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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Stories For Those Not Stuck To Serial Reality
August 15, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

Life is a planter — both of energy and information;
the former in everything — the latter in man.

Life sends information into man’s nervous system which culminates in ideas
that appear in his brain;
if a particular one sufficiently stimulates the person – he will sow it as a farmer does seed, either by tongue or pen,
and if others likewise find it interesting — a transformation of the idea takes place;
over some period of time, something happens to the idea,
as ‘twould to a seed planted in fertile soil; it becomes something
other than it was when it left the original speaker’s mouth or writing hand,
and now numbers of people begin to ingest the idea in its transfigured form.

Unattending for the moment underlying questions of why and wherefore,
a clear eyed consideration of this matter leaves no doubt whatever that
what has been described is an ongoing process in the life of man;
what is plainly occurring could be expeditiously pictured as life continually needing information of which it is the source, transformed in some manner,
and is accomplishing same by feeding it through man: first TO some man (or men);
then having men programmed such that they cannot but talk about ideas that
come into their minds of some unstated, sufficient degree of excitement,
which by their broadcast thereof, get planted as it were,
in a great invisible and unrecognized mental field made up of human minds
wherein some transformation of the idea takes place,
and then is taken in by the brains of a number of men, down into their nervous system, and eventually back to life itself.

A cycle is completed whereby life has information in its possession,
altered in some fashion, obviously as per its design,
employing the mind & words of man multi purposefully:
as the disseminator of the information in the form of an idea;
the machinery for the idea’s transformation, and then as the implement for
its return to life in its altered form.
This is how man’s cultural, spiritual and artistic life breathes and survives;
no idea becomes part of their canons save through this process;
this is true of man collectively and of ordinary man individually; things are different however for a few men with unconventionally wired nervous systems.

Ordinary people just want to live life — these few want to understand it;
their interest is not in life’s energy, but its information (put in routine academic terms): they may well find Biology, Chemistry and Physics entertaining
(the study of life’s energy), but their driving interest is in life’s information —
the only observable manifestation thereof being man himself (more specifically):
the conscious, talking part of his nervous system,
which, for collective man, Psychology, Theology and Philosophy cover;
indeed: every single thing man does in life that does not fall within the
standard classification of: Hard Science is the attempt to explain the nature of man:
the nature of man which is plainly unique amongst all forms of life:
unique because he alone transforms information in addition to energy:
every idea, belief, principle stated and debated in art, literature, religion, sociology, history, psychology, anthropology, political science, economics, the law, et al
is an attempt to explain human nature — specifically that and nothing else,
this is obviously not realized by ordinary men, but nonetheless.

Men are clearly by their own natural awareness,
different from all other observable forms of sentient life —
different because they have thoughts,
thoughts which serve to transform life’s information in the circular process noted,
but not seeing this procedure from such a perspective, men ascribe to the materials (the ideas) needed to run the activity, meaningless attributes;
their minds (as they obviously are meant to do) focus on the ideas being disseminated and discussed, as though they specifically are what is important,
and not on the processes of information transformation,
which is clearly the thing of real significance going on;
with the mortally conceived ideas being merely the medium for the transformation, and irrelevant in and of themselves,
(like the mind being totally entangled in theories about gasoline,
with no interest in the nature of automotive travel).

What the anomalous few are wired to want is to facilitate and experience
this transformation of life’s information solely within their own nervous system, bypassing the normal procedure involving the rest of humanity (or at least, others).
The transformation of information unquestionably needed by life
(based as always on the fact that such is what is commonly taking place)
that is normally carried out by the process of ideas flowing from men
into their collective market place-cum-planting field, being altered therein,
then taken back in in their transfigured form — the few want to do alone.

Their hunger (though never recognized as such by most) is to have
this vital information undergo the needed transformation totally within them — something completely non standard, and something that transforms THEM.

That is the flesh and blood reality behind the ancient concepts of men being able to: awaken from a dream; to go from a place of darkness to one of light:
to go from a kind of captivity to freedom —
all such representing a transformation of a man from what he was originally by nature, to something altered he has become through his own efforts,
and the transformation for these few comes not by occult magic, divine intervention,
or the ideas and instruction of other men, but by the solitary transformation of
the information life is continually feeding men’s minds.

Everyone knows what to normally do with the info, and ordinary men do it —
the extraordinary ones do something else with it,
and that alone is what makes the ultimate difference.