Jan Cox Talk 3020


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July 23, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

While they waited for the pool cues to cool down, a father asked a son:
“What would you have if you removed the truly unknown from the
imagined unknown?” and brushing some chalk from his vest the lad mused in reply:
“Education with no students? — art with no critics? —
religion sans fear?” — and a passing rack boy injected:
“How about: civilization minus its civility?” — and some sharp eyed hormones
at an adjoining table muttered: “Eight ball in the neural corner pocket,”
after which the room closed for the night.

The Challenge: Describe ordinary thought’s outrage at human affairs:
a fish railing at water.

Bargain Tip Of The Day.
If someone expresses an idea that you don’t like, just say: “I don’t believe it” —
’cause most people’s minds wouldn’t know the difference ‘tween “like,” and, “believe” if a difference did exist — and if it strolled up and peed on their tire.

Trying to make heads-or-tails of something has potential only in a gambling context, where it is played to the flip of an unbiased coin,
but never in ordinary thought wherein the game should actually be: odd-man-out,
(in the casino on one world, it is forbidden for three players to sit at the same table).

One reliable (though perhaps rowdy sounding) sign of progress is that you have no interest (pro, con, or sideways) in anything anyone else thinks about anything.
(Reminder: men don’t think about primary reality.)

To a man half awake, half of everything in life is a metaphor;
to he three fourths awake, three fourths of everything is a metaphor;
to him fully awake, nothing is. (Shitty, huh?! — [sorry]: Neat, huh?!)

“Pa pa: what is the funniest idea you’ve ever heard a human express?”
“The concept of something being: larger-than-life.”

City QuizBanger.
What is worse than never being famous? — Being famous once, and then forgotten;
what is worse than waking up once? — Never doing so again.
A man who one time saves himself from falling over the edge of a cliff
will drive everyone crazy with his retelling of the tale, (including himself).

For the few: better tongue dead than fably viable.

Definition A La Carte.
Metagnostic Perception: A fish with such expanded consciousness
that it has no mental conception of a boundary to water.

Sometimes this one guy slips up behind his usual thoughts,
and pulls down their pants, while chanting this rhyme:
“Pick on the right,
pick on the wrong,
laugh it up now,
‘cause you ain’t got long.”
(‘Course no one actually knows this — thing is: thoughts b’lieve they do,
and can crack you into crumbs if you listen to ‘em.)
Smile at the now,
grin at the future,
time is the wound,
insight the suture.
Ordinary thought (when driven to a frenzy by hormones)
can drag your consciousness into a tight inner tunnel wherein you may feel
mentally secure, but by being brutally bound.
Human institutions are to comfort collective humanity;
the outlier rebel needs only the private refuge of his own understanding.

The god responsible for conditions on one world tended to his little charges so well that when they were told the time had come when they should consider the matter of death, they en mass replied: “Who the fuck cares.”
Only the already half dead dread death,
while only the fully dense fear being undensified.

Human Thought As It Is, Contrasted With How It Could Be (Via A Travel Analogy).
It is like the Queen Of England flying tourist.

Verbum Sapienti.
True royalty, and the really awakened — don’t sweat (leastwise where it shows).

A man mused: “If all the mystery is taken out of being alive —
might not all the fun be also?” —
only hormones — not words — can do this,
and when it occurs with normal people, it is time to call the funeral home;
only in the inner sanctum of the certain man can the Great Task be completed,
and the mystery solved without terrible damage occurring.
“’Terrible-damage!’ — really?”
No, not, really — it’s just the sort of thing you say at the end of an enigmatic tale
to leave children with a pleasant shudder in their mouth.
“Is this why fables with adult intents are so rare?” —
If you disregard the silent stories of first reality.
Ordinary men do all their serious living in hormones — then relax in neurons —
thing is, they can’t constantly distinguish between the two,
and the certain man can.
“BIG deal!”