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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Edgy Allegorical Paper-Of-Record For The Few Since 1482
June 23, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

In an attempt, he says, to convey a most important, but difficult to grasp lesson,
a man told his son that, unbeknownst to all the audience who depends on his expertise, the weatherman on Channel 7 makes up all of his forecasts.

Communications Want List, Or: “Come Sit On Mr. Bell’s Knee”
One man says he now has but one wish regarding his thoughts —
that they get an unlisted number.

Neural Thespian Therapeutics, Or: “Hey! — We Could’ave All Been Contenders!”
As they walked from class, one guy said to another:
“The great thing about being a method-actor is that you don’t have to act” —
a lesson well learned, eons ago by the collective thinking of man.

One man says he has begun experiencing sudden bouts of
wanting to be completely-honest (but adds): surprisingly,
after trying to come to grips with the feeling, he has come to realize that
he does not really know what the concept means, nor how to put it into practice;
he further admits that this must sound foolish when you hear it,
but says that you should look into the matter,
and then see if what he says is so foolish after all.

One man says: “In dealing with your own thoughts you should take a lesson from bureaucracies like congress who, if they are accused of inappropriate action
will appoint a panel from their midst to investigate the charges
(and which has the additional benefit of giving family members new employment
as support staff to the panel).”

Your Inspiration Moment For The Day.
One man would periodically try to treat life and his nervous system delicately, but would always end up saying: “Ah — fuck it!” and revert to his original attitude.

A Tip For Those Working On Commission.
If you don’t whine — you can’t sell.

Today’s PSA: The Unfairness Of It All.
You can talk about talking, and you can talk about taking action,
but you can only take action regarding action — unfair? — you decide.

Delivering bad news makes those who know nothing important feel important.

Counselors of all stripes (psychiatrists to priests) cannot explain things
to their patients and parishioners, but only commiserate with them.

After a startling, bump into something in the dark a man said:
“Well don’t blame me! — how can you?!”

Commonly do men take quite seriously what they are called,
and exclusively are such devoid of any understanding.

No matter how often he washes them, one man says his fingers stick together,
but added that in the past he had suffered a worse example of the same problem,
as he pointed to his head.

A man who loved bread one day suddenly announced:
“I hate bread — because it is not cake.”

It is much to the rebel’s advantage to keep in mind the fact that thoughts too must eat.

With the ordinary, the only potty training possible is physical.

O so True, O So Signal Of The Civilized And O So Not Acknowledged.
In the city: only the deranged are interested in the problem of, mental-health.

One man tells everybody he meets that he knows for a fact they are slated for a come-back,
(he says much human joy is spread through his little year round, private April Fool).

When one man discovered that privately, he could actually, do-otherwise,
he was so stunned — so indescribably delighted and enthused,
that he then mostly forgot to ever do it.

His partner later came to this view:
“To ever realize for yourself, what is really going on,
requires decades of going off on a multitude of tangents –
some only seconds in duration, but all necessary and all helpful.”

In one reality, an exceptional writer is known by the fact that
he never reads his own stuff —
in the certain man’s mental reality — same thing concerning thoughts.


Forget about metaphysical icons, or psychological models,
nothing is more exemplary of man’s consciousness than the cell phone.

Which says one man is why his life is often so reminiscent of the song: “Blight Of The Fumble Bee.”