Jan Cox Talk 2998


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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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May 30, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

A father said to a son:
“Trying to make sense out of city facts is like trying to turn facts INTO sense.
No matter where you look (where you are) you will never see anything but stuff
that is where you are;
regardless of how fondly do civilians cherish the concept:
on city property: you cannot pull yourself up by your own bootstraps;
there is an unknown law of mental physics that makes this impossible (just like how
a chicken can’t teach itself any new song that is not sung in the key of Cluck Sharp).
To ordinary minds: anything can seem to make sense that comes from,
and is heard by the mind;
the mind of the certain man understands that this arrangement is proper for
collective humanity’s normal thinking, and has further discovered his
profitable ability to be free of it simply by remembering that he’s hip to it.”
“For sure Pop: what good is knowing even The Secret Of Life
if you can’t remember what it is?!”
“No — it’s way better than that: not even remembering THAT you know it.”
“Man! — that’s a weird sounding statement!”
“So what kind have you found to be profitable that is not (to your old city ears)?!”
“You nailed me again, my prodigious male progenitor.”

At a recent reception at City Hall, a stranger took the mayor’s elbow,
and told him the following story:
“There was this man who threw himself in a well……..no wait:
there was a man who made himself into a well………..uh – hold it:
there was a man who made himself into a well and THEN threw himself in,”
(the version with which the fellow finally seemed satisfied.)

Important Info About Being Civilized.
Being in part sick of being civilized is part OF being civilized.
“Yes my boy, we could all learn a lot from life!”
“Why the hell would anyone want to learn anything about
something they’re already being forced to do!”
“Calm down there lad, I don’t believe you’ve gotten the real gist of
what I am talking about.”
“Oh, I’ve got it alright!”
“Are you sure?”
“I’m absolutely certain!”
“Well that proves you don’t.”

Being in part always uncertain about what you’re certain of
is a normal part of BEING certain — in the city.

The awareness of the brain’s consciousness when it is not engaged in matters of
an essential nature is like a two legged bird on a live wire,
constantly hopping from one foot to another;
whereas a fuller realized consciousness would be like the bird forever hovering —
just above the wire.

The More Alert Person’s Horoscope For Today.
The planets are still – up there,
and you are still — down here:
the animate is animate — the inanimate, not –
so what else is new, cusp-breath.
Trying to make sense of life by making sense of the universe, is almost as stupid as attempting the reverse.
And someone inquires:
“So according to your view: you can never learn Spanish from a Spaniard?!”
You missed it: you can not learn Spanish from a Spaniard
if you can mistake its sound for a picture of its alphabet;
again it is that radical distinction which ordinary brains are not programmed
to bring into consciousness concerning the difference between nouns and verbs;
between the universe and life;
between an actual active mind and one that is merely a passive receiver —
ultimately ‘twixt what is animate and what is not — even amidst life.

Now: Your Question For The Day.
Why is it not dangerous to fall from three dimensional heights?
Answer: the fall off of a shadow is never high enough to hurt you.
Imaginary spills — illusory ills.

Newly Mined Legend.
One day on another world (in a desire to do something fresh)
the reality in charge of the man-similar creatures there said to them:
“Everyone who still doesn’t know what they’re doing — and are now aware of it,
raise your hands,”
and every man-jack of them raised their little hand,
and the reality thought: “SHIT! — I didn’t expect this.”
And this email just in to our Legend Desk.
“If you do just make up all the stories you report,
and if life makes it all up (including you, and thus indirectly, all of your stories)
then what’s the big deal?!” — (which segues smartly into our):
Newly Discovered: Big Deal.
Personal hygiene is to hormonal health as personal hygiene is to neural,
(plus, don’t forget: everybody’s an expert).
And someone says: “Pardon, but you have said this before, and I must disagree:
I do not believe that I am an expert of any kind,”
and that sir, is an integral part of it.
In the dark, everyone is Einstein,
and even if they fear otherwise,
in those conditions, they will never be found out.
There is not only safety-in-numbers, there is total protection for stupidity therein,

(why did you think cows run in herds and the certain man runs alone,
[which is to say: his mind does]).

The Tale Of A Certain Time And Particular Mode Revisited

With the rising of Saturday’s sun,
when the weekend vibe had truly begun,
one man would:
fire up the music,
grab hold his crotch,
hold high papers, and propose a toast:
“Here’s to a little hemp, Hamp, and heavy hipped honeys — and,
(thanks to these natural and artificial stimuli)
two whole days of me not being who I really am,”
(as though that was a condition requiring extrinsic prompting).