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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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May 5, 2003 ©2003: JAN COX

A father said to a son: “One useful way to picture the basic situation from which
the likes of us work is that we have two distinctly different minds in our brain,
and not in the civilians’ sense of man having a conscious and an unconscious mind;
our case is something else altogether (for one thing):
both of our minds are what ordinary men call conscious,
and they both can speak to us via thoughts, but while one of them tells of life’s plans for collective humanity (as goes on in everyone)
the other mind whispers to us secrets revealed to but a few;
trick is of course: arranging your internal conditions so that
the voice of the latter mind overrides that of the former.
The voice of instinct will only take you so far (seventy odd years of breathing);
a message from a different source is required to make that span interesting for the few, and they are born with it — all they have to do is unleash it.”

One chap sometimes enjoys sitting alone in the woods and yelling to himself:
“I am not a man — I am an animal!” then moving over to a spot in front of where he was just resting and hollering back: “Strike that: I am not an animal — I am a man!” and then returning to his first position and repeating his first yell, and back and forth, back and forth, so on (he says it affords not only good exercise for the body,
but healthy exasperation for the mind as well.)

The difference in men’s temperaments is such that one man,
when he awakens in the morning, wonders what he missed while asleep that night,
and another greets the dawn with the demand:
“Okay – what did they say about me while I was gone?”
And one man (bypassing all notions of separation of the two) says:
“If you like government — you’re gonna LOVE god!”
(his brother says he is pretty sure that it is some sort of metaphorical comment concerning mind’s perception of men having more latitude in their thinking
than they do their behavior
[a perception his sibling apparently finds questionable]).

And (through appropriate channels) the conditions of one reality
sent word to the creatures in its domain:
“Those who help look after me — will GET looked after,”
and one of its charges mused to himself: “Is the lesson here that:
the grandest of bargains are those which offer no alternative?”
On city game shows, contestants will tolerate being asked which they prefer
of the two choices: “Life or death?” — but not: “Knowing what’s going on
and being disturbed by it or being ignorant but complacent?”
From normal minds’ perspective: some prizes are not worth what you give up to gain them (an interesting side note to this is that it is applicable only when
what you give up is intangible,
“Is that anything like, non existent?”
That is a bit harsh for ordinary men; best stick to, intangible).

And one chap, commenting on the conditions of his life, explained that they were the result of years of, “gorging on the spoils of failure.”

The criticizing of man’s uniquely human activities are shots fired in shadow plays:
a realm lacking: life-or-death, success-or-failure —
a place where: anything-goes — yet: nothing does,
and only the man with un shaded eyes realizes it.

In particularly confusing seas, one captain likes to shore up his ballast by
adding thereto extra tons of quotes from landlubbers.
In man’s mental-only reality: no one knows what they are talking about
quite like those who have no idea what they are talking about.

One man says he wants to undergo the procedure he calls: lifeosuction — (that is):
have all the fat he’s accumulated, extracted from his affairs.

To a son, said a father: “An example of a man who understands the essence,
and function of the mind would be he who would unconditionally prefer to read what humanity considers to be the classic dramas rather than see them performed.
(Can you get hold of that? — ‘tis subtle, but graspable — and profitable.)”

If you take life at face value — that is all there is.

Another in the series: “P.M.S. — Put More Simply.”
To be-more-conscious is a certain brain endeavor, which (put simply) is to:
insert fresh space
where words once were —
this is the nervous system rebel’s ultimate triumph of: consciousness over chemistry.
(And one fellow became quite upset when someone asked about his being “Captain-of-his-fate” and he thought they said: “fat”.)

Asked a son of a father:
“What is the worst thing your temperament/genes can do to you —
cause you to contract a terrible illness like cancer?”
“No — cause you to take it seriously in your mind.”
Men comprehend that their genes make them what they are physically,
but their genes also make them deny this vis a vis what they are mentally.
(Never neglect the natural supremacy of chemistry over thought — if you do:
no nervous system rebel’s life for you!
[“Just for that, young man — you will either: go to bed by yourself — or:
go to bed by yourself and not be aware that you are!”
(Ah, normal human existence: punishment for all occasions!)])

Peeking in on his parents, one kid whispered to a playmate:
“Well at least: adult problems don’t get pregnant………’course, if I’m wrong —
we’re in for buckets of trouble.”

Man’s normal, city mind works like this:
if you don’t understand something — study it,
while the rebel’s other mind works something like this: go about it backwards.

And one man (whose butter may not be completely clarified) said to his family:
“If you hear them singing: ‘Here we go gathering nuts in May, nuts in May,’ —

stay the hell indoors ‘til fall.”