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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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May 21, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

Past a certain point, the saving of money is just a game,
and past a particular place, so is saving your health,
and for the certain man, past a specific spot in his awakening,
his activities are just entertainment (nothing wrong with that).
Conversation Regarding Residency (Of Some Sort).
“I don’t want to be where I’m now living.”
“Then move.”
“I can’t — you don’t know where I stay.”
“Yes I do: on Oak Street.”
“No, I mean you don’t know the place where I’m REALLY stuck in.”
(Aka: “And few people care — since everyone is.”)
How The Expected Order Of Things Can Get Turned Around When You Look Through The End Of The Viewing Device Not Normally Used.
Just because you appear pissed doesn’t mean you have to be.
Said a father to a son: “You do understand that the talk of using a telescope when others are looking through a microscope (and vice versa)
is about turning around your mind’s natural view of something?!”
The idea for hypnosis came to its inventor from his observations of
men’s normal mental state.
(Though being a good entrepreneur he had the sense not to point this out.)
A way to tell that an artist believes he is losing his talent
is he begins attacking his chosen field.
Rather than face the possibility of someday having to explain certain things
he’d done in his life, one man simply forgot about everything he’d ever done.
“What good does remembering it do for you anyway? — clearly — none,
(though I seem to be alone in confronting this.)”
The idea for accidents came to its creator through his observations of
men’s everyday lives. (And their gratitude therefore made him a very rich man.)
No one knows when a man has awakened any more than a drinker with any class
would ever mention it if he had stopped imbibing.
A mind that can be handily manipulated and still think itself free
is receiving the city broadcasts loud and clear.
(There is little that cows enjoy more than a good square dance to their own mooing whilst pretending amongst themselves that they are stepping to the sounds of
a sheep orchestra).
Being blind in a herd is not near as dangerous as being so on your own
(or even seriously distracted);
see, that is why the individuals in herds and flocks stand so close together;
‘tis harder to fall with close-by bodies/others to help prop you up.
“Hey, I know what you’re doing: you’re back actually talking about stuff that goes on in a man’s mind. Why do you keep trying to fool me like that!……..or is it intended for another purpose?”
Internal Family News.
Smart parents adopt stupid kids.
(Note: if you understand this, you are too smart to be an adopter.)
“Hey — you’re doing it again already!”
Self Help As Attempted In The City.
Neurons are exhorted to: believe-in-themselves,
while hormones have never heard of such nonsense.
As Yet Undiscovered Physiological & Educational Fact.
On some worlds, those unable to be verbally instructed know best what they are doing.
“See — you’re still doing it!”
One of the king’s Official Dreamers told him of a place where
the worse were men’s reaction to a thing — the greater was its attraction.
(And his majesty suspected it was closer-at-hand than far away.)
Making routine existence sound heroic is the verbal sport of the timid;
cows call rain a calamity, and burgers an unconscionable blasphemy.
Although the inevitable IS the inevitable,
the certain man still seeks alternative definitions thereof.
Duty: a cow’s substitution for understanding.
Transportation News.
Only cows and the timid seek rides.
Medical Definition.
Hoof And Mouth Disease: men talking.
Additional Residency News.
As long as you believe that you live where you do now either because you are being forced to by past or present circumstances, or because you chose to,
you can never move.
“Hold on! — that doesn’t make sense, we need to talk about it.”

One wrangler’s motto is: “If you must talk about yourself —
at least delete the adjectives.”
Which inspired an eavesdropping calf to ruminate:
“Would a creature completely sans modifiers be fully awake?”
If there is nothing further to be said of you other than to point at you and say: ‘Me’ — would you not then be totally and only you (that is): be simply what you are —
and is that not the secret definition of being enlightened and liberated?!”
(Quite a mouthful for an adolescent bovine, wouldn’t you say.)
A certain self appointed city thinker recently declared:
“The most important thing in thinking begins with an ‘R’ –
but I can’t remember whether it is, ‘rapidity,’ or, ‘repetitiveness’?”
(Those who heard this were not interested enough to take sides.)
Fact: anything is possible in the world of thought.
Super Fact: it can be super helpful to remember this.
Neurological News: some animals are incapable thereof.
Definition Update: though “inevitable” continues to read as: “inevitable,”
the certain man is now demanding a recount.
One man says of great value to him has been:
“Where other people see a train — I look at a boxcar,
and when they focus on a single car, I survey a whole train.”
Whispering from behind a city tree, one chap avers that education was created as
a temporary refuge from constant whining.
When it comes to awareness: economy can prove quite expensive.
One man gave a name to the northwest quadrant of
his first twenty years of consciousness: “Step aside!”
When asked if he was a mystic of some sort, the man replied:
“Nay madam — I am a hot air balloon.”


Physics Revisit.
What goes up from its own heat — doesn’t come down.

This breaking news just in: the smartest man who ever lived, died today —
— and yesterday — and tomorrow — and the day after that —
(see, that’s how he stays so smart).