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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Fresh & In Your Face Since 1865
March 21, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

There is no particular way that life is destined to go,
but if you can see nouns turning into verbs
you will not be unduly surprised by where it does;
there is the universe —
and there is life;
there are rocks —
and there is moss;
there are in some views, punching bags who may punch back.
Only those satisfied to be entrenched, and with no desire to travel,
are fooled and fascinated by the inanimate;
all things have their own rewards;
mistaking objects for actions
is not one of the certain man’s.
Predicting the behavior of matter: one thing;
predicting the behavior of life: not the same;
the animate and the inanimate work by different rules,
same as a mind that actually thinks, and those that are merely passive receivers for the impersonal thoughts sent out to all by man’s collective mind
(aka: the Great Thought Machine).
In this picturization: the brain’s natural mind is like the universe;
the certain man’s ability to individually think, like life;
one animate — the other only illusory so (like the universe)
because of the collateral presence OF life.
It would be possible for a mind to believe that a rock was animate
because of the presence thereon of living moss,
and so too is the brain able to pass itself off as a thinker,
due to its nascent possibility OF real thinking.
Dressing-up and pretending DOES count for something;
in man’s inner-only reality — dressing-up and pretending
can count for everything — what do you think makes it so special to him!
The universe is like nouns — life like verbs —
least wise life SHOULD be seen by the rebel as being like verbs;
nouns have no desire to don costumes & pretend to be something other than they are,
while verbs, in the mortal context of man’s mental based other reality,
and his sense of an inner self,
only survive thereby;
this is unique to man — him exempt — life does not pretend — though:
from a certain perspective, human consciousness could be life’s best present effort
to stay viable amidst the inanimate conditions of the universe,
and one of its stratagems being — pretending,
(just look where such has taken you and civilization thus far).

If the man seeking to get to the bottom of things is to be fooled in his mind with talk,
let it be by words about objects — not verbs,
for mistakes in the former can be corrected by hands on experience,
and thoughts derived therefrom,
while errors the mind makes concerning man’s inner reality of naught but verbs
not only cannot be corrected — they cannot even be seen AS errors;
there is no self-correction possible for the Flying Dutchman, or Santa’s sleigh.
The radical difference between the certain man and everyone else
is that his thoughts stay on matters that apparently cannot be changed —
and investigates the question — WHY? (or alternatively put):
he puts his thoughts to studying matters which everyone else says can be changed — which he sees clearly cannot be —
and investigates the question — why do they not see it that way?

Objects can be altered — but to no effect on verbs;
verbs can be altered in any fashion the mind can imagine –
and to no effect on themselves;
Berlin can be bombed — but not Atlantis;
and you can flee Berlin — but not the other place — get it?

The certain man’s sole struggle is: not to waste energy — see it now?
Respect the universe — a boulder can crush you;
investigate life — or else the action of your thoughts will;
what a way to go! — smothered by the mental illusion of yourself,

(but, not to fret — it’s painless…….unless of course you happen to be one of the you-know-whos).

* * *

Someone said to a man who they believed was awake to what is going on,
and sometimes obliquely talked about it:
“You realize that you’re ruining life for the rest of us, don’t you?!”

Everybody wants the king to notice them —
so they insult him…………………………………………………………………yeah — that’ll work!

The reason men seem hunched over:
people can’t resist picking at nits they perceive on others,
so everyone’s dragging ‘round a ‘leven foot cotton sack.
(“Tow them barges, you bale headed twit-wits!”)

The one thing men never consider as a possibility
is the one thing that would wake them up……………(which is probably why they don’t).

Those with the potential for a real self squander it by — talking ABOUT their self.

“A man who says that he is ‘concerned’ about some matter
is secretly saying that he is a fool,”
“Don’t you mean: ‘is ordinary’?!”
“Well……okay………sure (sorry ‘bout that.”)

(Technical matters aside) there is nothing going on in human life that is actual thinking, not even by man’s own definition of same.

It is so simple — yet ordinary minds are not wired with the capacity to grasp it:
all non technical talk is the telling of fairy tales — that’s it — all inclusive.

Ordinary people are fascinated by ghosts — the popularity of movies and novels.

If you took a really hard ass approach you could say that all non essential talk is nothing other than a natural side effect of being asleep and stupid.

“Pa pa I have a very serious question:
what should you do — how should you feel
if someone is nice to you, but doesn’t really mean it?”
“Have you finally lost your mind!”