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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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The Intangibles Come Out To Play
March 17, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

One man used to enjoy frightening his partner by periodically proclaiming:
“What we are about to get into now is probably something we shouldn’t.”

As he sat, bathing in the beauty of a brilliant sunset, amidst a soft, and refreshing rain,
a man mused: “Life cannot surely be, one of total captivity —
for are we not freely permitted to die — to even, suffer and whine?!”

After losing part of a lung, his colon, and one eye, a man mused:
“At first, each of the incidents caused me to feel quite strange,
but it is surprising how quickly and easily the body acclimates itself to
even such drastic changes in itself. Hummm,
why should this not also hold true regarding death?!”

A father said to a son: “Today we undertake your religious education:
everyone who says they believe in god doesn’t know what they are talking about, and everyone who says they are an atheist doesn’t know what they are talking about — get it? — okay. Tomorrow: animal husbandry.”

There was once this one chap whose brain balance was such that
he could only be affected by neuro-chemicals HE produced
(the story beyond this becomes a bit hazy and it is uncertain whether he became king, god, enlightened or disappeared in the terrible Turnip Explosion of ’87).

Gaming News.
Everyone who doesn’t know what is going on is a shill for the house
(and unpaid to boot).

To the certain man — ideas can be music — but only if he is their composer.

Television news anchors love their job because they get to vocally deliver
what purports to be important information,
and in so doing feel able to present themselves as being serious and insightful people
to be intellectually reckoned with — and with the super, added benefit of
having someone else write the solemn words they mouth —
not unlike an ordinary man’s verbal presentation of, ostensibly — what-he-thinks:
it all being a semi-charming and under-evaluated game of:
dress-up, charade, and pretend.

When ordinary men show a eagerness to talk it is because they want to repeat what they’ve heard someone else say (and not necessarily with attribution).

As they see their self, from the view from inside their self,
no one feels that they look like others think they do.

One man notes: “If you were a stranger to Earth, based on impartial observation,
you would conclude that man’s primary responsibility is to bitch about life.”

One man leads his family in a daily ritual of holding hands and together intoning:
“We offer now our thanks that we are not any more — like-we-are — THAN we are.”

Men think and talk about their thoughts not to help their thinking – but their feelings — — about themselves — which they only know about — via their thoughts and talk.

What is so near impossible to remember is the fact that you do not think about you — — your brain does —
and even when it seems to be thinking about you,
in reality it is mostly thinking about itself.
Any time you are (your brain is) thinking about something you cannot touch,
your brain is actually thinking about itself.

A Fact, Full-Confrontation-With-Which Will Un Confuse Everything:
your brain is either thinking about the environment, or about itself —
there are no other possibilities —
there is literally nothing else that can be thought about;

take it from there.

The two great questions which are employed by man’s mind in two different ways:
(one): what causes this? and what can be done TO this?
this approach is practical — and concerns the physical environment;
(two): what causes this? and what can be done ABOUT this?
this version is fanciful/psychological, and relates to man’s mental world,
his internal environment.
(P.S. If the previous news item didn’t get the job done for you,
then full perusal of this one will.)

One man notes: “In a way — this somehow disturbs me — but you’ve still got to face it:
more important to your understanding than knowledge, and what you think is:
how you feel,
and of most importance to how you feel is:
what you eat and the genetic temperament of your digestive system — thus:
of more significance than anything you can put in your mind is
what you put in your stomach.

This enlightening perspective came to me some time ago,
and what I have subsequently learned therefrom has changed my emotions
toward the situation to one of bemusement, rather than disgruntlement.”

“Hey!” said The Hey Man,
“Ain’t that always the case when your eyes get pried a bit more open.”

There’s something wrong with the present — there MUST be! –
just look how men avoid it in their thoughts.

(The super hero of most adults is: The Not Now Man.)

Man is a planner, both of things tangible and things not;
man is a builder, both of things tangible and things fanciful (that is): the creator of technology and of culture.
MAN & TECHNOLOGY. You can depend on technology,
whereas you cannot depend on man — but,
you can depend on man to constantly improve technology.

Non survival thoughts are a pressure valve for emotional temperament;
bitchy thoughts a substitute for murder.
Being a parent is a substitute for waking up;
extrinsic its inherent survival purpose,
being so excuses you from trying to get to the bottom of things,
(you get to the bottom of a baby instead).

Everything in culture is a substitute for something else.

Technology is experienced physically,
while culture is experienced intangibly;
the culture of a sculpture is not the statue itself,
but rather what looking at it stirs in the viewer’s mind.

Physical eyes orient you externally — mental I’s do so internally.

Culture: intangible technology.

If a different-man were to be insulting to another man’s idea
it would be in the form of him finding it, “uninteresting” —
that (for the rebel) is the greatest of slanders.

Men want their mental blood to boil –
without so, most people’s thinking would never rise above the sit-com dialogue level.

Ordinary men’s thoughts cry out for completion —
ordinary men’s thoughts cry out to be noticed — which is required for them to feel that their thoughts are completed.

A different-man’s thoughts never need anything additional — indeed,
they cannot tolerate such.

An awakened man has a different brain,
with different thoughts that price his mind out of the market.


* Everyone’s always hungry for more — only the certain man understands for what.