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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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February 12, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

The way you spot correspondence from children is that
the opening line is their correction of something you have said;
there is nothing in city life that gets cripples moving as much as kicking the blind,
and the situation is no reflection on the individual human participants,
but is caused by the nature of man’s inner-only, other-reality wherein
grails have nothing to keep them occupied other than picking on snipes.
Men cannot be said to be responsible as much as are the thoughts
which life normally furnishes to their brains;
a man whose thoughts tell him he is a Democrat, a Catholic, a Cowboy fan
has no complaint with the essence of the people who are
Republican, Protestant, Patriot supporters — it is not: person vs. person,
but meaningless words playing non contact games with other words;
it is the singular excitement and full significance of man’s inner-only reality in action, though never by ordinary minds distinguished as being in a separate,
and unique league of its own.
A man who realizes what is really going on in life has an individual inner life that is not totally taken up by the normal other-reality distributed to collective man,
with a constant, underlying awareness of the — for him — discrete distinction between it and the reality that exists apart from any human thought.
When put in words like these, it can seem like no-big-deal,
but when put in practice — for him there IS no bigger deal,
(in that it merely makes everything make sense).

There is nothing, not even sex, food, or fortune that a fully civilized cow enjoys
as much as hearing his name spoken – no theory — naked fact;
from the famous to the obscure, ordinary men shiver with inner delight
to hear another human say their name — why?
‘Twould be ready enough to mark it as vanity
(as though the word actually explains something),
but as always, there is more at work in plain mental sight for the few with
good mental sight than ‘tis accepted by the many of man-the-collective.
What salacious stroke to a man’s conceit is being served by
the mere repetition of his name throughout his life;
if for no other reason, the redundancy of the act should have long ago depleted it of any stimulatory effects to his so-called ego –
then there is the fact that even though the prodigious majority of people
never do anything in their lives to justify mention of their name,
they enjoy it just as much as the most illustrious of public achievers,
not uncommonly — more so (which is an out-in-the-open-secret-hint).
So — if everyday people have nothing about them deserving of laudatory comment — a reality clearly known to them —
on what basis rests their irrepressible enjoyment in hearing their name spoken? Deduct sex from the equation for a moment and consider this:
why do men look at their reflection in mirrors? —
— because they forget their own physical appearance?
No — something is behind this, totally apart its corporeal manifestations.
Consider deeper:
why do men constantly and near exclusively — think about themselves?
It would be inviting to go no further than note that mind’s radical responsibility and reason for being is, like everything else instinctive to the body, to help man survive, ergo it is natural and expected that his thoughts be continually about himself —
except that a cursory self-review would instantly reveal that the preponderance of
the thoughts relentlessly running through a man’s consciousness that involve his own image quite clearly have no survival pertinence:
they are meaningless cartoons — not serious dramas —
and yet that is precisely what is incessantly shown in an ordinary man’s thoughts —
which he never questions, or finds curious;
but ask yourself: for what purpose does a man’s natural born mind endlessly have thoughts, words and pictures about the man which seem to serve no purpose? — but, they certainly do, or they would not be there — but what?

For the anomalous man seeking to get to the bottom of things,
the operational, useful and ultimately, enlightening answer to this question is simplicity-on-the-hoof (what else is new),
and is worth all of the initially seemingly complex and unclear efforts
necessary to bring it into his clear mental sight.

Concentrate on all of the above questions regarding men’s innate affection for hearing their name said, and thinking about same themselves,
and something shell splitting can suddenly occur to you — something that the you
that likes to hear its name repeated would never have stumbled on,
(a foot can’t trip itself, but can help awaken itself by realizing it can’t
[can the inner life be sweet or what?!])