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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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March 14, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

If you still have trouble grasping that life itself is alive, and specifically so
through man’s consciousness,
consider how men constantly use words whose definitions are so obviously imprecise as to be constructively meaningless,
yet they still accomplish what the speaker apparently intended — how can this be —
how does a frightened deer, near linguistically incoherent,
still manage to convey his concerns to his companions? —
with animals, men attribute such communication to instinct,
while tacitly exempting their own vocalization,
but a man must be exemplary common to quietly live with the collectively accepted truism (to wit): that men plan before hand what they say,
and thus have an ongoing consciousness of what they intend to convey
via their words, regardless of their rhetorical presentation – but also:
a man must be totally routine to never take note that he does not plan what he says, any more than he does the even more ignored fact that
he does not plan what he will think — which (if asked about it),
an ordinary man will say is what is responsible for what he says.

None of this is so from any perspective possible for a normal homo sapien;
a man must by nature either be unable to intake this information,
or else be programmed to deny its reality by ignoring it,
for the fact is (for the anomalous few) as salient as can be:
a man does not plan beforehand what he will say any more than does he decide
what thought will next appear in his mind.
A routine human brain is incapable of thinking about this for even a split second,
and seeing any other conclusion possible,
and yet it is likewise unable to absorb and remember this realization
beyond the moment;
if an ordinary man’s mind could be made to look longer at this childishly,
easy-to-see fact, it would cause it to lock-up, and become inoperative;
like telling a thermostat that there is no way it can make a furnace turn on and off
at a desired time, and due to the confusion this statement causes in the instrument when it stops to consider it — the machine freezes-up, and then indeed becomes temporarily unable to perform in its otherwise normal fashion,
(or: telling a bird it cannot fly, and sure enough,
while the bird thinks about the words — it can’t).

This is true absolutely (and readily available to view for the few who want to see it)
in the so-called, conscious operations of man’s brain;
it cannot be proven or even shown to ordinarily wired/programmed brains,
for (as just noted) doing so instantly renders them deaf and blind to
its mere presentation,
(the ultimate built-in, self-protection feature.)

Though frequently do men say they are unable to express
adequately and precisely in words how they feel about this-or-that matter,
such comments are but grace notes to the overall melody they do go ahead and successfully convey — what is going on here? —
how is it possible for a man to say in advance that he has already decided
in his own mind that he does not have the wherewithal to put into words
what he wishes to express about himself —
yet then does so to the satisfaction of all involved –
even though the speaker may continue to say that his words did not fully convey what he intended to reveal about himself,
his listeners with equal insistence can say that (his protestations notwithstanding) they understood exactly the picture he was trying to present of himself.
One man’s motto is: That which must be communicated will be communicated;
when life needs water fed to a certain area, a stream will suddenly be diverted thereto even while it assures one-&-all that it is a strictly, stay-in-one-spot tributary.

Employ that motto as a reminder that you should be continually investigating
the matter of life-being-alive, and on the lookout for examples thereof,
of which there is none more telling than that of men being able to convey energy-information via words which seem incompetent to do so;

what marionette will ever wake up to the reality of its own position
without it grasp the actions of the puppeteer?

* * * * *

While throughout human history popular songs and poetry have talked about,
the certain man contrarily is piqued by the presence of others
(leastwise others of the routine breed — such as present in his own natural-born mind).

Alone (at least in your own head) is the way of pleasure for he who knows.

It is difficult for people to think of you as hot stuff if you don’t seem to —
and most people can only feel that they are hot stuff if others seem to — so,
once again: there you are,
once again: that’s how the whole shebang keeps itself in balance,
and stays in business.

If you do not talk about what happens to you in a personal manner,
you will not take what happens to you so personally;
thus leaving a toothache to be nothing more than a pain in the mouth,
and not part of some metaphorical message from the great metaphysical beyond.

“Pity is but an affection of the mind.”

“I’m sorry, did you say, infection?”

A father so advised a son: “Strive ceaselessly to mentally picture the most astounding possibilities you can conceive of concerning all matters of interest to men;
no better use can you make of your neural energy.”


* If everyone is not their own worst enemy or best friend, at least they can be made to stand out of the way
whilst you proceed to that special business at hand about which they are clueless.