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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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February 24, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

Everyone who sincerely wants to do something extraordinary with
their nervous system at one time or another comes to the conclusion that
their stomach is too directly connected to their brain —
“Yeah but so’s everything else!”
You start off on a larger scale by first recognizing that you are too closely tethered to the herd to ever have the freedom necessary to accomplish your individual aim;
then you move on to realize that this mental-seeming aim is too directly linked with
the body’s routine physical operations for them to be ignored;
after that you come to see that the special you that you want to cultivate in your mind
is so tightly jammed up against the rest of it that the only practical course of action is to totally break away therefrom —
a neural rebellion whereby the uncommon sense of you that you have discovered lurking vaguely about in your neural wiring system secedes from the rest
as to better form its more perfect union of one — just it alone —
with no meaningful ties to man’s collective mental establishment.

While everything in life and the universe is inseparably connected to everything else physically (and in ordinary men, mentally)
the certain man’s peculiarly wired system permits his brain to activate areas,
and pursue connections within itself not on man’s normal menu,
and though he physically remains as much tied to material circumstances as
everyone else, mentally he is able to become connected to no one but himself;
he is all alone in-there — “Just me and MY mind — with no thoughts from outside,” and that is the experience in the brain of: being enlightened, awakened, liberated.

And in The New Intelligence Encyclopedia is this entry:
“The human mind on planet Earth is like a phone line,”
and one man acted as his own health provider:
on his head he rubbed some stuff — then on his feet, some other stuff,
always being careful they were different types of stuff,
and from The New Intelligence Travel Guide comes this:
“If you can shift the base camp of consciousness in your brain, you can go anywhere you want,”
and one man became his own tour director,
giving one map to his head, and another to his feet,
being always sure they were two different maps.

The central spiritual solicitation of one city, philosophical cult is:
“O great gods! — free us! — by taking from us —
all material possessions —
but please, O supreme ones –
do it in such a way that we won’t notice it.”

As he aged and his epidermis became increasingly wrinkled and slack, a man ruefully mused: “I never think of myself being as old as my skin looks, ” then thought:
”At least be thankful the process has not touched my mind.”

On certain worlds, the consolation prize for having a mind, yet remaining ordinary is: they give you a dictionary — then blind you.

Having no understanding of what is going on in life,
ordinary men speak of their own in personal anecdotes —
telling of the good and bad that has befallen them;
the smart and stupid actions they’ve taken —
nothing but the memory of physical episodes —
which is all they know of their life and the life of life.

The dense want to be heard, and by hearing themselves heard, they feel less dense.

The denser you are the greater your desire to be heard, for in hearing yourself heard, you feel less dense.
(See, illusion IS good for something!)

Talk between ordinary people doesn’t normally mean anything –
which is why they so commonly announce beforehand that it will —
ergo the popularity of conferences, conclaves, conventions, and
other ostensibly serious gatherings.

And one man mused: “If I was as smart constantly as I can be momentarily,
I’d be as awake as I want to be,”
(and one man quickly said to his mind: “I wouldn’t think about that one if I was you.”)

And some asked a philosopher from the plains this question:
“Which metaphor best represents man and his potential:
a seed in the ground,
an egg in a shell, or,
a god in a man?” and he replied: “A man in a man”

And for those interested in, affairs-ballistic, you might note that the real reason guns-&-bullets are banned in so many places is because of ordinary men’s fear of
all things, point-blank & in-your-face(not physical weapons actually as much as ideas).

And a son said to a father: “I’m not sure you can be a candy-ass and ever wake up.”
“But that’s the sort of thing I would normally be saying to you?!?”
“Yeah — thought I’d save you the trouble.”

What ordinary man call, being-sensitive is submission to feelings of impotency;
with the few, the cure for all such human emotions is the raging, rebellious intent.

In the secrecy of himself, the certain man is so totally different from everyone else that he is almost not even like himself.

And some info for those of you, not in-the-know, and on-the-inside,
the secret salutation between ordinary men is: “_______ does my thinking for me!”
(fill in the blank with: life, my brain, the herd, or anything you want to).

And one man said: “In many situations, the determining factor is often gravity.”
“You mean like in: solemnity, or: things falling down?”
“Both, now that you mention it — both!”

Definition Of A Truly Civilized Man:
One who, when out at night in questionable parts of the city,
carries with him for protection, the score of a Schubert piano sonata.

And one father’s advice to his rapidly expanding son:
“When things reach a fever-pitch — bring in your designated hitter,”

and in a heroic effort to make better sense and use of things he said –
one man shut up.