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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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June 2, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

One morning at their combination breakfast & conference table, a father
spoke to a son concerning that certain business in which their family specializes:
“If something bothers you — but not enough to cause you to instinctively take,
on-the-spot action — it is not worth talking about,
(and if it did so move you, there is nothing to say about it afterwards either),
in other words: instinctively reacting, without any thought or discussion, via behavior to some bothersome occurrence you witness (such as the mistreatment of an infant)
is one thing,
reacting to some words and ideas your mind finds bothersome
is something else altogether —
both are integral components of man’s post-subsistence (civilized) existence.

All but the overly civilized (shall we say) will take immediate action,
without thinking about it, when confronted by certain uncivilized behavior by others, (such as assaults, thefts),
and also will all (minimally civilized shall we say) men take immediate verbal action (also without thinking about it personally) when confronted by words and ideas that their instinctive words and ideas deem uncivilized (unacceptable);
the first course supports the physical order necessary for communal living;
the second helps maintain order in a realm that has no physical substance,
and while men speak of assault-on, and theft-of ideas,
no bodily harm to anyone results therefrom;
in this arena, men are bothered solely — metaphysically:
this is collective man’s normal circumstances.

For our kind’s special needs, this will not do –
you can never wake up to what is actually going on with life while being bothered by things which do not motivate you to act, but only to talk and fume.
You can do something about someone abusing another,
but what can you do about someone abusing an idea you support? —
ordinary men say, “Plenty!’ — the conventional collective assertion is that
someone abusing an idea can be stopped by their being given a
corrective explanation of the idea;
that the error of their mental/verbal action can be shown to them,
and from that will they cease their abuse.
Only fish fully acclimated to living in muddy waters can swallow this.

Picture what the life of man (and your own) would be if everyone ceased reacting to anything that bothered them about which they can take no corrective ACTION!
You do realize (from our peculiar view) what such an impossible scene would equal, don’t you: mankind awake (or in your case: you).
Ponder it, my prefrontal progeny: a life wherein you react only to bothersome things
on which you can lay your hands,
and leave the others to blow past you as harmless dust in the wind.”

Their meeting then broke up for the morning, but
later the elder approached the younger again with comments:
“Related to what I was speaking of before is that beyond the need for you to
dodge those intangible matters that appear to your mind that you (it) find bothersome
is the fact that you cannot even bring you into a conversation regarding waking-up without spoiling everything;
at literal level this sounds irrational in that you are the very essence,
and raison d’ être OF any such conversation:
the whole purpose of trying to wake-up is of course for YOU to wake-up,
so how can any useful conversation about the matter NOT include you:
if the talk is not going to include you — what is the use in even having it?! —
right?! — not quite.

There is a simple, unconditional, undebatable reality:
thoughts of expanded consciousness and thoughts of yourself are incompatible:
you cannot think about awakening and you at the same time;
you certainly can SEEM to, but then merely take note of what such seemingly combined activity over the years has brought you — nothing:
thoughts of a more awakened state of consciousness
in conjunction with thoughts of you produce nothing but dreams –
not any practical realizations — just more dreams.

An unexpected, but undeniable fact in our family business is that you cannot
talk about you in any manner whatsoever — beneficially —
for one thing: all words your mind serves up about you, refer to a you of the past,
and the you you talk of from memory does not exist any more than ever did
Jack Frost.”

The father paused and looked off (possibly toward lunch) then said:
“Ignore ideas that appear in your mind of things metaphysical
about which you can do nothing (such as the mental concept of you) —
live dangerously! — flee the thoughts your temperament feeds your brain —
that’s the secret trick of our family business.”


Working under special conditions with an ophthalmologist and neurologist,
one man had a corrective lens implanted in his mind.