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You Read a Book to Find Out What You Think


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Notes by TK

No one knows what they think until they say it. Reading a book is finding out what you think. (37:54) #3027

Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Exposing Nouns & Modifiers For Five Hundred Years
August 8, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

A father said to a son: “Here’s an interesting one to work on:
If an ordinary man could realize what he is: would it be conducive to happiness? —
not the stuff that passes among the routine for knowledge-of-what-one-is,
(psycho-screeds about the negative influences of parents and other circumstances)
but the true understanding of what one is.
Would anyone outside our obscure family line be made happier by having such
an unconventional, objective awareness of what they are,
or would its impact be something else altogether? — and if so: why?”

– – –

After being congratulated on solving another case,
and after just having commented to himself again on how dumb the perp involved was, a detective suddenly thought:
“So what kinda sharpie does it take to catch such blazing stupidos?!”
and immediately was thankful he wasn’t involved in trying to wake-up —
so that he didn’t have to ponder how this might apply to
the goings on in his own nervous system.

– – –

One city announced that due to a growing shortage of miscellaneous stuff
henceforth only those could self-destruct who are self-defined.
(“That’s right citizens: keep describing the kind of person you are
so the wheat reapers will have something to do.”)

A Previous Example Of How Mind Works, Revisited.
After he was found to have a gradually fatal illness, and scheduled by
the diagnosing physician for monthly appointments to track its progress,
a man’s overall attitude much improved (for certain segments of time)
when he switched to a physician who called for such visits only twice a year.
When other cells can’t help — sometimes neurons can (in a special sort of way).

– – –

A father said to a son: “As the goose in the lead position tires,
he will drop to the back of the flock and a fresh one will take his place,
with the process repeated over and over again throughout their lifelong journeys,
and in man, a similar thing …”
“Wait pa pa — let me finish: goes on in the operation of his …”
“Splendid! — you nailed it precisely!” —
and their dog lying nearby wondered what the hell had just transpired.
Ergo animals’ well known proverb about themselves in regard to human speech:
“Many overhear — few comprehend,” but considering what goes on among humans in this area, they shouldn’t feel bad, huh?!

– – –

Prior Story From Today Revisited.
The motto of one city is: “What’s The Use Of Having Cows Without An Abattoir!”
In that special area known as man’s second-reality: one particular item cannot functionally exist without the presence of a certain other one —
which in turn only can be if the other one is in place, (aka):
You can’t get anywhere from here unless anywhere brought you where you are now.
“But how could that not be so?!” — It can’t — the trick is in…
“Okay — I got it.”

– – –

A father so advised a son: “You may instantly pass up any book, a review of which begins: ‘The author’s greatest fear for man is…’”

Those destined for execution in the second reality
never comprehend the nature of intangible fate:
therefore does Saint Billy Bob make an ongoing spectacle of himself,
whining either about being martyred, or not being;
there is no pleasing Cinderella, Jehovah, or your own second-reality-trapped mind;
the transcendental enlightenment dreamed of by many men is nothing more than waking up to the fact that some things in life are physically there,
and thus real by any definition,
while a whole lot of stuff that everyone talks about as being important is not and is not.
“Are you telling me that the ancient, honorable, mystical, elusive and extraordinary: awaking-from-a-dream is nothing more than………than………waking up from a dream, –
so that the difference between what is real and what you were dreaming is realized?! — are you saying that that is all it is?!”
It could be so described — if you didn’t put a pejorative emphasis on the words:
“all it is” — all that everything is is: “all it is” —
anything other than that IS man’s dream — is his second reality.
Recognizing that all everything is is: “all it is” is the all inclusive, objective understanding of what life and everything in it is:
anything your thoughts say about anything beyond that is a dream.
Calendar Of Events.
The certain man tries to make every day one of self inflicted execution —
the trick being to know which part of himself to aim for —
and the trick within the trick being that the part is the finger that is on the trigger.
“You know: this entire thing can be quite confusing to us with just ordinary minds.”

One man just adores the term: “Well that’s more like it!” –
he loves to hear it said by others, and in private often repeats it to himself:
“Well THAT’S more like it! Well that’s more LIKE it!”
(Ha ha ha — what a rascal.)

One man talked to himself — until he realized that:
in inner world: lips are ears and versy vicey,
and ne’er the twain can profitably be seen to be.

– – –

While waiting for a cross town bus, a man began doodling on the city’s daily paper, viz:
“Mind: Socrates;
consciousness: Buddha;

mind: a train;
consciousness; the passing scenery;

mind: the thing that tries to describe to you what the mind is;
consciousness: the thing that knows what IT is.”

He glanced up at the pigeons while he further mused:
“Mind: the mind;
consciousness: consciousness,” then said in his head:
“And that my friends is that!”

Transportation News.
In the city: buses will forever be provided — for those who want buses.

– – –

The man in charge of: “Let’s Try It Again” announced the following:
“Under the right circumstances, the healthy will blame the weak for their condition,
and if you don’t see how to use this in rousing yourself from intangible sick beds,
you should turn in your: Let’s Try It Again junior membership card.”
Knowing how to goose the goose in just the right spot
is the whole trick to flying in certain secret flocks.

The city’s entire literary/intellectual oeuvre can be represented by a little man
who continually rushes up to say: “And may I add…”

Anyone who thinks they are superior to others is inferior.

– – –

News From The World Of Subversive Physics.
One investigator in the field says he now suspects we are unwittingly destroying
many species of sub atomic particles by our attempt to study them,
“Well thank god,” thinks one man, “That this is not about cells,
or my efforts to get to the bottom of things via the study of my
would indeed be in peril — would it not?!”
Fact: For the nervous system detective on the right track,
nothing is ever, in-peril — only in dream sequences does this villain appear.
“Pa pa: then who or what do the few of our family tree have as a foe
against whom to struggle to gain strength and ultimate freedom?”
“How ‘bout the who or what in you that just asked that.”

Fact: There are many things that the ordinary mind does not want to hear about —
but they are all in fact, about the same thing:
fact: this is the very thing for which the rebellious part of the certain man’s brain
is starved –
all it has to do is get past the rest of the brain’s feigned gag reflex regarding the thing — and chow down in a nourishing manner unknown to routine minds.


The rebel’s position regarding his ongoing, inner bar brawl: “You should see the other guy!”