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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Raising The Bar Of Perception Since 1892

February 21, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

The newspaper in one city introduced a new columnist to its pages
who wrote under the pen name: “The-More-Than-Normally-Accurate — Answer Man”
who, in response to questions from readers always gave two replies —
which were always in conflict.
Want to guess how long the feature ran? — can you spell, “nano second”?
And one man poses: “Why, since we have a brain split into opposing sections, do we not have thoughts more reflective of its structure?” and his bizness partner injected:
“But we do! — just listen up — men are full of conflicting and contradictory ideas!”
“Yeah,” responded the man hesitantly, “But when they’re not ignoring the fact,
they’re trying to explain it away;
no one relishes in it as it being a natural condiment of being human.”
“Humm…….that’s true, but are you sure that they should?!”
“Well……in one way I am, but on the other hand…….”
And so ends another episode of: “The Formerly: Irony Brothers, Now Known As:
The Stupid Twins” — sorry, that should be: “The Suspension Twins” — as in: withholding-judgement-for-the- time-being is always (in certain circumstances)
a smart move — in that it keeps the otherwise door-of-dumbness
from closing completely shut and once again leaving your mind trapped inside
the freezing meat locker of torpid cow brains
(awaiting shipment to starving sheep in less developed areas of the world).
Do not forget that regardless of your salaried vocation,
every man is in a private, internal, bizness partnership;
if you are conscious — you are in bizness,
if you have thoughts — you have a product,
and if you are conscious of having thoughts — you have a partner;
you can only be conscious of having thoughts by having a partner;
sometimes he has thoughts and you are aware thereof (which puts you in bizness),
while at other times, you have thoughts, and he is aware of them,
(which still keeps you in bizness);
the question for the few is: who is the customer?
“Son, remember how I once told you that wanting to get to the bottom of things is,
in a quite real sense: wanting to be alone? –
okay, a variation: it is wanting to quit the bizness —
it is the desire to harbor naught within you but a customer —
only a customer — with NO salesmen any longer extant. Get it?”
(And one guy revisits a proverb: “Men have two ears and one mouth
so they can listen more when I talk.”)

As regards news in the city: it is quite difficult to stay-current without being worried — if not downright depressed;
the essence of the analysis of information naturally flooding through the human brain
is alarmist; just as T-cells in the blood are constantly monitoring for
troublesome intruders, so too are thoughts in the brain continually on the lookout for potential danger, which, from the maximum perspective, is everywhere;
a man can be killed by a huge meteorite, or felled by a microscopic germ,
not to mention by the ever erratic behavior of other humans.
So yes, it seems appropriate indeed for man’s thoughts (his news) to be, alarmist-bent, but what does this do to the other section of his paper — the Entertainment pages:
the stories not about the physical world outside and inside of him,
but tales of the intangible world — the one only in his brain;
what effect does this cassandra-wound slant have on man’s perception of
his own mental realm? —
objective observation clearly shows the negative shadow it casts across everything therein, ranging from mentally created images of gods who are always dangerous and unpredictable to just the overall, relentless sensation that
everything is going to hell as fast as is possible.
Thus in practice it be that even amidst gaiety, man’s mind senses doom;
ordinary thoughts are always in fear of poison being the filling in the eclair —
good for survival — hell on the recreational nerves, and the peaceful enjoyment of
the brain’s potential for singular entertainment.
Only he who has made his way to the essence of what constitutes man’s inner,
other reality can freely partake thereof, and actively participate therein;
only he who has peeked up Bo Peeps’ skirt can lay ‘er — or:
you can’t get there from here ‘til you recognize here for the mirage it is.

Whatever be the news delivered to you constantly by your mind’s city paper —
it be useless, save for those obvious survival instances and purposes —
but for any and everything else that goes on in your thinking —
the stories told are useless, meaningless, and actually worse for the would be rebel,
for being entranced by them keeps a man from the unfettered,
non alarmist potential activity of the recreational part of his brain which,
while responsible for the entire invention of man’s cultural world,
under routine conditions is not capable of sampling the entirety of
its possible pleasures;
mind has been made to forget that the realm is of its own creation,
and ergo sees it as foreign to it and not to be fully trusted —
and certainly liable to being fully understood — wrong!

For the certain man: everything that is true for everyone else is wrong for him.

One man says: “If it weren’t for the doings of other people —
everyone would be happy.”
“Are you sure of that?”

One man’s explanation/excuse for himself: “Don’t let my appearance fool you —

I am in a coma.”

When the following applies to you,

you’re a son of the city true:
“I want to talk about what everyone else is talking about.”
Your thoughts will be popular with other cows’ thoughts when they resemble them,
“How true: they all look alike in the dark.”
“No, ideas.”
“That makes no sense! — UNLESS ideas exist only IN the dark!
………………………Well!…………………………………..was that your point?”

“Believing that anything that happens in the city has a point
is hopeful thinking carried to the max.”

“Son, one of the best ways of getting to the bottom of things
is a heavy investigation of: why you want to get-to-the-bottom-of-things,
and one of the approaches is: trying to come up with new descriptions of: wanting-to-get-to-the-bottom-of-things based entirely on your own personal experience in trying to do so, which can be translated simply as: originality! — that’s right! –
originality is a fully explanatory name for wanting to: wake-up, be-enlightened,
or achieve-liberation — all of these terms are operational synonyms for — originality,
yet originality is not as simple as ordinary minds are fed to believe.

Routine men accept the rearranging of presently familiar concepts as originality —
it’s the best they can do, and they cannot be made to see its spuriousness,
but in the brain of the certain man is a place beyond all rearrangements,
revisions, and verbal makeovers:
a spot whereat gushes from the ground, a spring of wholly fresh water,
ne’er ‘fore neurally tasted by man;
a condition of the nervous system (which among some has long gone by the names of:
The Great Awakening, Enlightenment or Liberation) which is no less than
the singular experience in a man’s brain of — originality-of-thought.

Things overall (as is patently plain) are not set up for men’s minds to be involved in such;
humanity’s thinking as a whole is tied to the neural activity of man’s collective mind, and within this quite successful arrangement is no room for any extensive originality;
what little shows up serves as but attractive bait to lead the herd collectively,
and gradually in the new direction suggested by the small hint of mental originality.
The certain man has no time for gradual, nor interest in herd activity, and he comes to sense that the knowledge he needs to move forward rapidly on his own
must be original,
and eventually recognizes that there is no such thing as originality outside himself;
no other person’s ideas, no matter how fascinating nor seemingly fresh they may be, will ultimately prove of any assistance.
Once he can get past the place where all the other would-be rebels before him
have stopped — one thing, through eye-popping experience becomes entirely —
oh so clear — only originality will take him the full journey —
only his own, solitary originality will get the job done;
and this something — that cannot be taught, described, or much less taught —

only it will do.

If to ThisThing you are truly born,
and bearing ThisThing for years does not eventually wear you down,
you will one day — suddenly discover the way
to be original in your thoughts —
and once you have this little matter licked,
everything else is a slobbery breeze.

“I know that she loves me, and I know that she loves our baby.”

“Who are you talking about?”
“No one.”
“Good! — you’re catching on.”