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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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April 18, 2003 ©2003: JAN COX

When mind has nothing better to do, it dreams;
ordinary men have nothing better to do with their mind.

‘Tis said that if you are trying to lose weight you should not read while eating,
likewise if you are trying to learn to think,
you should not allow your brain to think while you’re trying to,
least you increase your mental fat.

Men’s physiques deal with direct reality and call it nothing, it is just physical reality,
but their psyches dream, and the dreaming is what men’s minds call reality —
which is a different reality from that of the physique — this reality is not physical —
it is not actually there —
this other reality that must be DREAMT to be there to BE there.

A sleeper’s only reality is his dream.
No matter what elaborations you make to a dream — it’s still a dream.

You don’t learn to dream;
no one helps you dream;
everything helps you dream;
yet when you dream — you dream alone;
but dreaming is a faux aloneness, for you are not really alone — you have your dream; it’s you-&-the-dream;
only when you wake from the dream are you alone,
for then it is just you-&-you.

One man’s advice: “When you’re trying to (quote) ‘tell-the-truth’ to ordinary people, the most important thing is to throw in whatever it takes to inflame them
AGAINST the truth.”

Dreaming doesn’t have any benefits — except to keep you from realizing that you’re asleep………(and dreaming.)

Dreaming is cold — yet dreaming is the source of all man’s non essential passions.

Dreaming is man’s greatest addiction;
so strong is it that not one in a billion is aware of it.

“One man would agree to almost anything you wanted as long as it would save him from having to talk with you about it.”
“And he would then actually do it?”
“I didn’t say that.”

Dreaming raises all of man’s questions, but answers none.
Dreaming causes problems — no dream can ever solve one.

When you are sick it is easier to dream;
when you are well, dreaming couldn’t be easier.

Dreaming cures all ills; dreaming is the source of all ills (save tonsillitis & death.)

One man continued to send himself bills for: self-esteem upkeep,
and yeast infections, and when she heard about this,
his aunt told him that there is nothing funny about yeast inflections, or relatives.

Dreaming and deliberation do not well together go;
dreaming and drifting are however, most congenial.

Commonly are men fascinated by the aberrant, the abhorrent and disgusting;
only when dreaming are men fascinated by the aberrant, abhorrent and disgusting.

Cultists believe: “It is us against them” –
the certain man knows: “It’s me against the universe
(‘cept the universe isn’t aware of it). BINGO!”

You don’t realize/know how badly you’ve been feeling until you’re feeling better;
you don’t realize how badly you were dreaming until you awaken.

All in all though, dreaming’s an okay thing to do — AS LONG AS —
you don’t become aware that you’re doing it (then the whole thing’s ruint!)

Real men aid the ailing and abused, physically (through force if need be);
paper people proclaim their help by the solicitation of funds from other people;
you either DO, or else you talk — with much apparent passion —
to distract from the impotency of your alleged concern.

In the world of the real warrior, those who ask for mercy, receive no mercy.

There is but one cure for dreaming — and it is NOT additional dreaming,
(which of course, includes all thought and talk ABOUT dreaming).

For those who awaken, Santa leaves a box that contains all justice,
(actually, everybody already unknowingly has this box,
but on the non dreaming, St Nick bestows the gift of realizing they do).
“Ho, ho, ho! — and to all a good ho!”


One man gave this advice to all his friends and family:
“Only speak when you are absolutely sure you can express what you mean with total precision,
and with no chance of not being understood” —
his friends and family conferred, then said to him:
“But it is not possible to always be sure that you can say what you want to with absolute exactness, and with no chance of being misunderstood?” to which he replied:
“And your point is?…..”