Jan Cox Talk 3006


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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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June 20, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

At first run-into, you might think that the simple need only simple answers —
but not so: the embryonic require increasingly complex explanations of
even the most straightforward affairs.

The Two Biological Conspiracies: The Hormonal And The Neural.
First is the alpha-wolf conspiracy
wherein the most aggressive of men will be in physical charge,
and if you are an alpha-wolf — you have no complaint,
and if you are not — there is nothing you can do about it anyway;
then there is the neural, alpha-wolf arrangement,
which has yet to be permanently established:
(a conspiracy without consequences……..well, none that routine wolves can fathom).

As they were discussing headaches, people, and other-petty-annoyances,
a father said to a son:
“It’s not just that dumb people are serious —
but that they want to have serious conversations with you!”
(And they both grabbed the sides of their heads in mock horror
[then again — maybe not so mock.])

In an attempt to reduce the risk of being seen as a cow,
one chap would often burst out singing: “I’m an old cow hand,”
as though such verbal shenanigans could get him off the hook —
which of course they can.
(And by the by: through such wordy misdirection have come mankind’s
preeminent spiritual leaders —
how else do you expect a man to get from one non existent place to another.)

News Of Combat As It’s Played In The City.
In the never ending conflict between whoever are the current major powers,
the ultimate victor will always be (as few foresee) — the speech writers.

While we’re waiting for them to bring out your birthday cake,
we could play a little Q. &. A game:
Q.: How can you spot a more conscious man at the party?
A.: He is the one who is almost impossible for you to entertain.

A man describing the kind of person he is
is a duck discoursing on quantum physics.

The optimum design would have a separate knob for every function,
and if you think this might have anything at all to do with your mind….well —
yours needs another knob.

New Land Query.
Once you’ve made your own private path,
why would you ever remain on the cold side of the hill?

Ordinary minds find it almost impossible to deal with the
everywhere-at-once ideas that come out of ThisKindaActivity,
because if they attempt to argue away some particular one,
and even if they seem to be succeeding,
they strangely sense that their doing so is somehow making them even more dazed and confused than they are normally.
Some things are best left unfought with.
“And which might they be?”
Any you can’t see.

“Dear and wise Pa Pa,” schmoozed a son:
“Why, tay prell, does not knowledge have a gender?”
“Ah, an intriguing question indeed — but just think if it did,
what the rowdies down at the pool hall would do to it.”

The Underwear Of Man’s Religious Myths Revealed.
Don’t bother to look to the future,
Judgement Day has already come and gone,
in the time it just took you to blink.

Fact: There is nothing about man TO be exposed —
they all give themselves away.

Another Example Of How Physical Health Is Self Regulating And Mental Is Not.
The symptomatic irritation of hemorrhoids stops with a cessation of food intake.
“So?! — you didn’t draw a connection between that,
and uncomfortable mental symptoms?”
(We need to be more careful who we allow in here.)

The problem with men’s natural born mind is not in its taking-life-at-face-value,
but rather in its taking its TAKE at face value.

Simply being simple-minded does not provide the sight needed for
point-blank vision.

Self Grooming News.
A mind without mirrors — needs no reflection.

Every time his nervous system would silently correct one of its dumb little missteps, this one man’s mind would always say: “Boy! — do I feel stupid!” —
“Just as you should,” would muse his nervous system.
(Those who feel that this treads too close to their door
can replace the term, nervous-system with, life [for all the difference that’ll make.])
“But it DOES make a difference!”
You sir, might go back and re read the story of the man who called himself a cow hand to discourage him being called a cow;
everything that occurs in men’s ordinary thinking can make a difference, and it has nothing to do with the felt difference being real, imaginary, proper, or pin striped:
down the hole: if the Mad Hatter says that wearing a derby rather than a beret
makes a difference — then a difference it makes.
“Most profound of progenitors: is that why the ordinary mind never gets anywhere?”
“Yes — unless it says it does.”
“That makes all the difference.”

One man whilst lazing on the lawn, drifted into speculation that in yet one more way,
the world is divided into two groups:
those who have never heard of trying to change the condition of your consciousness,
and those who wish they hadn’t.
(A sparrow shlepping in a beer ny sycamore scoffed: “Mister smart ass,
in the grass!”)

From our: Fairly Big Book Of Wisdom.
Every day is the same to a dead man — and more or less so for everybody else.

In the view of one neural explorer:
it is not death that kills you, but: repetitive thinking.

Neo Physics News
If man’s view of life wasn’t polarized — it wouldn’t be funny.