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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Giving A Five Dimensional View Of A Four Dimensional World

February 17, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

Taking a cue cutely from the toy industry, one man says he now looks upon his everyday mind as a kind of, “NON action figure” based on him,
and another man, to himself, pronounces the word, rèsumè, as, “re-zoom-me”
just to piss himself off.
In a related note: the real Superman pretends not to know who Clark Kent is —
there IS a purpose to this — which may require superhuman ability to grasp —
but, Hey! — don’t worry about it —
you can do the same thing between you and, you-know-who in you.
“Pa pa; when I grow up can I talk like that and confuse myself?”
“You mean as opposed to me doing it for you?”

One man spends his commute time driving to work each day
playing a tape to teach himself a new language;
while another man uses the same time to play a blank tape backwards in the attempt to erase from his mind its presently employed language (and related modality of thought).

A father noted to a son: “According to my survey:
one hundred per cent of the people on this planet who are bored — will admit it;
no per cent will admit — with themselves.”
“Well, isn’t that how it should be?!”
“You mean, on this planet?”
“Pa pa, are you using, planet as a metaphor for something I’m missing?” —
and a short time later the elder added:
“There can be no question as far as thought is concerned: it is near impossible to ever figure out what is really going on using but literal descriptions.”
“Pop, do those who know what is going on actually, figure-it-out,
or does it, come-to-them?”
“Yeah, figure-out is misleading, but — there are people’s feelings to consider.”

Trying to get to the bottom of things while part of the herd, and using only man’s collective mind leaves you at the mercy of the trickle-down theory……which here —
does not work.

Just as you best stay warm wearing many layers of clothing
rather than one heavy piece of apparel,
so too, but just the opposite, regarding understanding and ideas.

“Pa pa — will a real magician give away the secrets of the tricks?”
“Son, in our circle, a real magician has no tricks –
that is what makes what he does so wondrous.”
“So — knowing-what-is-going-on is not really a trick then?!”
“Well, it IS a trick — but not one realized by any outside observer;
if the audience had the capacity to recognize what we are presently calling a, trick —
the trick would not be necessary;
the one doing the trick AND the observers thereof would then by nature be awake anyway to the full magic of the show called: Being Alive & Conscious.”
“So — you are in the dark and dozing as long as one part of your brain is the
standard audience for the other part apparently doing the show? Is that it?”
“My boy — you hit the illusionist on the head!”
Perhaps the most entertaining (a dramatic sarcasm) feature of the certain man’s efforts to realize for himself what is really going on, is that the mental activity involved right up until the moment that the full realization hits you — is based on the brain’s standard operating procedure for consciousness: it talks and it listens to itself talk:
it purports to instruct — and feigns taking its instruction —
and as astounding as can be the material results of its activity in the world
outside of man, when it comes to the world exclusive to itself,
it lacks programmed capacity to digest the well known fact that
one with no knowledge of chemistry cannot impart same to another,
as it applies to its own in house operation —
nor in the flip-o the fact that concerning affairs unique to its singular domain:
having no knowledge of what you are teaching is no problem;
if that one — relentless, right-out-in-the-open, constantly-visible reality
were grasped and computed by humanity’s minds, nothing about life on this planet could remain as it is and has always been — but it is not.
For pragmatic reasons too notorious to note, the normal thinking of normal humans
is made oblivious to (or at least, pretend-oblivious, which in the mental realm is the same thing)
the otherwise inescapable reality that what men think about things which exist
only by virtue of their thinking about them — is irrelevant,
a word deficient in adequate descriptive force here — in that,
since there is no objective relevance in this realm, there can be no irrelevance —
trying to detail the ‘actual conditions’ of this world is nothing less than the foolish attempt to define what, nothing is — oh, without doubt the mind will do so, and has to its satisfaction spelled it out in its dictionaries, but if you forcefully employ your brain’s full pondering ability, you realize that, nothing cannot be described —
there is nothing there TO be described, and only by saying that there is not,
is ordinary thought able to accept the illusion that it knows what it is talking about.
From this vista my son, a man should not said to be, mentally-asleep, but rather: dreaming-that-he-knows-what-he-means when he says that he/man IS asleep.
Neat, huh?!”
“As always, pa pa — as always.”

Financial News (leastwise where it allegorically crosses something worthwhile to the few).
He who will buy on credit will be dumb in advance
(that is: will be unfocused to an extra degree today so as to add to tomorrow’s grand total).

Just as you best stay warm wearing many layers of clothing
rather than one heavy piece of apparel,
so too, but in the removal of coverings, in trying to keep your mind cool.

A man with a hero has an undiagnosed tumor
(not to mention a total ignorance of what he is).

Only the certain man actually, talks-to-himself —
ordinary people hear man’s collective mind speaking to them, and take it to be
their self.

A man who for years had been struggling to accomplish a certain extraordinary thing, as he lay in bed looking at the high ceiling, asked himself:
“What is it that really matters? —
what I think, or what I do?”

As he lay in bed looking at the high ceiling, a man who for years had been struggling to accomplish a certain extraordinary thing, asked himself:
“What is it that really matters? —
what I think, or what I do? — or some combining of the two?”
“Pa pa — how can what-you-do have anything to do with that special goal which
is realized only in the mind?”
“So you do not consider thinking as doing-something?”
“Not the way men ordinarily do it.”
“My boy, you are sometimes too sharp to be kept in a drawer.
If what you do — what your genetic temperament naturally directs you to do —
in some manner consistently interferes with you being able to concentrate your thoughts on the extraordinary goal — and you cannot/do not overcome it —
you have no possibility of ever achieving the goal —
so even though behavior will not accomplish the goal, it can be an impediment,
thus it is fair to say that what is involved is a combination of doing and thinking,
or better still of: not doing and not thinking:
not doing that which is natural to you which interferes with your unnatural aim,
and not entertaining seriously those thoughts natural to your brain which by definition will most definitely interfere with the extraordinary aim not to be mentally ordinary.

The herd does not shoot itself in the hoof –
and only the certain man can do so his head — in just the right spot.”

Just as you best stay warm wearing many layers of clothing
rather than one heavy piece of apparel,
so too, but the other way around,
in having only you sitting on you instead of the herd of humanity.

Trying to get to the bottom of things
relying on what humanity as a whole knows via its collective mind,
leaves you smothered in endless layers of ideas which,
while interesting to the herd —
are useless to you.