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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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May 2, 2003 ©2003: JAN COX

A son so spoke to a father:
“You recently said: ‘No one is bothered by the con except the man trying to awaken,’
and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it —
yet can’t make any useful sense of it?!?”

“Yes: on the surface it could be taken as a disparaging comment on those people struggling for a new manifestation of consciousness in themselves,
with the inference that this is the con game which everyone else is too smart to fall for (which you knew could not be the comment’s actual message),
but presenting what I intended in that unexpected verbal setting affords a spur,
and an opportunity for an interested person to delve deeper into the greater query of: exactly what is going on with this unconventional, minority activity
that so enthralls the likes of us.

To profitably pursue this unusual interest, you must have the ability to think beyond
the unstated, but quite real boundaries that confine ordinary humanity’s thinking,
and thus, their conscious perception of what life and man is about,
which most definitely includes the capacity to mentally consider any interpretation
of life and man, accepted by the majority as a conclusive statement-of-reality,
from an antipodal perspective,
(which is why, when you were younger I often told you that everything you knew
was wrong — that it was upside down and backwards,
and though not literally so, it is also not technically, NOT so,
but was intended to encourage your attention in the direction to which my,
‘con game’ comment now points
[also known in our clan as: ‘The Land Of Multiple, Merged Perspectives’]).

So (knowing the way that thought normally works)
my statement that only the man seeking a new platform of mental perception is bothered by the con, appears to say that seeking same is what the confidence game IS, and that no one but a man involved therein is taken in by it (in other words):
only a man actually seeking it, has fallen for the idea of Enlightenment
has been fooled into believing that there IS such a thing;
that only a person actively struggling to Awaken-from-a-dream
has succumbed to the idea that men normally live in such a condition,
(in even more disturbing words): everyone on this planet understands that
life and consciousness — is-as-it-is — and cannot be otherwise —
everyone that is, but you and me……….people striving FOR a different consciousness.

From this rhetorically based view: it presents a sad, sorry picture of our lives,
and what the likes of us attempt — and don’t you just LOVE it!!!! (anyhow):
make your mind work in the unusual way that is possible for our family,
whereby you can realize clearly that from ordinary humanity’s automatic view,
what interests us is foolishness:
a scam, a con game, and one far too obvious to fool normal folks, (which is what motivated the majority eons ago to create special labels and categories for our kind);
from this standard mental perspective:
everyone else is right in the matter — and we are wrong:
chew on it, O son of mine: it is more than merely delicious: just consider:
in spite of what you have always instinctively felt certain of,
all the way down to the cellular level, ponder the factual possibility that literally:
in the matter of: man-being-less-conscious-than-he-could-be —
everyone else could be right, and us totally wrong;
it could truly be so — and if it was — there would be no way of us ever realizing it.

Damn! — what a tingle-bringing, delirious idea! — and one, by the way,
if pursued to its end, would alone force your mind from its natural snooze —
but — onward! — closer-to-the-bone.

The specific intent in this instance of me saying that no one is bothered by,
or taken in by ‘the con’ except the man trying to awaken:
that rare person struggling to realize for himself what is going with life,
is to highlight humanity’s standard state of consciousness, and overall mental conception of life and man — which is also the one of your natural born mind —
and note that the SUPREME con is in them accepting same:
that the ultimate scam — which the majority can never see —
is that the reality-of-the-majority IS the scam — and that to it, they peacefully succumb, and only the likes of us see it for what it is, and are bothered enough by it
to try from it — to escape (in other words):
if you don’t realize you’re being scammed — you can’t be upset by it,
(or to employ swindler’s lingo): all good marks are happy marks —
those properly swindled never know they’ve been swindled, but rather are satisfied with the exchange in which they have been (unrealized by them) swindled.
Or put still another way: if we hadn’t been born sensing that:
something-funny-is-going-on — we would never have realized that:
something-funny-is-going-on — and thus been bothered by it,
and from this position, we could even say again:
everyone else takes the con the right way (to wit): they accept it — they ignore it,
while we do not (to wit): we let it get under our skin — which you could then turn about (under the conditions herein, not imprudently described) and say:
the realities of life, as perceived by man’s conventional consciousness,
are a con game — a swindle — a fraud –
but since the perception is the norm — to those whose perception and understanding of life is thus restricted — it IS no con — it simply IS: reality! —
and what sane person can be bothered-by reality!

Ergo, are we alone disturbed in a manner completely unknown to everyone else;
they say they are bothered by this-or-that occurrence in life,
or in their own inner life, but they accept such annoyances as a natural part of reality, while only a man of our exception genetic lineage,
who discovers for himself what is really going on,
comes to realize that the conception of reality that is normally imprinted in
mankind’s DNA is not the complete picture;
it is an expedient — presently useful picture, and one which,
(though patently faulty and lacking) harms no ordinary person’s mental sensibilities — no my boy: this arrangement (as is obvious) serves man deliciously well
in the collective context (which is all that life generally has time for),
and ‘tis only the few like us, whose genetic wiring and programming
somehow varied from the standard model,
who are bothered by the facets of humanity’s collectively perceived reality
which are in clear conflict with actual circumstances of life and man
(and which are apparent only to our unconventional mental perception) thus did I say:
‘No one is bothered by the con except the man trying to awaken — from the con.’

So: how’s that for a response to your query?
(and I still didn’t go as deep into the marrow of this matter as I could have, (but still): does it give you a little something to chew on or what?”
“For sure I won’t have to worry about how to occupy myself over the weekend.”