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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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April 14, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

Whenever one man’s thoughts were threatening yet another flight of
routinely frantic, fruitless fancy about some matter or the other,
he’s stop them in their hot agitated tracks with the cold calm words:
“Do the math — before you go any further with this — do the math.”

Definition: A successful predictor: a lucky man.

One man’s natural born consciousness erected this sign in its front yard:
“Save your effort: a fork was long ago put in here.”

“There is he who can when no one else can.”
“You mean me?”

One man predicts that the final, gigantic cosmic battle will be between
deep rooted, traditional spiritual/religious faith & civil litigation.

Cops with the right understanding of their job do not engage in
personal chit chat with those they arrest,
same as how a rebel treats his perpetrator, suspect thoughts.

No man is a hero who will allow himself to be called one.

One faction at the convention made the following proposal:
“Be It Moved That: Anyone who puts the term: ‘the truth’
in caps, in quotation marks — or both,
should be either: shot, hung, or both.”

If ordinary men like a work-of-art — it’s not art! —
well, it is not original art: it could be revision of something, an imitation, a tribute —
a parody of some previous work, but original? — never.
(Only those with extraordinary flexibility in the upper echelons of their nervous system should even contemplate applying this to the execution of their thinking art.)

In Re Knowing
The only knowing worth a real man’s time is that which is original (which is to say): outside the vocabulary of man’s common language of consciousness,
which perforce will always be a knowing that illuminates the nature OF knowing.

And an email just in injects:
“But come on: nothing can be truly original, now can it?!” —
certainly nothing that is put into consciousness’ common language.

For the certain man (the point, quad-zero one per centers)
there is no knowing worth knowing,
save what helps reveal the real purpose knowing plays in the life of man.

Yet another look at it
Ordinary thinking is a purely mechanical, neural activity driven entirely by
older hormonal ones,
while the thoughts possible for the rebel operating outside the auspices of
man’s commonly wired, inner-communicative systems are capable of grasping concepts entirely new and not so anchored to the stagnant past.
You’re either: for it — or agin’ it:
those who are neurally with-the-herd can not be FOR their self — individually;

you either: swim alone — or drown in company.

One of the speakers in city park recently proclaimed:
“There is within all of the different religions a common denominator — stupidity!” —
and someone in the crowd yelled:
“Well, what about areas of man’s culture, like psychology, history,
or serious literature and social commentary?”
“Delighted you brought that up — ‘cause I don’t PLAY favorites.”
(Note: those who put the idea of, “the truth” in quotes
DO think that it can and does play-favorites — a sure sign of sham truth.)

That which IS — can bite you —
that which consciousness IMAGINES — can verbally gum you to death.

When in an unusually festive mood, one man would some times wire his
far away relatives, and other outlying neural factions as follows:
“Stand down, STOP.
Things here presently on hold, STOP.
Advise all to: stand-down — until everything there stops, STOP.”
(Only the most astute of those so contacted would bother to not reply.)

Have you ever considered the profound implications (for the few) of the fact that
you do not have to think about anything that you already understand?
(“Pa pa, is this why no one in our family ever refers to their self?”)

In the city: not knowing how to correctly pronounce a word
should not necessarily stop you from MIS pronouncing it
(same as is true regarding thinking about ideas).

Said a father to a sapling:
“Son, here is our family’s: Maxim For The Day:
‘Any maxim that ordinary men can hear and agree to — ain’t no maxim of ours!’”

In regard to the many ancient spiritual and mystical practices, one man says:
“I personally do not require prayers, sitting and fasting
to remind me of how dazed and dumb I am.”

Revisitation To A Previously Reported News Item
Not uncommonly do men say that:
the older you get — the sweeter life becomes;
also not uncommonly:
the older men get — the mooshier becomes the pulp in their melon.

After the most recent episode of giving yet again, re birth to his son,
a father (apparently in a mercantile mood) this go round named him: Bulk Pricing.

Neural Processes In Cash Terms
Ordinary thinking is like the armored-car of consciousness;
the certain man’s version — like jolly hijackers.


*Never forget that being serious about meaningless matters is being locked in a box before you are dead.

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