
There are several words so contrary to humanity’s collectively perceived reality,
and thus uncommonly powerful, that in dictionaries they are intentionally misspelled.

* * *

Regarding Teachings For Enlightenment.
No ism knows anything, in fact the only thing that any could know
is what was just said.

The Professed Hunger For The Grail, And: The Real Deal.
Ordinary people want to hear about the Hoochie Coochie:
the certain man wants to get down with it.

The Way Mind Works Number Twenty Four.
When getting parts for his car, and giving the needed specifics of his particular model, one man always includes its color (just in case……………………..it makes any difference).

A Normally Unnoted, Mildly Interesting Phenomenon.
People intrigued with the notion of Istanbul,
(who have no personal experience therewith)
like to recommend to someone they suspect may have,
speculative writings they have found thereabout.
(Aka: “Though I have never tasted ambrosia, you should be impressed with me
in that I have found a book about it that I bet you have never read!”
[And some might recognize a quite similar activity continually occurring in the natural-born, city part of their own mind.])

Another Story From Man’s Unique World.
King Longitude had by his side, dual Ministers Of Intelligence;
his neighbor, Prince Latitude, in an effort to surpass,
added to his court, two sets of twin Ministers:
in man’s second reality, math is not one of the more reliable activities.
Understandably: neurons have their hands full attempting to add
up stuff on which they cannot lay their hands:
only hormones can actually do it (and from one perspective)
facilitated by the fact that they do not talk about it.
(“Well, SURE! — people could do all sorts of marvelous things
if they just wouldn’t talk about it. What?! — did I really just say that?!”)

The discovery of Lilliput was supposed to expand Gulliver — not make him feel small.
(Travel Note: Those with torted notions of Istanbul can never locate their right train.)

One man’s personal rule: “If I do not in private, laugh aloud at least fifty times a day, something is wrong.”

In Re The Final Trip.
Just before it is time for you to go — life puts on lipstick;
the only thing that often keeps the rebel alive is his desire for the thing.


Life Near The Apollo.
The man struggling to awaken is the hardest working man in no biz.