Jan Cox Talk 3022


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Stroking The Neurally Arousable Since 1926
July 27, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

On one world it will often suddenly get real dark —
then without warning, immediately brighten back up –
people will be highly happy — then deeply depressed —
then rain will pour — then abruptly, skies will become blue —
then many people will break out in large bumps —
then it will get real, real hot, and lots of people will lose large sums in the stock market, and many other unpredictable things will occur;
the inhabitants of this planet have fondly named it:
“What The Fuck’s Going On Here?!”

How It Seems To Go In The City.
One man who had all his ducks in a row, got let down by a column of chickens.

A Story.
There was once a land where lived two types of those who
wanted to get to the bottom of things:
the first type believed that what stood between them and their goal was a darkness
that largely shrouded everything they needed to see,
while the second type thought the problem was the brilliance of the light by which
they normally see things.
The Story Brought More Sharply Into Focus For The Few.
Whatever the mind routinely acquires always seems so bright to ordinary men
that they can never see anything more:
thus does knowing — hide knowing.

In addition to the extraordinary ones already mentioned here,
there are forces in the universe that you don’t want to even hear about.
(Yeah, but some of them probably don’t want to hear about you either.)

How Neural Rubber Meets City Roads.
Any ideas with at least 20 psi are driveable.
(Of course as with all matters of transportation, the crucial question is:
Where is it that you are wanting to go?)

As a bit of comedy relief, one guy (in mock astonishment)
one day suddenly turned to his mind and exclaimed: “What! — you’re still here?!”

Bordering the city’s beer drinking district, a plastic surgeon
(obviously with his finger and fiscal insight on the pulse of his potential patients) heralded the opening of his new office with a sign announcing:
“Special Introductory Prices On Bladder Enlargements.”

A Human Interest Item Passing Itself Off as: A Human Interest Story.
One man’s latest conclusion is:
“If you just leave your mind alone, and allow it to go fast enough,
long enough, and without needless interruption,
first thing you know it’ll be time for you to die, and you won’t have had to worry about whether you’ve actually been thinking, or not,”
and a reader emails: “I read your stuff every day and just want you to know:
you don’t fool me for a moment! — you’re too late!”

The Great Mythical Quest: Reexamined In Light Of Certain Recent Developments,
(or perhaps that’s via: Development Enlargement?!?)
As time, and their so-called, personal-life moved on,
many who originally dreamt of an extraordinary adventure and enlightenment
ended up settling for heartburn and hemorrhoids.

One guy
looked up at the sky,
and yelled:
“What d’ya expect from me?!
unlike you — I’m just passing through.”

The Magnificent and Un-Misplaceable Justice Of (Great Gawd A’mighty!) — Life!
Man is not only provided with trains –
but also with the opportunity to arrive too late to catch one.
(“Thank you Zeus — for the stupid juice!”)

Story Two.
There was once a planet on which it was forbidden to take
any of the mind’s self-conceived interests seriously —
but they finally realized the debilitating obstruction this presented
to their collective progress and rescinded the law,
leaving only an unconventional few to take the original position seriously.

Story Two: Take Two.
There was once another world in such a hurry that they never even considered
taking anything — non seriously.
(The certain man gets-ahead by methods not available to most heads.)

One man thought of city success so much that The Fame Fairy finally took notice,
and fulfilled all of his tantalizing dreams, down to the smallest, scrumptious detail.
………………….(What’s the problem? — you can’t take a joke?!)

One man says he believes one of our most immediate problems is
the need for an entirely new definition of the word: perplexing.

Neurons, Hormones, And Princely Affairs.
One spring day,
(not long after the march of the ides)
a king of a fantastically complex land said to his son:
“I shall tell you as my father told me:
A monarch’s prime concerns are: defense, taxes, religion, and foreign policy,”
and the regent pondered this for a moment — then asked:
“Where does gettin’ laid come into it?”

One man pushes this question on you: “Why even bother to be cheap and tacky
if you’re not also going to be pretentious, and try to cover it up?!”

In a curiously electrical world:
red birds on a line can protect against short circuits,
(but also can they decrease the voltage).
And one man held his drooping head in his hands and wailed,
as he pondered the connected playing fields of hormones and neurons:
“Oh! where to go? — where to go?” — as though
the one that can answer can give him a straight answer.
“What a wondrous realm in which we live,” mused one man:
“The things that can speak — can’t tell me what I want to know,”
ah! — but how close and far away can you be:
the fact that they cannot tell you — is actually what you need to know,
(‘course it’s almost impossible to ever grasp this, but what-the-hey! —
if it wasn’t expensive and tacky [blah blah blah, etc.])

More News Of The Game.
When the time comes — everyone catches hell!
(And one coach notes that it’s easier if you have your own glove.)
And one chap who lived in the late sixteen hundreds, did so only as a ruse.
And The Official Announcer Of The City announced:
“To certain death do all things go!” and a face in the crowd inquired:
“Does that include recreational nouns?”
“Certainly not!”

Nuther City Fact.
Not knowin’ what you’re doin’
don’t have to stop others from b’lievin’ that you do.

In a judicial episode in one realm, the man who coined the term: “futile hope”
was sentenced to ten years of being unemployed,
and wearing a suit, tie and dress shoes to bed every night.

A father gave a son this direction regarding efforts to
liberate consciousness from thought:
“You have to alter the muscle-to-fat ratio.”
And there was a guy who finally didn’t know who he was —
he never told anybody —
no one ever suspected.

Most of those who say they understand what this is about — don’t,
and everyone who says they don’t — do:
it’s a balance thing — with the awakened mind, the invisible scale.