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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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April 25, 2003 ©2003: JAN COX

The ultimate torment (or at least it should be) for the potential rebel is:
passivity, resignation, and a respectable reputation with his peers.
On this one world, activists are just lazy thinkers.
Always remember and stay alert to the fact that:
if you were born with a normally functioning mind — the hustle is on!
Basic Study Of Construction Techniques:
in man’s early days, while he was building up civilization, to raise himself above the ground level of his animal nature, his thoughts tore apart his original foundation;
now speech attempts to make amends.
Culture as compared to technology: the only vehicle that can run over its own foot.
Quote Of The Day: “Sir, as long as your car is already up on the rack,
now would be an excellent time to change your mind.”
Only a man with some degree of individual-consciousness could say that
his thoughts are truly-his-own (and even he would not be telling the complete story).
In explaining his rejection of religion and philosophy, one chap says:
“I got no want for a god or a truth that needs a spokesman — damn man! —
I will abandon any idea if I ever hear myself express it.”
The most simplistic of thinkers always believe that they invented deep-thinking,
(‘tis a thankless task telling frogs there is more complex music than croaks),
and there’s this one reality which, if you ever get on its bad side,
it’ll never let you hear the end of it,
and after hearing a string of psychologists, priests, philosophers and politicians
attempting to describe what constitutes happiness, one man mused:
“Hell — happiness is hormones.”
If a man’s nervous system is not his best friend, he should consider leaving town,
(if he can leave himself behind),
and in line with his conviction that everyone should do their part to: stabilize-the-ship-of-society, and help-maintain-its-course-of-continuity,
this one man erected an enormous billboard in front of his business (come-frontal-lobes) that said: “In A World Going Mad, We Continue To Be
A Reliable Provider Of Shoddy Merchandise And Uncertain Service” —
one or two people chuckled — but none of his own thoughts;
(funny is only funny when it occurs in someone else’s yard).
A more conscious person is like a man who slipped upstairs and opened his birthday presents before he was supposed to — hell, before they were delivered,
(this would ruin an ordinary person’s day — not to mention, their life).
When asked the age of his children, one man always replies: “Same as me.”
On some jell-o left over at the end of the day in the Lit. Department’s cafeteria
was found this graffiti: “Any thousand page tome whose heart cannot
in a sentence be put, is not worth the effort it takes to critique it,”
(thieves always blow hot air into their booty),
and as they danced across the floor, one man said:
“I shan’t be happy until I am dead,” and his partner replied:
“And I shan’t be dead until I am happy,”
and thus did they mindlessly tango the night away,
and after an extended slow period in another man’s neural, social life,
he finally threw down his hat, and jumped up and down on it while hollering:
“I’ll be diddily double damned if I’ll be stood up by the likes of ME!”
(enough’s ALWAYS enough when it occurs in YOUR yard).
Through his mortal wounds, the king gasped these final words:
“Look for me in the ruins of Paradise,” and several of the knights were so awestruck by the transcendency of their liege’s verbal legacy that they fell to their knees
in silent respect (while several others dropped to the ground to swipe his boots).
Those who insist that they know what they are talking about, do not,
and those who insist that it is for your benefit for you to believe that they know what they are talking about, do so even less (if that is possible).
An Explanation Of Why People Are Not Generally Interested In This Activity:
why get on a bus that you are not sure is going anywhere
when you were born on one that you KNOW is not.
And one gentleman in the city has developed his own: Test Yourself Test
(which proceeds thus):
how can you tell that you are normal, sane and thinking as you should? —
(answer): everything you know is upside-down and backwards
(he says that the reality of it is even worse than that,
but there are no stronger words available to fully describe it).
How Emotions Work: people care if they SAY they care — even if they don’t.
All civilians play dress-up — some just do it in a place you can’t see.
Even though money is of no more value than the non essentials it can buy,
it can be used as an ad hoc measuring device to afford fresh glimpses of everyday life, normally overlooked (to wit): ask yourself: which is worth more to you:
what-you-think, or drugs? — then ask yourself: which of them costs me the most?
At half time (during the recent marching band shortfall) a voice boomed over the p.a. system: “It’s these three choices: you can have either: Total Quality; Total Service,
or: Total Reality (going under the hardly used name: Total Satisfaction)”,
and the stadium damn near rioted.
A Q. & A Game As Played ‘Tween One Father & Son:
“What’s worse than being wrong?”
“Being predictable,”
and a certain self-made scientist (who carries his secret lab with him
wherever he goes) presents his latest finding:
“The mind is like a beautiful, precision machine,
and ordinary thoughts like oil — far too thick and viscous,”
and wrapped in his monogrammed repose refinements,
one man would pray before bed each night:
“O god — if dawn MUST come — let it be swift and sudden,
not like my daily drift down into day time slumber.”

To ever see for yourself what is actually going on, you must fly wide — not narrow — not confined to your natural born mind’s constricted flight path.


Both as a joke, and to help sustain his newly won equilibrium,
one man told his legs (and frontal lobes) that one of them was older than the other.