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Jan’s Daily Fresh Real News (to accompany this talk)

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Tracking The Inner Jet Stream Since 1926

February 10, 2003 © 2003: JAN COX

The less original mental talent has a would-be famous person
the more they will encourage a perception of their self as being, controversial,
(even a dunce can ruffle feathers — which will get him noticed,
[p.s. don’t forget: the-man-who-knows wants to be alone, and to be left alone — where it counts]).

“Only a ship on steady seas will ever make port.”
“So you mean that only a man living a calm life
can ever achieve the extraordinary goal?”
“No my friend, I was referring to the fine art of wine making.
Imbibers come,
and imbibers go,
but guzzlers live on forever.
Only ships, steady-at-it ever reach land.”
“So are you now telling me that only overdoing it is ever doing it enough?”
“Yes — I know that saying this may get me branded as, controversial — but considering the exigent circumstances, I am willing to risk such a…” (blah blah blah).

“Yes children — it takes a lot out of a person to be famous –
men make great personal sacrifices when they agree to become well known,
so they should always have your utmost respect if not outright reverence.”
“Pa pa — when I grow up can I be famous?”
“In our family, the two are incompatible.”
The man who knows what is really going on in life
will only be recognized for his achievements in his own head,
(“And hopefully not even there,” adds a chap who looks like he may be hip to the happnin’s).

“With other people son, the safest principle to go by is: You can never be sure.”
“But when alone-in-your-mind, you can be sure, right?”
“Three bells and all’s well on the Grand Pooh-bah Deck.”

Under ordinary conditions — local affairs are run by the collective,
same as the individual’s mind is by what he thinks he knows on his own;
the residence each man is born to comes completely furnished,
a most salient fact, yet one totally beyond men’s common perception;
they feel themselves able to repaint the walls and change the upholstery,
but the basic structure and its furnishing remain intact from birth to death;
everyone knows this — but only the certain man can stand the fact that he knows it;
every normal human realizes this is so,
though at a level that renders their realization moot.
Man’s special inner life is so arranged that it is acceptable to await an imaginary train, and no one is supposed to mention or think about what they are involved in.

Those but part of man’s collective mind do not know what they actually,
individually know,
but the common mind directs all of its outlet-minds to say they do — which,
(there being no competitive collective-mind), constitutes them believing that they do know what they say they know.
Only a cow that gets completely away from the herd
can see this affair as it really stands;
it is only when mentally cut free from man’s nigh totally overwhelming collective mind that those certain individuals born with an interest uncommon to cattle
can begin to exercise an ability latent in their brain by which their personal, local-mental-affairs come under their control — and no longer that of the herd.

The reward, if it were attempted explained to them,
the herd would find inexplicable —
and that precisely is what makes the pay off to the few so valuable — and splicable!

Replete are those who condemn specific features of man’s other reality (such as religion) because of their anger that they didn’t think of it first,
and a reader writes excitedly to say that he has developed an entirely new definition for the concept: “metaphor”………but that he is experiencing tremendous difficulty in getting it into words —

in the field of the herd’s never-ending mental-combat,
you can always recognize when great injury to thought has occurred
by the urgency with which news of the event is relayed back to the king.

A father said to a son: “All of man’s explaining explains a lot —
it also explains very little, verging on nothing;
it’s all according to how apt you are at personally explaining other people’s explaining to yourself.
This is precisely what ordinary minds fail to do when they undertake to
explain something in man’s intangible, other reality:
they never take on explaining their explaining which, if carried to completion,
would explain every single thing every man has ever wanted explained,
but in that this never occurs — all of man’s explaining of things in
the non physical realm unique to him, explain nothing.

Oh, they verbally profess to and based on your meaningless subjective perspective, can seem to, but once the noise has stopped, everyone tacitly understands that nothing at all has actually been explained —
it is just an inescapable game you are born into: incorporeal things are explained,
and you pretend the explaining was meaningful;
it comes your turn, and you explain things, and likewise pretend to yourself that
it meant something;
this is how the popularity of things in man’s other reality,
which consists solely of all things which cannot be handled, is sustained —
by men continually explaining them — and re explaining them,
while criticizing other men’s explaining of the same matter.
The show biz performer’s perspective is right on:
‘It doesn’t matter what they say about you as long as they are talking about you’ — there in a shutnell is the story of culture’s survival: even the most ludicrous of myths will persist if enough people keep dismissing them as ludicrous.
Only in the specialized world of man’s other, inner-only-reality
do the objective characteristics — or even reality of a matter — matter;
all that matters is that the matter be thought and talked about.”

“So tell me pa pa: what if my struggle to awaken-from-the-dream
were itself a dream (which you say is possible),
then if I never again thought or spoke of, being-asleep —
would I then not BE asleep and in a dream?”
“If all I have said thus far is correct (which it is)
then what would be the unavoidable answer to your question?” –
and while he showed no sign of not grasping the ramification of what the elder had
just said, it seemed as though the boy did not want to confront it……………..just now,
and a bystander injected: “Well who the hell does!” – and the father replied:
“And do you see why people do not? — it is far too simple — and worse yet —
if it had the result my son speculated, the consequences to people interested in
the idea of men living largely in a world of dreams —
who are following some scheme proposed to free them therefrom —
and who have no personal grasp of what this is really about —
would be quite off-putting, if not (as they would likely term it): devastating.

Bell’s hells, my good man! — who wants to spend years working like a dazed ox
to awaken from an unsatisfying dream
only to discover that you had been dreaming you were dreaming,”
“Is that actually the case?”
“No no — nothing is, actually-the-case —
that is exactly where all of man’s ordinary explaining crumbles:
he takes the explaining he hears & automatically (for no reason known to him) agrees with, and that which he himself offers,
as being actually-the-case (that is): that human explaining (at times)
does actually explain the intangible matter it purports to be explaining,
whereas a man with the ability to eventually think independently of man’s
collective mind realizes the quite plain fact that things which man attempts to explain,
which came into existence solely through one of his previous attempts to
explain something by creating the thing which he is now trying to explain —
simply cannot be — ‘simply’ I say because there is nothing there TO be explained.
If you are not an imbecile you do not have to explain your low I.Q.”

“Wait a minute!” shouted the eavesdropper:
“The whole thing suddenly makes sense! Well I’ll be damned.”


Astronomy News: The sun goes around once a day —
a good father — every few seconds.