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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

(the instant being unusually refreshing for the few)
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May 14, 2003 ©2003: JAN COX

This one guy would periodically look down from his brain’s vantage point
to the parts of him below and coyly coo: “Come up and see me sometime,”
then in fear that they might — he’d usually get drunk.

The fact that laws must be enacted prohibiting necrophilia
tells you all you need know about man sexually;
the fact that men seek advice from other men regarding how to live and think,
should tell you all you need to know about man mentally.

The inner thespian-life of one man is that whenever he catches his thoughts
dwelling on one of his own performance of him-playing-him he will,
in the private theatre of his own mind, go completely over the top,
and begin chewing-up-the-scenery like no proper audience would tolerate!
(His curtain call song might be): His mind plays him as a drama queen,
whenever his feelings start to act mean,
(the rebel’s one use of sarcasm.)

A man who is bothered at all by what other people think —
has not a gnat’s notion of what thinking can be.

Cautionary Notice.
Explosions cause: property damage,
burns, civil lawsuits, the creation of whole universes — and:
unexpected pregnancies — and there is the gravest of dangers to a brain.
And one guy complained to local conditions: “Something broke into my house,”
and conditions replied: “You don’t have a house,”
and the guy said: “Yeah — but something still broke in,”
(and sub rosa, local conditions ask you readers: “Are you guys starting to get it?”)

After some adequate time and suitable effort involved in
chasing the extraordinary wind,
one man says that the gods-of-distress have apparently moved from his neighborhood.

For the few, there are much worse places to be than by a toxic dump.

Complex Fashion Tips.
An ugly woman should wear a veil and a dumb man a large, droopy hat (feel free to improvise your own guides).
One father & son team broke all the mirrors in their residence,
least they be unwittingly forced to look at one another.
Complex Legal Tip.
Under the law, corporations and partnerships are two different fictional entities;
under the law prevailing on the open plains outside the city,
so too are a father and son; a talker and a listener;
your thoughts and the thoughts that appear in you.
A Complex Comparison.
The reality — right-before-your-eyes,
and the reality right-behind-your-eyes.
The first known example of a conspiracy-theory was some men’s belief that
when several realities are thrown together and aren’t clear on what to do next —
they make up a new reality.
Haut Couture From A Complex Perspective.
There is the collectively acceptable, always-in-style: fashion-of-the-herd,
and then the never recognized aptness of the inner attire of the certain individual
who has unnaturally tailored his own.
When out-there, and in-here have been suitably sewed together,
no hem is too long, nor sleeves too short —
finally! — everything about a man’s inner array fits just-right.
(“Great job Coco — and seek the change.”)

An email says: “Thanks to reading your Daily News for the last two years,
I no longer much care what goes on in life —
I only care what I think about it
(hoping to finally get down to: what I feel about it,
but beginning to realize this takes some time).
Timeless-In-Toledo. ”

A Simplistic: Side-By-Side Concerning The Ins-&-Outs Of Stuff,
(obviously sung in an intensively high, symbolic key).
After a vexing day of dealing with the fiefdom’s routine trials,
one citizen (in the privacy of his own hovel) heaved:
“Screw the king and all his highfalutin’ — I’m-a-better-man-than-you ways,
for no matter what he says nor how he struts,
I can still get my brother in law to overhaul a transmission cheaper for me than for him:
let’s see Mister Regal Britches pose his way out of this little dilemma.”
(This particular ditty was also popular many years ago under the title:
“To Skunks — Stink Is Always Cheap,”
and one man’s frontal lobes injected:
“Have you not yet again, turned the allegory on to me!”)

A mind that is constantly anxious to tell: what-kind-of-mind it is…“Yeah, yeah, I know: ‘ain’t much OF a mind’ — why do you keep rubbing this in!”
One absolute requirement for being ordinary and acceptable
is the ability to be a complete dunce AND — never suspect it.
(“Ha! — then just a bit more torpidity on my part and I could be king!”)

How To Deal With Success In That Special Struggle.
Never give yourself credit when you seem to have some,
but press on with your efforts as though the success you are sensing
is due to something other than your own exertions,
(a safe assumption since — ah! — you don’t wanna hear about it.)

A father said to a son: “Never forget our family’s treasured proverb:
‘It’s easier to make people scream than it is to make them
want to know why they are screaming.’”

How To Deal With Evidence: 101.
If human efforts could actually lead to perfection, or even completion,
there would be no dictionaries printed after the first edition.

The local Hormone Census commonly overlooks those under the bed —
“Hey you! — come on outta there!”
“Whoa — it’s just ME!”
“Yeah — that’s what scares me.”

More Regarding The Futility Of Privacy.
If anyone knows what you really think — you don’t really think.

Rugalated Fact Number Thirty.
Great men deserve great ills.
(Provided by The International Fact Society
in collaboration with: 100 Great, Ill Men Of Indianapolis.)

Another email: “The way the Daily News makes normal situations sound so weird — yet simultaneously, not so weird,
produces a combination of the two that is EXTREMELY weird.”

It all comes down to a simple choice………only problem is:
ordinary minds are never quite sure what it’s between.


From the secret perspective of a man who knows what is going on (and without significance to those who do not):
the endless success humans have in condemning one another for being what they are has but one possible equal,
(which is telling to an alert ear): the frictionless ease with which all men, regardless of their natural endowment,
will helpless react to ads for sexual related products that proclaim: “Size DOES matter!”