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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Doggin’ The Sighted Since 1877

July 25, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

One man says that when the show he is watching moves into darkly lit scenes,
ala film noire, and maudlin music arises in the background, he walks away from the tv, same as how he treats his thoughts when similar things occur there.

Diaries men keep to faithfully record their innermost feelings and thoughts
are no more reliable than the men themselves,
but the addition of something (a small man putting on a bulky coat)
can slip the mind into pretending that things have actually changed.

TheOne-Thing Thing.
Not long after learning he had a gradually fatal illness, a mystic thought:
“It is strange having all my thoughts now eventually coming back to the same thing — my health” — then further reflected:
“But previously my thoughts were also centered around but a single matter —
my non enlightenment.”

A sure way to know there is nothing valuable to a man
is if he tells how: “all of his life — he’s done his best.”

Conversation Number Eighty Five.
“What are the differences between humans and the most life like robots?’
“Humans are more dangerous, humans are more unpredictable,
and humans are more annoying.”
“Are you being ironic?”
“What’s, ironic?”
“Hey! — I thought I was talking with a human?!”

Consider: even though the mind constitutes only 2% of (your) total body mass,
in the average man it consumes .08% of all oxygen and nutrients.

How Life Works: Chapter 1 (no, make that: Introduction….oh yeah,
and add: In Some Realities).
If someone offers you a really good financial deal — take them up on it quick! —
before they change their mind!

A man who uses himself as an example for a point he is trying to make
is certainly an example of something.

Regarding People’s Apparent Concern For Another.
A father said to a son: “Have you noticed how ants enjoy offering to help elephants?”

Since nothing neurons normally say originates with them —
nothing they conversationally say can be taken at face value.

After hearing a recent amputee say it was surprising how easily the body adjusts
to an entirely new condition, a man mused:
“How true — just look at the situation regarding our consciousness,
and the thoughts that eventually condition it.”

Consider: if men weren’t cows, there would be no such thing as paid endorsements.

As concerns: The Purpose Of Life.
A man on another world proposes this view:
“The reason we are here is to fuck up our lives.”

Everyone has an inherent, Great Task,
and most people manage to make it teensy weensy.

Consider: everything men do that is non essential, they are defensive about.

In man’s second reality: the less certain you are — the more certain you must seem.

Consider: there is no such thing as partial understanding.

After hearing the comments of a losing athlete in a competition, a man mused:
“What could be more enlightening than hearing a failure explained how he failed.”

Doctors told one man he was dying — just as a joke (the doctors were spiritual teachers).

Many people pretend not to understand what these daily writings are about
who actually don’t.

On Going City Headline: “Accounts differ as to what happened next.”

Dialogue Number Thirty Seven:
“The neat thing about studying bats is that you have to go where they live.”
“Same with thoughts.”

Proof & Reproducibility.
In science it is two people telling one person the same story,
in ThisThing it is one person telling two people the same story,
(and save lab time by not bothering to say that you don’t get it).

One city’s advice to its young:
“The most valuable lessons are to be learned by studying the lives of others.”

Regarding reincarnation, one man says: “I believe that not only is it available,
but that before you die, you must decide what you want to come back as,
and if The Committee doesn’t like your choice — you don’t come back,”
and someone reacts: “Well that’s not too encouraging — particularly if you consider what a poor choice I made of what to be in this life.”
“But you could have chosen to be a person who makes such a bad choice
of what they want to be, in a previous life.”

One Reality’s Continuing Insistence:
“Only by seeing how it happened, and learning why it happened,
can you keep it from happening again,”
(it assumes [we must assume], that you understand what “it” is).

The rebel author makes no outlines, does no re writes, and keeps no notes.

Someone noted of a public figure:
“The fact that large crowds of people will stand for hours with most of them unable to even hear what he is saying, is sure tribute to the power of his physical presence” — no — to the power of crowds.

How Things Work In A Locale You Must Locate.
Although no one believed his story,
the dog insisted he had dreams of where the missing kitty could be found.

The man whom the city has truly civilized is he who would rather listen to Bolero
than fuck Bo Derek.
Looking is not the same as seeing, nor knowing, the same as understanding.

If you laugh where others would be crying,
at least it shows that you aren’t others.

Advertising headline: “When the unexpected happens — will you be prepared?”
One man’s reaction: “Hell! — I’m not even prepared for the expected!”

One city pondered: “What should be the criteria for moving to the head of the line:
be the oldest, the sickest, or the dumbest?”

The rebel warrior is as adept with thoughts as he is with a battle axe.

Some people get it, and some people don’t —
and most of those who think they do — don’t.


Late Breaking Development That Finally Settles One Matter.
Many people thought they heard something — when all it was was a noise.