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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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In Spite Of The Opposition: Putting Two And Two Together Since 1404
July 30, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

An instructor in the Philosophy Department of city college gives his latest thinking:
“There are five different ways to look at any problem,
and three different ways to interpret these five views,
then four different grounds for determining the validity of the five interpretations,”
he says the only substantial question remaining is:
“Can I get tenure on the basis of such a cockamamie idea?”

What ordinary minds proclaim to be tips of gigantic icebergs
are really but inconsequential, drifting debris;
only the-man-who-knows has a mouth large enough to take in the whole floe.

A thing cut in two is not then necessarily — two things.

A king who, for many years was given to advising: “Skip the small stuff” –
one day tallied up all that he’d skipped,
and was so impressed that he made his brother in law:
Regal Keeper Of The Small Stuff.

Circumstances And The Routine Mentalizing Thereof.

Nothing out-there,
proves anything in-here,
other than:
(See! – you still don’t see the rebel in anyone’s company
[it takes two to compose, company.])

Ordinary men ostensibly struggling to find-the-Truth
always want someone to hold their coat for them.
(Shirtless and bare knuckled be the real rebel’s way.)

An allegory with a Moral is a cripple;
does not a metaphor speak instantly for itself — it be a mute.

What be there worse for man to suffer than fear –
made the more so by his thoughts of it.

The true genetic rebel is he whose native thoughts do not match his mental hunger.

If the certain man had a fear it would be of two;
of a one is nothing to dread,
(which is why you never see him with anyone else).

Only in city circles can literature be deemed to reveal more to its readers
than it did its author;
ergo-ahoy, does the-man-who-knows neglect to read or right.

Hey Lawdy Mama! — Look What Life’s Done To Me Now!
One man says that he has in part been taken over by the spirit of Mozart —
but that the part seized affects his height, and not his musical ability.

A father said to a son: “Don’t ever come to me and whine that: ‘You’re-all-dressed-up-with-nowhere-to-go’ —
‘cause I won’t ever be the one who told you to get dressed up.”
(This same story can be told with it beginning: “A man said to his mind.”)

Living in a trailer near the eastern kerosene fields is a man who carries with him
at all times, near life size representations of all the concepts with which he finds fault.

In a normal secondary reality, declarations are almost as important as deeds,
and those who fail to realize this, do so at risk to their own fame.
(“What d’ya mean: ‘almost as important?!’”)

During the annual Pushy Guy’s Enterprises & Coin Machine Operators Convention one guy was heard to say that in his penny machines he had replaced the gum balls with little capsules of brains (but also noted he was soon forced to drop his price).

Humor like earthquakes, is the pressure release mechanism for underground,
polarized upheavals.
Why needs he an operator’s permit: the-man-who-knows doesn’t drive anyone crazy.
“True: where I am going — only I can go.”

“Kid,” said a man who identified himself as father to the kid,
“Kid! — if that thing that distinguishes us from all other creatures — our thinking — does not give you singular, outstanding pleasure, then you have — missed the boat!
(bus, plane, and last-train to clarksville).”

No one is much interested in talking to a man who seems to know
what is really going on — unless they can believe he may have one little blind spot — thereby enabling them to tell him something he doesn’t know
(the supreme mortal act of: smartassism).

In-Here & Out-There Revisited.
One fellow compares thinking to bobsledding,
(though he admits he’s never bobsledded).

Everyone who works for the city
is not necessarily paid by the city.
Another story concerning: Hormones & Neurons.

Bright and early every morning,
one man faces himself in the mirror over his bathroom sink,
looks directly at his forehead and declares:
“Today my friend — we clean house!”