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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
June 25, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

A son asked a father: “Is there something useful in the mental picture that has
formed in my mind wherein I see a progression in that certain-struggle like this:
in that uncharted, unconventional realm:
expanded consciousness comes from increased alertness,
increased alertness from controlled attention,
and controlled attention comes from expanded consciousness —
can that even be considered a progression? — and if not:
am I still on to a thinking about it that can prove profitable?” – and he responded:
“To the rebel captain, with hand steady on the wheel, and eyes/I’s always scanning the sea, unexpected turns in any direction can be valuable no matter how seeming unconnected to the presumed destination or temporary;
every move the certain man makes is merely expedient to the moment.”

* * *

To get (as he refers to it): “A step ahead of things” –
one man often claims as illustrious ancestors,
famous people who haven’t been born yet.
(Are you to say conclusively that he may not be on to something?!)
It is thought by some that genetics will: “Speak for themselves,”
while others hold the position: “Huh?!”

* * *

A father quizzed a son:
“The meanest dog leads the physical pack —
but who has an unusually alert man to intellectually follow?” — then answered:
“The bowels of the beast, my boy — the bowels of the beast.
Again: just the opposite of what everyone believes………(and what else is new!)”

* * *

Math Question Of The Day.
Which is greater: the number of thoughts — or: the number of men thinking them?
In one reality: ships who believe the sea they are presently plowing is theirs alone
(as spatial logic would have it)
never get anywhere (that is): they can never deviate from their scheduled course,
and discover that special place so longed for by those few extraordinary salts.

Consumer News.
There are no Lite versions of the struggle to change consciousness — O! —
the landscape is littered in them, but still: there are no operational Lite versions.
(Hell! truth be said: there’s just barely an actual one —
and everybody knows where IT comes from!………………………okay, so they don’t:
from the bowels of the vessel itself.)

The simple believe that the questions are simple, and the answers complex,
while a more attentive man realizes that all of the questions, right from the start, are much too complex, and that all consciousness-expanding answers
always prove to be quite simple and straightforward.

Eye Health News.
Everyone likes to wear glasses —
it helps remind them in a non threatening way of what it is to be human.

* * *

After hearing that many cities set aside areas in their parks
wherein citizens can go and say publicly whatever they like,
this one, somewhat reticent metropolis established its own version thereof
whereat their people could go — fully prepared to HEAR anything they wished.
Question: what do these two locales together represent?

* * *

A man proposes: “Death is not the final indignity —
not as long as there is any chance someone will do a biography of you.” Not quite:
the ultimate would be if you read it.

* * *

A Potpourri Of Energy Saving Tips.
There is nothing to cry about in the intellectual realm;
the civilized cry only over words;
the attentive do not cry over spilt milk while the ordinary cry at the sight of milk;
milk only frightens city intellectuals;
there is nothing to really cry about in the intellectual realm.
And this unrelated story just in concerning the planet’s two
uncredited military institutions:
At the Hormonal War College the first thing recruits are taught is to bark:
“Go to hell!” while those in the Neural training facility are taught to say: “I surrender.”

A father told a son: “If you are still seeking forgiveness —
you are still missing the point.”

* * *

One man mused: “Most of what everyone believes they know — they made up,”
and his partner said: “Good — very good and getting better — but:
you have one wrong word in there.”

Everyone is a walking time bomb, but no one actually ever goes off
except the city’s insane, and the more conscious man, and (you might care to note) there is a slight difference between the two…………….. (a bit of humor for the insane).

After his first exposure to ordinary religious ideas, a little kid rushed in the house and exclaimed: “Just think Dad: after death — in heaven –
everybody’s wishes will be granted!” and the old man mused:
“Wouldn’t that be the final chapter of all this, dipped in shit!”

* * *

Another Example Of Why Life Is Not As It Seems To The Simple.
If you can throw a person down —
make them be still —
sit on them, and make them smile in the process, you have either:
helped increase their awareness — or saved the cost of a new sofa.

If men’s consciousness would allow them to think about more —
they would privately laugh more.

* * *

In describing the kind-of-person-they-are, would-be rebel captains
stir up their neural seas such that meaningful sightings become impossible.
Although it is too clear to be ordinarily obvious: outside of space — there is no time,
not even the time to control your attention and increase your awareness.
Stabbed today — bleed tomorrow;
and those who’ve already shed are doomed to bleed some more.

Explaining-yourself is the mental freebooter’s form of blindness.
“Pa pa: can creatures be truly said to be blind when all they are doing is
refusing to look?”
“Fair question, but: can they be said to be refusing to look
when their nervous system won’t let them do otherwise?
Only the man who becomes certain-well can rescue his medical history
from the morbidity of the mental past.

And a jungle fact and query for you:
The movement and noise of the physical environment
dictates the actions of non thinking animals —
question: what directs the mental actions of man?”

_ _ _

The reason that all of man’s cherished myths begin: “Long ago and far away…”
is to distract them from glancing around too closely at the here and now.