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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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May 28, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

One man counsels: “To get anywhere in the Self-Help field just remember to either: write about what you don’t know about, or about things that cannot be done.”
(He undervalues his advice, for this applies to everything in man’s cultural life.)

Regarding The Appeal Of Reports.
If you are ordinary minded, bad news will always get your attention.
One reality would begin all interviews with those who had applied as candidates for having new thoughts by telling them:
“You’re wasting your time if you can whine.”
During one city’s celebration of: “Let’s Be Nice To Life Day,”
the mayor made this comment to a small group of visitors to his office:
“Under our local conditions it seems safe to say that:
Those who think the least, suffer the least,” and one of the guests mused:
“Should I find that particular piece of alleged info encouraging —
or something else altogether?”
Meanwhile at City College the Dean was just announcing a new policy (to wit):
You can now apply to be either an athlete, or a philosopher — but not both,
which was shortly followed by the Chief Of Obstetrics at City Hospital noting that
he had long ago observed such a protocol being already in practice.
Definition: Human Institutions: An elephant letting fleas be its spokesperson.
There exists in the city an ever present band of malcontents
who like to fashion themselves, cultural-revolutionists,
who (not to be outdone by the Dean) say that you are either an artist — or a turd,
thereby establishing themselves as an alternative-institution:
one in which fleas attempt to act as their own spokesman, but can’t speak loud enough for anyone of consequence to hear — but — can anyone-of-consequence
not already be aware of that section of the certain man’s brain that is IN actual rebellion, and how it operationally compares with the rest.

Caged pigeons still cannot be stopped from dreaming they are free;
the most astounding thing a human can experience,
most men never directly experience — their own consciousness.

The ruler of one domain declared: a war-on-words,
and a visitor to court mused that the monarch must be truly sick of hearing
everyone in the kingdom whine and complain to him, and a chamberlain replied:
“Nay — ‘tis not the words of others of which he’s wearied.”

One man found that for his specialized health needs —

the less medications he took, the better off he was.

In the city: everyone’s an expert — about something —
thing is, that something is always an illusory something.
“Yeah, but considering where this occurs — it all works out alright, no?!”
“Oui por dos.”

Symbolic Social Logic Unsuited For The Too Serious Or The Too Social.
It is most difficult to be both brilliant AND beautiful — just ask the ugly.

Into the mirror the monarch peered,
saying that he purposefully surrounded himself with the incompetent
(adding that he calls it, purposeful since he finds no alternative).

Everyone’s an expert when the king ain’t around.

In the city was heard this comment:
“If you cannot make the discredited sound plausible,
and the plausible, incredible,
you do not possess a fully civilized tongue.”
A certain unruly area in one man’s brain once slipped him this message:
“You can talk all you want about neurons and thought’s ability to
take you where you want to go,
but hormones will still push you just about anywhere they like.”
Question: is it really the proper function of a man’s own mind
to make him feel uncomfortable?
Fact: if many things in the life of man did not seem to be more than they actually are, most of them would not even be up to the pitiful little level they are.
Fact: it IS the proper action of the things extant only in men’s minds to make them feel uncomfortable if they do NOT encourage said things’ pretensions of moreness.

Travel News.
There are numerous areas outside the city wherein are no speed limits.

– – –

The Extraordinary: What If

“What if human consciousness is life at its best?” —
nine words whose potential validity would change your entire perception of life,
and cause everything to finally make sense.

What if human consciousness is — life at its best:
(i.e.): what if there is no “life” running things other than us?
What if, at this very moment, your consciousness is the best life can do?
The possibility that our consciousness may be the best and perhaps
only consciousness in the universe is a thing to consider that has no equal.

Mind can make sense of anything save itself;
mind may eventually understand everything in the universe — except that one thing,
yet being intelligent enough to note that it may be the one exception
does not make sense — unless,
the human mind is life at its most intelligent.

The Related: Missing Piece Question.

Life talking and your mind talking: what is the distinction?
A man aware of the missing piece becomes the intelligence of two separate entities;
when you are locked into being the intelligence of two entities,
the normal talking stops;
if you are just being conscious for one — you may not be doing your job.

What if it is not our consciousness talking to us in our head, but rather life,
and our consciousness is simply the listener
(except when it is engaged in survival related problem-solving)
and that routine day dreaming is life talking to us casually.
(Mistaking a passive for an active can be quite costly.)

Potential Conclusion.

Only a man who understands the extraordinary: What If,
can say to himself about the present moment,
in a secret way that can move the universe:
“It cannot BE any better than this — THIS.”

(A bonus: What If:
What if there is literally nothing of significance to
the inner mental world life has human consciousness create?)

Nine words whose reality would straighten out everything and resolve all questions:

“What if human consciousness is life at its best?”

Often angered by the rebellious sliver of his mind’s apparent disregard of his petitions for action,
one man finally said thereto:
“Don’t you care what I think of you?”
and the silent subversive mused: “Hell, I scarcely care what I think of me! —
were this situation otherwise, I could be of no help, and you (my good man) wouldn’t have a chance.”

The cause of most stuff remains forever suspect –
(in the closet it is impossible to tell who passed the last gas).

And life — and man — simultaneously said: “I’m in this together.”

And there was one performer whose shtik was SO strong

that he continued making records even after he died:
his name was: facts (his band was called: civilization).

Only when you discover the source of it —
is there ever an end to it.