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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Assisting The Sighted Since 602
February 14, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

In City Terminal the following was recently heard over the public address system:
“Attention travelers! — important announcement.
Many of you have no idea what is going on —
and it is sometimes of no consequence — wait, I misread that, it should say:
‘It is never of any consequence’ — wait, I’ve been handed another announcement,
it says: ‘Don’t bother to read the first announcement to those idiots’ — Oops!”

No where in the entire universe, save that special place:
man’s thought-dependent, other-reality,
is what is known about the place and what is not of no importance whatsoever.
“’Whatsoever?!’” — how can that possibly be?”
Yes indeedie — what so ever.

The collective mind of man is knowledgeable concerning what is good for the collective — but not for the individual –
only individuals can come up with that info — real, true individuals:

the one role that can’t be faked.

Cows have each other — and the herd has them;
what the independent thinker has — is hard to say.

A son said to a father:
“Pa pa, how could you let that statement pass without comment:
‘Only in man’s inner-only, other-reality does what is known about the place,
and what is not known, not matter’?”
“I assumed that by now the reality underlying the comment
was too self evident to you to need notation from moi.”
“Yeah……………………………………………………………………………………you would think so, huh.”

If you can’t be intimidated — you can’t be civilized;
if you can’t be offended — you can’t be put to sleep;
what else need you know about city citizenship.
There are those in the herd who say they believe that the mind will be,
“A great place to live — IF they ever get it finished!”
Being a real individual can be kind of frightening —
which is why most people don’t want to be one.
One guy finally sprang for installing a jack-up kit in his truck, raising it
an additional four feet off the ground, “So’s I can think clearer,” he explained:
“Go ahead and laugh — but I’ve tried everything else.”
Those who cannot see a common mind at work within the collective of humanity
will never see an individual one at work in them;
you have to recognize the essence of a dragon to slay one,
and realize the illusion of your foolishness to escape it —
“You see son — that’s why as long as men can be kept from admitting that
they don’t know what they are talking about regarding affairs of their inner reality,
they can be kept captive of it — then civilization and recreational snoozing
can chug right along nicely (thank you very much).”
Intelligence born of the collective can never escape the collective —
that is not its job.
One man’s mind worked in such a way that whenever it worked — he disappeared, (known amongst some rebels as: L.O.C. — loss of concentration [and among others as:
L.O.Y.M. – loss of your mind] —– now a poem):
Picky wicky was a bear,
picky wicky picked me bare,
picky wicky thoughts will do that — unfair!

The herd is kept moving by partisan thinking –
do nothing, and go where they go — free! — no effort required.
The rebel view is: “A herd does not move on its stomach — it moves on top of ME!”
For ordinary minds, man’s collective thinking is their life’s breath;
for the rebel — his asphyxiation.
The matter of true or false has no relevance in man’s collective thinking —
such a trifling matter would stifle life inside his other reality;
there is no correct or incorrect description of Heaven, and if there was,
it would impede men’s hope for an afterlife,
“Pa pa — does no one see that the mind is The Paradise?”
“Do men realize that farts come from trees, and Allahs from anchovies?”
“Pa pa — is there no escaping hormones?”
“Why in the world would you want to!”
“Oh! — I get it — I think, like: why would bears flee dens?”
“Not bad, my little half — not half bad — but try this:
query: where can you hide in this universe? No matter your intelligence,
or all-around-slipperiness — where in the whole universe can you possibly hide?
The universe will always know that you are here — in it;
the only true hiding place would have to be outside this universe — okay?! —
then let’s try this one: where can you hide from your own sleep and stupidity,
which is to say: where can you hide from you?
Regardless of how psychologically, or metaphysically sharp you may be,
where in the entirety of you can you possibly hide from you,
(which is just another way of saying: escape from you?)”
“Gee, pa pa — now you do have me feeling like some dumb bear
running away from a den.”
“Trying to run away.”
“Oops — sorry.”
And a reader asks: “Why never any stories about water trying to get free of fish
rather than always the other way around?!” — consider this:
if life is alive, then the universe is likewise so — no?! —
but what if there is an essential difference between water and fish? — what if everything fish do is a life and death struggle to accommodate themselves to water? ……………..and after a considerable pause, the father said: “Hmmmmmm! —

— that sure would explain a lot.”

And now, let us put an earlier question to you:
No where but in man’s thought-dependent, other-reality is what seems to be
known about the place and what seems not to be — of no consequence;

how can this be?

The independent minded don’t tell others what to think — why would they —

they don’t even tell themselves what to think.
The collective is folk music — the individual, jazz,

and the only man who knows what he is talking about
is the man who understands that no one knows what they are talking about
in those matters men talk about, unique to man.

One day one man’s mind suddenly announced: “I am unilaterally disarming,”
and he replied: “There’s no doubt you can be quite charming —

but what’s your point.”