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April 7, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX
(Extension of 4/6)


There exists an immense, endless human conversation —
an ordinary mind would want to say: “There is an immense and endless human conversation going on,” in that a conversation is normally thought to be an activity,
but for the few, there is a most significant, unfathomed facet to this eternal discourse that unexpectedly reveals it to be an actor,
and not an activity in which men ARE the actors.

As life itself is alive, The Great Conversation is like an organ in the body of life;
one that makes noise as it operates, and as so common in the consciousness of men, the sounds are the center of attention rather than their source:
ordinary men’s minds perforce perceive the importance (any importance) of
The Great Conversation to be in its content, which is but normally rational,
but which, from the few non routine men’s view
completely misses the reality of what is actually going on.

There exists The Great Conversation — immense and endless,
and in which all ordinary men helpless and ceaselessly participate —
sometimes overtly, sometimes silently (more accurately):
in which all men APPEAR to participate, in that (remember): ordinary minds
are want to see the matter as an activity in which men may or may not participate,
and that it is their participation therein which constitutes this enormous conversation, (in other words): standard consciousness sees men’s talking/thinking as being
what forms The Great Conversation rather than the certain man’s perspective of
the infinite conversation being what forms men’s thoughts and speech;
not unlike the conventional view that men playing baseball is what creates
a baseball-game whereas (pertinent men’s non physical life)
it is the baseball game that creates the players —
the game produces in each player the sensation that he,
through the mental/verbal activity that occurs in him,
is individually helping TO create the game,
rather than the game creating his mental and verbal life.

Put into such words (plain as possible) it sounds irrational, impossible and foolish,
but to the certain man with a particular type of unusual neural sight,
the matter is as clear as can be: there is an immense & endless conversation
active always in the collective life of man,
and with its own existence apart from man;
men’s thoughts and words do not constitute The Great Conversation —
The Great Conversation is what constitutes all of ordinary men’s thoughts & speech;
this is not simply difficult for routine minds to grasp, but is obviously forbidden to them (for an equally obvious reason);
only a man with that mutantly wired nervous system is capable of taking in this enormous sight, so opposed, even abhorrent,
to what all the rest of humanity perceives.

The Great Conversation talks about what IT wants to talk about,
which is whatever life wants it to talk about,
thus from men’s mouths (from geniuses and idiots alike)
come only words and ideas of The Great Conversation;
at the cellular level the brain must realize this as accurately as it does
all other activities occurring in the human physique,
but this realization is not permitted to pass into conscious recognition,
indeed at the level of thought and speech, the brain is made to emphatically dismiss any notion of The Great Conversation.

For a man to ever understand what is actually going on with life,
The Great Conversation’s reality and operation must be realized
(which is as improbable as asking a fish to grasp the existence of water,
but something he nonetheless must somehow accomplish),
and once its nature and activity are head-on seen — nothing is as it was before.

When The Great Conversation is realized, a multitude of curios, puzzlers,
and confounders are instantly unraveled;
the invisible, unaccounted for, yet operationally certain, limitation to what
even brilliant men can think, and all men can say they perceive of life,
is in stark relief and understandable.

For the man who wants to see for himself what is going on,
any participation by his consciousness in The Great Conversation is lethal & blinding,
but for a long time (potentially extending into infinity) a man has no choice;
his consciousness, and its thoughts and words has nothing upon which to draw
but The Great Conversation —
it in hard fact does not have any personal knowledge of any alternative thereto;
under all normal circumstances; the consciousness in the human brain has no source of words or ideas but The Great Conversation,
and for collective humanity that is the beginning and finis of that story,
but the certain man born with a non conventional wiring & programming,
from his early days of consciousness senses the presence of some other possibility, one about which none of his peers appears cognizant,
or even interested in hearing about,
but the truly determined, certain man cannot let the feeling go;
the reality of some presently unuttered, other conversation is to him a certainty.

It is only by him discovering anew, for himself, the operation of man’s
common, collective, Great Conversation
that he is able to grasp the existence of an alternative thereto.
The Great Conversation IS the standard consciousness in men’s brains,
but in the brain’s of a few men is the potential for another discourse;
you need see that The Great Conversation exists both externally —
entirely encompassing collective humanity, and also internally —
entirely embracing the individual’s consciousness.
If your consciousness is nothing more than the normal part of humanity’s
Great, completely mechanical, Conversation
then every word you will ever speak, and every thought you will ever have
will be perfunctorily from the same common and automatic mix
from which come all other humans’ words and ideas, which serve not to inform them
in any fashion of the nature and operation OF consciousness.
When you speak the language of trouts, all you ever know is troutish,
and if you have a trans trout potential,
it can never be realized whilst so linguistically limited.

At every instant in which your consciousness is part of The Great Human Conversation, you have no personal, no independent conscious existence;
you are one cell in the body of an enormous fish, engaged in activity completely confined to what is appropriate to the overall health of the in toto entity.
There are certain things that The Great Conversation will never say,
nor allow men to even seriously consider,
all being the very things which the certain man is in search of,
yet being unable to enunciate clearly even to himself since the words needed to describe such are not tolerated within The Great Conversation.

He strenuously seeking to get to the bottom of things
can look for little assistance (none from routinely available channels);
the best he can do is keep his ears unnaturally open and tuned to
ideas that offer exposing light into the hidden presence of The Great Conversation,
(blunt termed):
the only conversation of profit to him is one detrimental to The Great Conversation —
liberation DOES have its cost — and a most delightful one at that.