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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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May 19, 2003 ©2003: JAN COX

One man said: “If they didn’t talk, most people would explode.”
“Can that be proven?”
“Enough people won’t shut up long enough for it to be.”

If you ever feel doubt regarding mind’s power, just consider how it alone
tells us what the gods want us to do,
“Pardon, did you say: ‘mind’s presumptuousness’?” Very funny.

One man pondered: “Is it a mathematical certainty that:
those-with-a-lot-to-say will say a lot — (or is it somehow the other way around)?!”

Today’s Definition.
Everyday Human Thought & Speech:
This planet’s only example of permissible — nay! — required — plagiarism.
(Said in some languages as:
“You can’t actually steal from sources which possess only what they have pinched.”)

One man reads only stuff that annoys him so that when someone
asks what he has read lately, he gets to enjoy the experience twice.
The brain’s automatic ability to remember serves the herd splendidly,
but unattended to, drives certain cows to distraction.
(Thus is this one guy willfully particular about the thoughts he allows to
lounge about in his mind……………………………..okay, there is no such guy —
he was just made up to give a snappy finish to this story).

On one world, puppeteers have a near sacred custom of always,
somewhere in their scripts, having their stringed sycophants
mouth a statement strongly asserting their freedom of will.

Conversation Number Eight Six.
“Why don’t you write a book about that stuff?”
“It’s more trouble than it’s worth.”
“So give a speech about it?”
“A waste of time.”
“Then why don’t you shut up about it.”

Life’s own private dictionary has no synonym for: “failure” –
inasmuch as it has no such word in the first place.
(And a son asked a father:
“Why do men’s minds when hungry, always stop in the first place they come to?”)

If you ever need to locate a normal person quickly — find a man dishing out advice.

Remember, lads and lassies, and all ships at sea:
as long as you comment on the waves other people’s vessels create —
these waves will continue rocking your boat.
(Now let’s all sing: “Augurs away my boys,
augurs away.”)

As the living are helplessly patronizing of the dead,
likewise a man who knows, of everyone else,
always beyond their awareness.

Some things can’t be helped, and some that can, shouldn’t be.
A son asked a father: “Pa pa: what would be the most terrifying thing
that could happen to humanity: the commanding appearance of alien life forms? —
the knowledge that an asteroid is on course to destroy Earth? — what?”
“The realization of a present reality:
the fact that men but lip and neural sync their words and thoughts:
that they are only a medium therefore, and not the source thereof.”

No I.D. is required — all the proof needed of your membership in:
The Brotherhood Of Humans is simply the belief that they are all fucked up.

In that the normal life of man is not serious,
men must, through their power of speech, make it sound like it is.

Based on whether the crowd was in the lab using a microscope,
or the observatory utilizing a telescope:
if everyone else was looking through the small end,
one man would slip to the other end and peer through the large lens (and vice versa).
How can you look at things in your thoughts like everyone does,
and expect to ever see anything that they already do not?!
(which you have already determined is useless).

Sheep need flocks,
men, religion, patriotism, and any other ideology you can name.
“So, if standard human perception of life is The Cavalry,
then the man who knows would be The Lone Ranger?!”
“Not bad, but better seen would be him as the unmasking thereof.”
“Hummm…..I don’t get it?!?”
“That’s because you still have the mask on.
There is no doubt that at the outset, ‘tis better to ride alone,
but when properly experienced therein,
the certain man ultimately realizes the non necessity of further riding.”

Pet News.
A curious arrangement on one planet regarding intellectual strays is that:
anything you take seriously — you must take home with you.

One rebel (aging) noted:
“Having accumulating pains gives you something to think about besides having pains.”

Those who can’t use what they’ve got never achieve any new gotting.
Alone on a mountain peak,
a man looked far into the sky
as to himself he pseudo-sighed: “Ah! — the universe! —
almost like: a home-away-from-home — almost.”

Knowledge In The Subversive Mode.
The rebel’s radical lessons of history are not taken from history;
the record of the universe is in the rocks;
that of man, in the cells,
ergo where others look away — the certain man looks inside,
and when others look inside — he looks away.

During the early stage of consciousness’ development,
not infrequently did men feel they were being warned
regarding the inner concept of reality being formed thereby,
but were left at the end of a strenuously lived day to return to their caves,
confused over the fact that they did not then know what a mental warning was.

Looms Aweigh!
Consciousness is a textile mill — routine thought, a polka dot pattern.

If normal men did not live in a natural state of mental confusion
they could not tolerate their mental existence.
“Pa pa: is that one of those things too weird not to be true.”

Fashion Away On The Runway.
Hormones’ job is to look good — neurons’ to feel good.
Second Showing On A Catwalk Gone Catawampus.
Hormones’ job is to look good — neurons’ to promote their good looks.

Part of life’s private strategy is that it never bores itself,
(though oft times does others).

The difference between knowing something by being told of it,
and thinking about it yourself is in understanding that all speech,
while appearing spontaneous, is prepared in advance — just not by the speaker.
Waking up to what is really going on would metaphorically be to discover that
Trane worked out in detail, every ostensibly improvised phrase he ever played, followed instantly by the realization of just how badly the whole notion of Jazz
has been playing you.
A man queried Dr. Answer: “Can the truth ever be disheartening?”
“Only if you have a heart given to dising.”

Fact: Only facts can be discouraging — acts, never.
(For instance): receiving threats of murder is discouraging — being murdered is not.

Food can affect a man’s consciousness —
so can the weather —
so can sleep —
so can sex — hell! — so can just being alive. Hey — well:
what the hell!

Concussion Arrived At By The Partially Dressed Models Backstage.
Acts count — facts don’t, but their disorienting talent is that they can count,
and can thus unopposed, place themselves at the top of any list of:
Important Matters In The Life Of Man.

Question: what constitutes news to a man trying to awaken
other than news about him?


One man pondered whether the ability to play improvised music is an ability or a facility;
he then went on to wonder the same about thinking.