Jan Cox Talk 3016


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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Spiffying Up The Rough Edges Since l803

July 14, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

To Unravel A Code Requires You Participate In The Code

A person who believes (concerning that certain special matter) that:
“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear” —
will always be a student in waiting.
No one puts out the certain man’s fire but him, because he is the source of his.
It is the placebo effect that causes men to live in mental dreams,
thus only placebos will awaken them.
“Gawd! — but I do so love man’s many unique illnesses.”
“Because they alone are not fatal — (not like all those other ones! Yuk!)”

A truly civilized society is one which considers the sending of psychiatrists
to a war ravaged area as important as the shipping of food.
“What in the world does that have to do with my work on my consciousness?!?”

Only cows have cheerleaders.

About the drive, says one man:
“Perhaps the trickiest part is getting around the curve marked: ‘Learned behavior.’”

One man nicknamed the rebellious part of his mind, Elijah L. Homewrecker —
a sobriquet he would repeat with great pride.
(He had a brother who advertised himself as a, Hypnotist
[though he had nothing to show for it.])

Mind being the only instrument in the universe to investigate things,
it has difficulty grasping the notion of it investigating itself.
“Has ‘difficulty’ hell! — it’s not possible!”
Yes, yes, but for a few, the question still remains open.

A chap who displayed obvious disapproval of the trophy killing of animals,
when it was noted that men who do such are merely acting as their genetics direct,
yet mused: “That still does not mean I have to associate with such
behind-the-times-examples of my species.”
“Pa pa…”
“Yes son, I’m sure it was intended to actually be applied there.”

Mused one chap: “Just as unbridled sex can disrupt society,
so too can such thinking, man’s normal state of consciousness (thank god!)”

There is nothing more annoying than someone trying to sell you something.
“Hey — you don’t have to convince me.”
(Second version): There is nothing more annoying than someone trying to
sell a certain man something……………………..correction: nothing more futile.

Trying to awaken yourself is like fighting cholesterol of the mental arteries.

“Good taste is the enemy of creativity” — guess who said that,
a priest, or a painter?
Not only type, temperament and genetics will out — so will everything,
but none save the certain man consistently notes.

One man only speaks when spoken to,
(says he is trying to set an example for his mind).

One man insists that any statement beginning with the words:
“For every man, woman and child in the…” may safely be ignored.

He who believes his ideas represent anyone besides himself is either deranged,
(that is: ordinary) or else in extraordinary communication with life.

Normal people believe that circumstances can cause them to act as they do —
that is why they are called, normal.

Another thing about having gods is they can be blamed for stuff men do.
(“But the gods make ‘em do the stuff.” Was that really necessary to say.)

One guy admits: “It is a hellava thing to do to your baby brother —
and since I don’t have one, I did it to myself.”

Time Saver’s Tip.
Any matter about which men have long debated its truth is not untrue.

Re The City Question Of Sanity.
When you have only one mind it is impossible to tell if you are in: “Your right mind.”