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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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April 21, 2003 ©2003: JAN COX

Another inner avenue which you might see if you find extant in your nervous system, and upon which you might direct your certain, specially-oriented thoughts to stroll,
is an approach, which we might today label: Silence — And If Not That: Ignore,
(to more specific wit):
the establishment of silence in the conscious area of the brain when it has no
practical problem to solve — an improbability, so if that not then:
the ignoring of what is going on there.

Soon after consciousness was running with sufficient potency for man to solve the basic problem of food supply (the creation of agriculture & animal domestication),
and he began to record his life,
descriptions (often garbled if not coded) started to appear of a few people’s effort to stop their brain from producing thoughts when there was nothing useful
for thoughts to do,
and since there was no precedent, this surely at first seemed no stranger than
any other feature of man’s consciousness,
but history shows that soon such interest and activity became suspect,
and eventually worthy of but common dismissal.

No one could find a reliable way to directly shut off non essential thoughts in their brain, and the whole idea quickly became forgotten by humanity collectively.
The nervous systems in a few men however would not turn loose the notion,
and have for five thousand plus years persisted in its pursuit —
randomly, first here, then there, claiming success, or else discovery of
a method which promises same;
if a man says — if the thoughts that appear in a man’s head say —
that his brain is currently not producing thoughts —
who can conclusively say otherwise?!
The term, self-deception seems forceful indeed, but it begins to cover not
this situation (though no superior verbal description there be);
it is easy enough and meaningless enough for one man to accuse another of:
but for ordinarily wired men, it is not possible for them to perceive such a thing
going on in themselves (that is): going on the activity they call, thinking;
if a thought in a man’s brain looks at red and says it is blue,
then at that moment in the inner world of that man’s mental reality, blue it is,
and there is no arrangement, no room in which to sufficiently maneuver
for the man’s brain to likewise produce another thought that declares the first one: self-deception.

Those few whose nervous systems are unusually programmed for
an interest in this matter (if they are to ever accomplish anything real in its pursuit)
must finally understand, scientifically/objectively/impersonally for their self
the improbability (to be verbally tolerant and leave wiggle room as may be useful),
of silencing the brain’s consciousness when it has no meaningful task,
and then move on to considering what might be possible in lieu thereof —
which is clearly but one alternative, but one which is mostly overlooked,
or grossly undervalued: the ignoring of these purposeless thoughts (more precisely): these never ending thoughts which, while serving a purpose with
humanity collectively, serve none to the few, individually.

“Son, do you realize that everything that disturbs man would instantly vanish
did there not exist words to tell of the disturbance?! — and further-rolly:
everything that disturbs you ceases to be if you simply ignore the words
that pass through you telling of said disturbances?! — could it be any simpler?!”
“And, trickier too, huh Dad.”

* * *

Music is to jazz as consciousness is to fully realized, individual consciousness.
Note however: all comparisons verbally made ‘tween the overall state of
your conscious temperament with which you seem to have been born,
and which has proven to be your natural condition,
and another which a few men appear to experience,
have no ultimate significance in that even if they intrinsically do,
whilst in your original mental state, you cannot them correctly hear or interpret;
the best that such analogies can do is keep your car running until
you can get to a garage and have it demolished (under the guise of being overhauled).

Another note: if the mind did not so love words, men would not make endless comparisons between what they say they are presently, and what the thoughts that appear in the brains tell them they should be — but — WHAT HO! —
if mind did not so adore words, it would never have commented on
men’s current condition (pro or con) in the first place.

Concussion note: it is only when a creature begins to talk-about-itself
that it becomes unsettled with itself.

Moral note: take a tip from hippos — silent, and the supreme example of:
self confidence and satisfaction.
Automatic talk is to achieved silence as music is to jazz — as flies are to a hippo –
as a self-irritated, imaginary wound is to the glowing inner skin tone of the self-dead.

* * *

In his summation to the two headed jury in his sleep trial,
the defendant swore mightily out: “I am not guilty! —
I am but an, honest, everyday citizen, helplessly caught in the middle of
the never ending cultural, cosmic battle over man’s consciousness!”
(They were as puzzled by this as perhaps you.)
Said another man :“I dream better when full of alcohol.”
“I nightmare.”
“Yeah, that’s what I mean.” (He later said that: full-of-alcohol can be substituted with: “full-of-my-normal-neural-activity”.)
A father told a son: “Besides: not to invest money in anything a money advisor
advises you to, probably the best advice I can give you is to
not to talk to anyone when you are by yourself.”
One man concluded that his mental processes had become scrudier since he had been living underneath power lines than they had been when he was in Cincinnati.
What passes for wisdom among cows is the bittersweet poetic reflection on the:
Note: only the living feel the human condition sad.
Log rollers fairly gush in their profuse expressions of appreciation to one another — who else is going to do it?!
Mountains have no thanks to give travel books, nor reticular formations, equations;
to each, reactions appropriate to its own kind —
and regarding life’s one singularity: “No comment”
(leastwise if anything constructive is to BE said around the few).
A certain unexplored area of your brain is everyone’s ONLY mental benchmark;
for the certain man; there is no neural role model outside his own nervous system;

if the hero is not there — there is no hero anywhere.

* * *

One man decided to name his special activity: The Future Now Society,
only to learn that someone had already taken the name last week.
(In pretend disgust, he settled on the sobriquet: The Irony Is In The Pudding.)

“Pa pa, is all the stuff you say to me and others, just you putting people on?”
“Contraire — I sometimes suspect that people listening to me
is them putting ME on.”
(One man renamed the mountain range in his backyard: “But How Can That Be?”)

“Remember son: from the perspective of your old, natural born mind:
it is always later over there — than it is where you are.”
“You mean: than it is where I THINK I am?!”
“Good boy.”

Notes one chap: “Hearing a city psychologist telling what makes humans tick
is like hearing the Tower of London trying to explain the workings of Big Ben,”
and one neural chef confides: “I do not use day-old-bread — I AM day-old-bread.”

An Example Of A Prediction You Can Make Without Making A Total Toad Of Yourself:

Tough outcomes portend tough activities (and on like that).

– – –

Being asleep is looking where you’re thinking, and not where you’re going;
being asleep is looking at what your mind is thinking, and not at what you’re doing;
living like this may not kill you,
but it can make the few wish they were yesterday’s news.

“Son, there is one more thing, quite unusual,
required to ever pull yourself out of the daze (and that is):
in a quite special way — you must learn to become selfish —
I repeat: selfish in a special way.”


After sentence had been passed, and he was standing on the gallows, the man was told he was free to make any
final comments he cared to concerning himself and the life he had led that brought him to this unfavorable position,
to which he replied: “I’m here to be hung — not soliloquize.”