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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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June 18, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

One man’s everyday challenge to himself: “Who do I think I am?!” —
the answer to which he says slips further and further away.

Transcendentalist’s Shopping Guide.
One way that you can tell you’re getting-somewhere
is that nobody can sell you anything.

One man mused unto himself-o: “If I did abandon my binary based thinking —
what then would I have to think about?” and was almost immediately struck:
“Perhaps for the first time — anything I wanted to.”

Those who dream of the great secret are convinced that by
understanding one particular thing, they will understand everything —
but they are never sure what the one thing is.
‘Tis true in a way: getting to the bottom of things involves understanding
one particular thing which explains everything,
but you have to understand everything to ever understand the one particular thing.

From the: “Could Be” files.
Knowing what is going on, and explaining it to others could be two different things — two completely different things.

The bureaucrats in one city decided to tax the achievements of
those seeking the secret —
but it didn’t work out —
and if you don’t see why — you’re one of them.
“One of whom: the mystics, or the bureaucrats?”
You had to ask?

The fundamental purpose of city bureaucracy (routine mental activity)
is to apply names:
material comes in —
no one knows what it is, what it means, or what to do with it,
and the bureaucratic synapses’ job is to give it a name so that it can be — filed away, (and hopefully forgotten about).
Mental success amongst civilians can be SO simple a matter.

Everything that can happen in a three-D reality will be three dimensional,
(dependent on time and place);
men’s minds commonly dream of them being free of such restrictions,
but be that as it april: everything that occurs therein is three dimensional,
and subject to such a structure.
“That certainly does not include thoughts — correct?!”
Who let him in.

Those in an ambulatory coma entertain others by putting them in one too.
Note: There would be more chuckling in the world were it not for
the amount of snoring.

A man called his local authorities and said:
“Since I assume it will go easier on me I’ve decided to — come clean,”
and they replied: “Nice for you sport — but think what that’d do to us!”

Director’s Cut: A man called his local authorities and said:
“Since I assume it will go easier on me, I’ve decided to — come clean! Guess who!” — and hung up.
And some guy says: “Hey, I used to have a mind that’d do that.”

Time to play: What Is It?
If it is beyond any ordinary experience, and contrary to all common knowledge,
then what is it? — and how can you tell if you possess it or not?
(FYI: damn few there be who enjoy this game. [Bet THAT’S a big surprise.])

Now time to play: What Am I?
Having no patio furniture, one man decided to become his own;
his brother (having spent six years becoming a structure engineer) was more than
a bit peeved at the rapidity with which his sibling achieved his goal. Ahhhhhh! –
but a certain advantage is had by the archery competitor who brings his own target,
so much so that you never hear of it happening — ahhhhh! — but you know why? —
‘cause those who do are already way too far-ahead-smart to get caught at it.
“State your name and where you are from.”
“Now, now! — if I gave you my name, then you’d know where I’m from” —
the man who lets his mind’s tongue identify who he is
embalms himself without a mortician’s license.

After years of faithful study and school attendance,
one day, as this student glanced up from his work at the instructor leading the class,
he was struck dumb-founded by the sudden realization:
“Those who already know the answers
are the ones who always write the questions!” —
need you be told that after that (Sweet John Dewey) he was never the same,
(or even much of anything bearing any resemblance).
And someone raises a hand and asks:
“Why is it that all of the
really brain bustin’ stuff you ultimately realize are things that are so obviously so? — Oops! — hold on! — I b’lieve I’ve got it:
it’s brain bustin’ and head clearin’ because it IS so obvious,
and was never, until that extraordinary moment, realized.”
(Ah yes — what can be more satisfying than:
he with the question — having the answer!
“Never mind that arrangement’s satisfaction — how ‘bout its inevitability.” Bull’s-eye sir! — bully bull’s-eye!)

In one land, the king declared: “He, in my kingdom, with the smallest mind
may marry my daughter,” then suddenly thought to himself: “Hell! — I’LL marry her!”
And thus (history buffs) does the normal intellectual family-of-man multiply,
and carry-on!
Neo NASA Update.
The only thing standing between a man and a voyage to another world
is him standing so firmly on this one.

A sign prominently displayed in the city warns its citizens:
“Beware Of Those Who Are Homeless By Choice!”