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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Putting The Goo In “Good Riddance” Since 1799
April 30, 2003 ©2003: JAN COX

Said a father to a son:
“Something that ordinary men are incapable of registering and digesting
is that all criticism a man ever receives concerning the verbal expression of his
ostensible understanding of matters in man’s intangible, spiritual/intellectual realm comes always from those in no better position than, and often an inferior one to him
in this regard; never does it come from anyone of greater understanding.

No matter their education, reputation, title, or area of intangible expertise,
no normal person on this planet can resist expressing criticism of others
at the slightest opportunity,
but once you see this verbal fault finding concerning non physical matters for what it is, you realize that it does not arise from one man’s more expansive understanding of
the matter in verbal play, for if he had any
(and there is but one understanding of all the matters in man’s inner reality:
the straightforward understanding of what that reality IS)
he would then perforce have no criticism of any other human’s comments
about that uniquely mortal world,
he indeed COULD have none — for there is nothing there to be criticized.
(One man criticizing another man’s intellectual criticisms
are raving fashion mavens fussing over the cut of Cinderella’s gown.)

Son, the one — the positive — absolute sure sign of know-nothingness
is criticism of other people’s verbal life
(truth is, mere acknowledgment thereof qualifies).”

Later that same day the elder made a further note: “Consider then the situation of
some of your thoughts attempting to enlighten other of your thoughts;
ants promoting their snowflake instructions to their fellow crawlies.”

As the seas continued to churn and thrive,
atoms, molecules and cells clung dearly to one another —
thus making humans able and liable to do so also —
and uniquely so in their speech.

The Challenge: to give an example of an activity with all of the following characteristics: pathetic, pitiful,
deplorable, sickening, shameful and unnecessary?
One Acceptable Response: any human attempting to sell another human any intangible goods or services.

On one world, some men were periodically permitted to ascend its highest peak — only then to have it announced that the view was closed.
None truly enamored of Beatrice should for this public allure fall:
chase only after yourself, all ye aflame with that certain desire! —
for ‘tis the only run that will you do — any ultimate good.

Sometimes when in a playful mood, this one reality would call out to its brood:
“Hey, can you still hear me through the fog?”

A director at one studio says: “When you come to a place in a movie
where you don’t know what to do next — go to a flashback —
same as you do in your mental one.”

There are some versions of reality that seem more faithful than others,
but when you go in for a close-up — you discover they are all the same.

Feelings have not the type of memory man needs for a normal life on this planet —
another reason for the introduction of thought.
Hormones: “We do — therefore we are.”
Neurons: “We remember — thus do we serve,” (and for the few: “…and blind.”)

The fuel rods in the atomic reactor driving city life are men’s memories.

For a long time, one man’s main thought about being alive was:
“Man, it’s weird being alive” — but later in life refined it to:
“Being alive is not weird — what’s weird is being able to think about being alive.”

Pharmaceutical News.
Everyone’s on drugs……………..that’s the only way this thing flies.

And so said a son to a father:
“Dear Pa pa, may to thee I pose this query:
why do men rhapsodize on and on about the joy of physical birth coming through the pain of the mother, whilst my own intellectual creations give me nothing BUT great pleasure?!”
and the old man was so radiantly enraptured by the lad’s comment that he still has yet to respond.

The self created captain of this one ship has as his personal motto:
“Think fast; talk slow, and dance dirty.”

One man, as he would look at the life his thoughts presented to him,
would periodically remind himself:
“Don’t take it seriously — it’s all drug induced.”

And another guy would commonly tell himself things which would
turn out to be incorrect — but: “On purpose!” he says —
“Yeah — right!” he’d respond — “’On-purpose’ my ASS!”

(Now that’s the kind of dialogue that does your heart good to hear, no?!)

More Tinseltown News.
Some stars have come to the conclusion that the fault does lie with Brutus.

One kid said to his sister:
“Don’t ever listen to adults when they tell you that you are acting as though, ‘possessed-by-evil-spirits’
‘cause only someone possessed by evil spirits would say such a thing.”

Another Example Of The Commonly Overlooked Mathematical Justice Of Life
As Pertinent To The Extraordinary Few.
Feeling sorry for other people won’t help them,
but you acknowledging that they do you, can kill you.

When one man heard that for tax purposes, gambling winnings must be
reported as income, but gambling losses cannot be deducted as expenses, he said:
“Damn! — the IRS must also be in secret charge of thoughts — I mean,
the same situation prevails there.”

A man interested in the matter that enthralls the few, one day mused:
“If expanded-consciousness is simply liberation from routine thinking,
then would ultimate freedom be something more than just
a lack of bondage to man’s normal conception of what thought is?!”
At the heart of his pondering lurks the alluring snake of mistaking: maps for travel — descriptions for comprehension, and the voice of neurons for the aroma of feeling.
Men with small brains,
will go to great pains,
to spread their apparent appearance
over as wide an area as possible.

Captivity to what is normally accepted to be: understanding amidst the herd,
is the making as much as possible out of the non existent.

When one man heard Irish Coffee described as the world’s most perfect food
in that it contained all four of the essential food groups (sugar, caffeine,
alcohol and chocolate) one man mused: “Just like more awake thoughts.”

One kid asked an older cousin: “You reckon that a man can become so awake
to what is going on that there is nothing left for him to do BUT die?”
“Well……there’s still always the Cancun Jazz Festival,
and a whole new generation of strippers coming up.”

Another feature of close-up, communal living with the common examples of
our species is: a man with nothing-worthwhile-to-do — is inclined to do it to you.

One man’s thinking one day declared:
“Inasmuch as I like to be identified with the best —
I henceforth disclaim any connection with HIM!”

And one day, another man suddenly had this realization:
“Men criticizing other men’s ideas is a pie eating a pie.”


And one man, setting the scene in the context of social familiarity,
divides up life in the world of ideas, wherein exist ineradicable conflicting ones, like this:
“Strangers are just dead people you haven’t met yet.”